Full Information of Yellowstone National Park

Full Information of Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is one of the most popular national parks in North America and the world located in 3 states. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is mostly famous for its several thousand geothermal features, stunning scenery, vast array of flora and fauna. A main vacation destination in America and quite crowded during the season. The Geyser Basin in the park introduces you to the erupting geysers and the captivating hot springs. Yellowstone Park is a feature on 3 million itineraries each year.

That features the unusual growth of bacteria in mineral-rich surfaces that make Grand Prismatic Spring some of the spectacular and colorful places. That’s a huge collection of geysers, such as the famous Old Faithful, that regularly erupt at short intervals. Steamboat Geyser is the largest geyser in the world. The Grand Canyon is also one of the most amazing sites in the park with its upper and lower waterfalls being the point of many spectacular views along the canyon. Here is the ancient Yellowstone Lake, which is the origin of the Yellowstone River and another beautiful place.

History of Yellowstone National Park

The National Park area served as home to several tribes in pre-historic years. It was a very popular place for hunting and fishing for native tribes about 11,000 years ago. The park was actually discovered at the end of the 19th century. When at first people refused to believe that such a place could exist on Earth. In 1869 the privately funded 3-person Cook–Folson–Peterson expedition became the first proper exploration expedition in the region.

Who documented everything in magazines and named places of interest. The area was approved as a protected national park area in 1972 and at first hardly received any attention. The accessibility of the park has improved over time and has attracted more and more visitors. Today the park receives more than 3 – 4 million tourists every year.

Yellowstone National Park Photos

What is the Best Time to Visit Yellowstone National Park?

Yellowstone remains fairly cold throughout the year, and is frozen from early December up till early May. The months of June, July and August are holiday season and there are huge crowds during this time. So it’s best to go during the months from September to November, as the crowds are fewer and you get to go about your trip and bookings more comfortably. Temperatures will be a bit cold so pack some warm layers.

Yellowstone Park Customs

Yellowstone is a hugely popular tourist location, there is no strict set of etiquettes or practices that need to be followed here. Simple and courteous behaviour and neat clothing are more than enough to get you through your stay. Tipping your guides, waiters or porters is customary here. Since the place isn’t vey expensive in any case, 10 – 15% of the bill at hotels and restaurants is fine, and USD 2 – 3 for porters and bell hops should suffice as well.

Currency in Yellowstone National Park 

The US Dollar is the only currency accepted in Yellowstone. Visa, MasterCard and American Express debit and credit cards are widely accepted at the lodgings and general stores. ATMs too are mostly found in the general stores and the lodgings.

Yellowstone Park pic

Daily Budget for Yellowstone Park 

Yellowstone Park is not a very expensive place to visit. Because most of the cost you will incur is limited to food and transportation. Bear in mind that Yellowstone Park has an entry fee of USD 30 for non-commercial vehicles. Which is valid for 7 days. A low end budget should be around 40 to 60 USD. A medium-range budget should be between 100 and 130 USD. And a high-end budget one where you snowcoach into Old Faithful and dine in expensive restaurants. That could be around USD 170 to 200.

Exchanging Money in Yellowstone National Park 

Currency exchange is best completed at one of the 5 the gateway or entry towns of the Yellowstone Park. Inside the park, your best option is through ATM withdrawals. Enquire about international transaction fees with your bank beforehand.

Yellowstone National Park Wildlife

Yellowstone Park, the world’s first national park, is home to various species of America. This is not a bird house. You can see many animals roaming freely here. Bison herds, bald and golden eagles, trumpeter swans, moose, grizzly bears, gray wolves, and other wildlife species can be seen in Yellowstone Park. The park is home to the oldest and largest bison herd in the United States. The park is a huge attraction for wildlife photographers. Tourists can also see herds of wild horses in the south and northeast of Yellowstone Park.

Shopping in Yellowstone National Park 

Yellowstone is a national park and hence there are no commercial areas to shop. That being said, there are many souvenir and gift shops in lodges and near hotels in the park for that perfect memento of your trip, and for gifts to take back for the friends and family waiting back at home.

Images of Yellowstone Park

Best Things To Do In Yellowstone And Beyond

Geysers Erupt And Giant, Colorful Hot Springs

Wild Animals

Grand Canyon Waterfall

Trekking In Yellowstone And Grand Teton Parks

Water Rafting

camping and Fishing

Rocks, Fossils And Dinosaur Fossil Sites

American Culture

Best Hotels in Yellowstone

Best Western Sunset Inn

The Cody Hotel

Yellowstone Gateway Inn

Best Western Desert Inn

The Pollard HotelYellowstone Mountain

Rock Creek Resort

Yellowstone Park Images

How to Reach Yellowstone National Park from India

You will have to change a couple of flights to get to Yellowstone from India. First a flight to the US, then a flight to one of the airports near the national park will have to be taken. The flights to the airports nearby are mostly provided by Delta and United Airlines only. You will have many different options of approaching Yellowstone depending on your itinerary.

How to reach Yellowstone National Park by flight

The airports at Jackson Hole and West Yellowstone are the prime airports connecting Yellowstone. The latter is only commercially operating during the peak season only (June to September), and Jackson Hole has flights from Salt Lake City and Denver throughout the year, and from a few other locations during the on season. The Yellowstone Regional Airport in Cody also has year round service provided by Delta.

Yellowstone National Park Map

Full information of Yellowstone National Park Video

Interesting Facts

  • This national park was established in the year 1872.
  • Yellowstone Park is spread over a vast area of ​​about 2.2 million acres.
  • The national park is home to many wildlife including grizzly black bears, wild bison, wolves.
  • Natural beauty, huge waterfalls and active geysers on earth are the major attractions of the park.
  • Yellowstone Park has served as home to several Aboriginal tribes over a hundred years ago.
  • The US dollar is the only currency accepted in Yellowstone.
  • 100% vegetarian food options are not available here.
  • Jackson Hole and West Yellowstone Airport are the major airports in Yellowstone.


Q .Where is Yellowstone National Park?

The park between Montana and Idaho in the US is the world’s first and largest national park.

Q .What is the best time to visit Yellowstone national park? 

Best to go during the months of September to November

Q .What is the local food in Yellowstone national park? 

Local food in Yellowstone is mainly to do with the food that is hunted in the region.

Q .What are the places near Yellowstone national park? 

New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco

Q .What are the things to do in Yellowstone national park? 

The park includes the Grand Canyon, Upper Geyser Basin, Grand Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone Waterfalls, Yellowstone Lake and Artists Point.


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