Turkey Tourism

Turkey Tourism | Best Places To Visit In Turkey

Turkey is a country bordering Asia and Europe with Islamic Middle East influence and European West influence. Tourists can see panoramic views, historical sites and many beautiful valleys in the country of Turkey. This place is perfect for love birds. Its principal city, Istanbul, is famous for bustling bazaars, aroma of spices, belly dancers, and nightclubs. If you also want to know about the popular tourist places present in Turkey. So read the article completely.

Let us tell you that at present Turkey represents modern and western culture. The city also attracts a lot of tourists. Turkeey is a country which is also known for its lifestyle and nightlife. It offers a complete view of the countryside with its scenic panoramic landscapes, historical places, fertile valleys, vast mountain ranges, rugged coastline and quaint villages. Here the capital of Istanbul is the heartbeat of the country.

Turkey Photos

Best Tourist Attractions In Turkey 








History of Turkey

The history of Turkey is believed to be more than 5000 years old. Because evidence of the first human being was found in Turkey 7500 years ago. By 2200 BC, the Hittite Empire ruled Asia Minor along with ancient Troy and the Greek city-state. Developed along the coasts during the first millennium BC. Here the Hittite Empire was established in 900-1300 BC. In the Battle of Troy in 1250 AD, the Greeks captured the territory of the city of Troy.

The arrival of Greeks had started in the coastal areas here by 1200 BC. In the 6th century BC, King Cyrus of Persia occupied Anatolia, and 200 years later, in 334 BC, Alexander defeated the Persians and took possession of it. After this, Alexander reached India via Afghanistan. The Ottoman Empire collapsed after its defeat in the Balkan Wars of 1912–13 during World War I. There was an exchange of population between Greece and Turkey.

Best Time To Visit Turkey

The best time to visit Turkey depends on the places to visit there. Where are you going to travel. The best time to visit Turkey is April, May and September, October, as the temperatures are warm and conducive to explore the ancient sites. Here you want to indulge in various activities. So the best time to visit here is during spring and autumn. It has a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and hot summers along the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts.

Here you can take part in activities like cycling or trekking to explore the archaeological sites. So the months of April, May, September and October are good to go. The weather here is quite cold from November to March. June to September is usually hot and dry, with temperatures being particularly high making it great for island hoppers and beach lovers.


Cappadocia is one of the most spectacular Turkey honeymoon destinations due to its impressive valleys and unique rock formations. A Cappadocia was a historical region in central Turkey and a province of the Byzantine and Roman Empires in ancient times. Let us tell you that this place is full of many tourist attractions. Where tourists can visit many historical sites. Here you can take a hot air balloon ride and take a lot of pictures of the beautiful view of this city from above. It is one of the best places to visit in Turkey for honeymoon.

Best Places To Visit In Turkey


Let me tell you that Istanbul is not the capital of Turkey. But still this city is the center of all the activities of the country. Because Istanbul is the largest and most populous city in Turkey. The city is a major center of tourism. The city of Istanbul has played a large role in the history of the Roman and Ottoman Empires. The rich heritage of this city can still be seen in the many royal structures here.

Here you can go to the world’s biggest market and shop by bargaining. The Blue Mosque, Sulaymanye Mosque and Hagia Sophia are the main attractions. On the Galata Bridge, you can enjoy the sunset by holding both of your hands. The cafes, bars and restaurants here are no less than any luxury hotels. If you are going to visit Turkeey, then you must include Istanbul in your itinerary.


Pamukal is a charming city located in the western part of Turkey. It is a very ideal tourist spot for tourists. If you are planning to visit Turkey country. So you must also include Pamukal in your list. Natural SP is the most famous thing here and is one of the major industries here. Pamukal is also famous for many natural springs. Pamukal is quite famous among tourists for its many natural springs. If you are a natural lover. So you must go to see this place.


Izmir is a main city located in the country of Turkey. The city is the third most populous city after Istanbul and Ankara. Its history is believed to be about 4000 years old. Izmir is one of the main ports of the country. It is surrounded by many beautiful valleys and mountains. This city is one of the best places to visit in Turkeey. He can visit many beautiful places. Apart from its many attractive places, the city is also full of huge shopping centres, glass buildings and many structures.


Antalya is also one of the most prominent cities. The population of Antalya is about one million. The main attraction of this city is the sea located here. He offers a beautiful view of his sunset. Antalya is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Turkeey. Which was found in 150 BC. It was named in honor of its founder, Atlas II. If you want to have fun on the beautiful beaches and enjoy the fascinating scenery then you must visit Antalya.


Kas is not the best beach in Turkeey. But this city is one of the best places to visit for tourists. The pleasant environment and many attractive places here attract tourists very much. Kas is one of such places in Turkeey. Where you can visit the sights as well as enjoy many water activities from water sports to underwater diving. Kaas is a very good place to enjoy scuba diving as well as many waters.

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Ankara is one of the most populous cities in the country. It is the second largest city in the country. Which has a population of 4.5 million. Ankara is the capital of the country of Turkey and at the same time it is filled with many beautiful attractions. Ankara is one of the best places to visit in Turkey. If going to visit Turkeey then you must go to visit Ankara. The city is one of the trendiest places in the country and is also known as the greenest city in the country.

How To Reach Turkey Form India

Wants to go to Turkey from India. So let us tell you that you can go from India to Turkey via air route. Turkeey Housing Istanbul is well connected to India and all parts of the world through Ataturk Airport. With its help, any tourist can easily reach Turkey via air travel. It takes 10 hours for India to reach Turkeey. To reach Turkey from Britain by road, one can cross the Greek border from Germany, Austria to Croatia and Serbia.

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Video of Turkey Travel Guide

Interesting Facts

In Turkeey you can find panoramic views, historical sites and many beautiful valleys.

Istanbul, Antalya, Cappadocia are the main tourist cities of Turkey.

Mostly non-vegetarian is the trend here.

Turkeey is the most popular tourist destination in the world.

It has magnificent beaches, gorges, harbours, islands and plateaus on its shores.

Turkeey is a very beautiful country situated on the border of Asia and Europe.

Come here to enjoy the natural beauty, shining sun, sandy beaches and delicious kebabs.


Q .What is the currency of Turkey? 

Turkish Lira is the official currency of the country.

Q .What is unique about culture of Turkey? 

Turkeey is home to an old Turkish culture representing the countryÕs arts, literature, and music mostly of religious theme though.

Q .How is Turkey divided into regions? 

The geographical position of Turkeey is quite strategic connecting Europe and Asia.

Q .Is Turkey a poor country?

The World Bank classifies Turkeey as an upper-middle income country in terms of the country’s per capita GDP in 2007.

Q .Is Turkey part of Europe or Asia?

Turkeey is a transcontinental country located in both Asia and Europe.

Q .What language do they speak in Turkey?


Q .What is Turkey famous for?

Turkeey is also famous for its carpets, hammam and bazaars, destinations like Istanbul and Cappadocia, and sweet treats like Turkish delights and baklava.


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