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Toronto City Canada | Toronto Tourism | Places To Visit In Toronto

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and also the capital of the province of Ontario. Vancouver is a very famous place to visit in Canada. This city is considered prominent for its beauty. Because Vancouver is surrounded by mountains and its natural scenery, this city is naturally unique and the city of Vancouver is the best place for the seekers of cultural diversity. The city is also known for its night-life. The beauty of the mountains here and the hustle and bustle of the night are very attractive. If you ever go to Canada, then you must visit the city of Toronnto.

Toronnto is recognized as the fifth largest city in North America. Every year more than 25,000 tourists visit Toronto Sightseeing. Toronnto is a mutually culturally rich city in Canada. The attractive lakes located on the coast of Ontario attract tourists. The city is also famous for theatre, concerts, skyscrapers, museums and festivals. Delicious dishes are offered to the tourists here. There are many such fascinating and heart-touching places to visit in Toronto.

History of The City of Toronto

The history of the Canadian city of Toronto is very interesting. Toronto’s existence has come to the fore because of the many wars that took place in Toronnto. The ancient name of this beautiful city was York Fort. Which was plundered by American soldiers in the war between the United States and the British Empire. After that war in 1834 it was established in the name of Toronnto. Canada’s largest city is today the world’s most famous popular tourist destination. Gradually Toronnto developed and emerged as the financial center of Canada. There are more than 8000 restaurants and hotels available in Toronnto.

Toronto City Images

Best Time To Visit Toronto

What kind of activities tourists go here for? up to him. Toronnto has four distinct seasons. The peak tourist season is from late June to August. It hosts innumerable festivals, parades and exhibitions during that season. Summer is the perfect season if you want to explore outdoor activities like street festivals, lakeside, zoo. 

But it gets quite hot and humid. The weather is very mild during the time of September to October. During that season there are some festivals like International Film Festival in September. The end of November to March is generally not considered a good time to visit. Because in winter the temperature goes below zero.

Currency & Exchanging Money in Toronto 

The prevailing currency in Canada is the Canadian Dollar. But businesses may accept US dollars as a courtesy to American tourists. All foreign debits and credits are accepted here. Currency can also be exchanged at airports, exchange kiosks, banks and large shopping centers. Simultaneously all cards are used. But currency exchange rates vary. ATMs are easily available for withdrawal. There is an additional charge of CAD 2 – 5.

Daily Budget for Toronto

The average daily cost to the tourist for this cheap budget trip to the city is around CAD 60. That includes food and accommodation, public transportation, and alcohol. A mid-range budget is CAD 150. He offers better food, accommodation and visits to museums and shopping centers. But the budget for a high-end luxury trip can be as high as CAD 400.

Toronto City Photos

Canada Visa Policy For Indians

It is necessary for Indian travelers to have a visa to travel to Toronnto. Travelers can apply for a visa in two ways. Tourists can apply for Toronnto visas online or by filling out a form by visiting the Visa Application Center. Once the visa is obtained, the visa is valid for 6 months for Indian tourists to visit Toronnto and major places in Canada.

Nightlife in Toronto

The city of Toronto is very famous for its nightlife. Here you can find many bars and nightclubs like Spin Toronnto, Deq Terrace And Loungs, The Porch, Tiff Bell Lightbox, Real Sports Bar. Let us tell you that it offers late night parties, drinks, dance, mutli cuisine, hip-hop and mashup music. Toronto’s nightlife attracts every tourist to come here again and again.

Top Tourist Attractions In Toronto

CN Tower

Toronto Island

Hockey Hall Of Fame

St Lawrence Market

Royal Ontario Museum

Ripley’s Aquarium

Toronto With Kids

Casa Loma

Distillery District

High Park

CN Tower

CN Tower is one of the most attractive places in the city. Which is the symbol of Canada and the third tallest tower in the world. The CN Tower was constructed in 1976. As of 2010, the CN Tower was the tallest freestanding structure in the world. That record was broken by Burj Khalifa Tower. There are more than 350 restaurants in CN Tower. He attracts tourists to himself. Tourists coming here definitely come to visit the CN Tower.

Royal Ontario Museum

The name of the Royal Ontario Museum is Rome. It is very ancient and historical museum of the city. The museum was opened in 1914. If you have not visited the museum, then your journey is considered incomplete. This historical museum provides astronomical information for those interested in arts and culture as well as science. Many educational programs are organized in the museum. Due to this lakhs of tourists visit the museum every year.

Tourism Toronto

Toronto Island

Toronto Islands are a group of 15 islands located outside Toronto in Ontario. Island is a very attractive sightseeing destination with many parks to see. This serene place provides great relaxation to the mind of the tourists. Tourists come to this place for a wonderful holiday and picnic.

Famous Local Food Of Toronto

The city of Toronnto in Canada is famous for traveling as well as eating. Because tourists get a chance to eat many special types of dishes here. The famous dishes of Toronnto include Fried Chicken, Banh Mi Boys, popular and local food. Phud Thai This is one of the most popular and loved Thai dish. Apart from this, Buttermilk Chicken Fingers and Miso Soup with Cheeseburger are also very famous dishes in Toronnto. Tourists will not be able to forget the taste of the delicious dishes here.

Where To Stay Toronto

One King West Hotel and Residence

Fairmont Royal York Hotel

Chelsea Hotel

The Westin Harbour Castle

Embassy Suites By Hilton

Delta Hotels by Marriott

Sheraton Centre Hotel

The Omni King Edward Hotel

Hampton Inn by Hilton

DoubleTree by Hilton Toronto Downtown

How To Reach Toronto From India

If you are planning to visit Toronto from India. So let us tell you that the beautiful city of Toronnto can be easily reached from India only through flights. Flights are available to Toronnto Pearson International Airport in Toronnto from major cities of India like New Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Hyderabad. You can reach Toronto directly from these cities of India.

Toronto Canada Map

Video of Toronto Tourism

Interesting Facts

  • These cities are mutually culturally rich cities in Canada.
  • The cities are famous for theatres, concerts, skyscrapers, museums and festivals.
  • The city is today the most famous popular tourist destination in the world.
  • Toronto’s name was changed to “York” on 26 August 1793.
  • The local languages ​​of the city are English and French.


Q .What is the best time to visit Toronto? 

Summers (from late June to August)

Q .What is the local food in Toronto? 

Toronto has a set of dynamic and diverse cuisines owing to its multi cultural diversity.

Q .What is the best way to reach Toronto? 

Toronto is well connected by air, rail, and road.

Q .Is Toronto worth visiting?


Q .What is Toronto known for?

Toronto is known for its multiculturalism, sports, and unique landmarks, such as the CN Tower.


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