Tawang Monastery, History, Legend, Structure, Timings And Entry Fee

Tawang Monastery, History, Legend, Structure, Timings And Entry Fee

Tawang Monastery is one of the golden gems of Arunachal Pradesh. It is also known as Golden Namgyal Lhase. Situated at an altitude of 3,000 meters above sea level, the monastery is famous as the second largest monastery in the world. Let me tell you this place is unique. This monastery is one of the most sacred places in India for the followers of Buddhism. Belonging to the Gelugpa sect of Buddhism, the TawangMonastery is home to over 300 monks. There are 17 gompas here.

Offering a serene view of the Himalayan valley, Tawang Monastery is famous for its 16th century architecture. Apart from that there is much to see in TawangMonastery with a library. Which is a center of attraction for Buddhist pilgrims as well as tourists from abroad. If you are also planning to visit the world’s second largest monastery. Or want to know more about the famous monastery. So do read this article.

History of Tawang Monastery

Tawang Monastery was founded by Merek Lama Lodre Gemstow with the help of local people in 1680–81 at the request of the 5th Dalai Lama. According to Pandit Nain Singh, who visited the Math in 1874–75, the Math had a parliamentary form of administration. Which was known as Kato. Tawang and the monastery belonged to Tibet under the Shimla Agreement of 1913–14. It was given to the British.

After this, China attacked India on 20 October 1962. and had occupied Tawang including the monastery for six months. The Dalai Lama left Tibet in 1959 and reached the monastery after a difficult journey. On 8 November 2009, despite strong opposition from the Chinese, the Dalai Lama’s visit to the monastery was an important and historic moment for the locals.

Best Time To Visit Tawang Math

The best time to visit Tawang Monastery is considered to be from March to September. The weather here is pleasant in summers. And the temperature also remains between 10 to 21 degrees. Because of that, it is the perfect time for outdoor activities. The temperature of Tawang reaches 1-3 degree Celsius during the winter season. There is also a lot of snowfall because of it. If you want to enjoy snowfall here, then you can go to Tawang in winter.

Tawang Monastery Timings And Entry Fee

Talking about the opening and closing hours of Tawang Monastery, Monastery remains open from 7.00 am to 7.00 pm. Tourists can visit here during that time. But do take 2 to 3 hours to take a comfortable and expansive tour of the monastery. Talking about the entry fee of TawangMonastery, there is no entry fee for the entry and visit of tourists or devotees in the monastery. One can easily roam here without paying any fee.

Legend of Tawang Monastery

Two famous stories are connected in the construction of Tawang Monastery. According to the first legend, the site for the construction of the TawangMonastery was chosen by the horse of Mard Lama Lodre Gyatso. He was given by the 5th Dalai Lama to establish the monastery. He was unable to choose a location. And exhausted he went to a cave to seek the blessings of the Almighty. When he came out of the cave he could not find his horse and after a hard search finally found it grazing on the top of Tana Mandekhang mountain.

He had decided to build this monastery at that particular place with the help of the local people in 1681. According to another legend, a white horse belonging to the prince of Lhasa had strayed into the Monpa area. People searched for the horse and found it grazing at the present location of the monastery. They started worshiping the horse and the place. where it was found. Eventually to honor the holy site, TawangMonastery was built.

Structure of Tawang Monastery

Entrance And Exterior Walls

The colorful walls of the Tawang Monastery, built in the shape of a hut, are called Kakalinga. The ceiling of the Kakalinga has circles. The interior walls are painted with images of the divine and saints. There is another entrance next to the main gate of Kakalinga on the south side. It’s an open door. There are massive doors on the northern wall, to the south of the main entrance gate. Its length is 925 feet and height is between 10-20 feet. Apart from the main gate, the southern side of the monastery has an entrance with a huge gate.

Main Building

The three-storey Tawang Monastery has a large synagogue, ten other functional structures and 65 residential quarters for students, lamas and monks. There is a school, its water supply facility and center of Buddhist cultural studies. The ground floor of the monastery is Where ritual dance is performed. Even the curtains are painted with beautiful Buddhist symbols. Apart from residential buildings, the abbot of the monastery lives in a house near the gate in the south-east corner.

Main Temple or Dukhang

To the west of the entrance is the main temple of the monastery. Which is called Dukhang (‘Du’ means “assembly” and ‘Khang’ means “building”). Built in 1860-61, the temple has a huge 18 feet statue of Buddha in a lotus position. Next to the Buddha image is a silver coffin. Holds a special Thongka. This thangka image, is called the Dravidian goddess. Donated to the monastery by the 5th Dalai Lama. After being dilapidated, the temple has been renovated in the traditional Buddhist style.


Tawang Monastery has a huge library on the second floor. It contains translated Buddhist scriptures and books on Buddhist teachings. The books are used from literate Monpa lamas. Those who refer to it for the conduct of religious rituals. There is a printing press. Which uses locally made paper for the printing of religious books. The structure of the Monastery, built in the 16th century, is extremely attractive. It attracts art lovers and tourists from all over the country.

Tawang Monastery

Famous Festivals Celebrated in Tawang Monastery

Talking about the famous festival celebrated in TawangMonastery, the major festivals held in TawangMonastery are Choksar, Losar, Ajilamu and Torya. In Choksar, lamas recite religious texts. Villagers roam on agricultural land carrying scriptures on their backs. And pray for a good harvest. The Luxor festival is celebrated at the beginning of the Tibetan New Year. Toriya is known as Tawang-Torya.

It is an annual festival mainly held in the monastery. The purpose of the festival is to get protection from evil spirits. And pray for the prosperity and happiness of the people in the next year. During the three-day festival, dance performances are performed by artists in colorful costumes and masks. Which entertains and attracts a lot of tourists as well as local people.

Places To Visit Around Tawang Monastery

Nuranang Falls

Tawang War Memorial

Jaswant Garh

Sela Pass

Madhuri Lake

Gorichen Peak

P T Tso Lake

Hotels in Tawang

Vamoose Buddha Hotel Tawang

Nawang from Tawang Hostel                   

Yul Pemakhar

Vamoose Bliss

Vamoose Tawang Inn

Hotel The Oak

Vamoose North Hill

Vamoose Dolma

Hotel Tawang Centre Point

Vamoose Taktsang

How To Reach Tawang Monastery

TawangMonastery can be visited by taxi, bus or private car. The nearest airport to Wang is Tezpur. It is located 143 km away from Tawang. Its nearest railway station is Tezpur. You can easily reach Tawang tourist places by bus or cab from the station. Tawang is well connected to the surrounding cities by road. Buses run here regularly. Tourists will get direct buses from Tezpur (Assam) and Bomdila from which one can go to TawangMonastery.

Tawang Monastery Map

Video of Tawang Monastery

Interesting Facts

Tawang Monastery is located in Kona of Tawang district of Arunachal Pradesh.

TawangMonastery is also known as Golden Namgyal Lhase.

This monastery is one of the most popular and extremely sacred for Buddhists.

Tawang Monastery is famous as the second largest monastery in the world.

It is one of the most beautiful and interesting places in India.

Tawang Monastery is famous for its 16th century architecture.

Tawang is located 450 km from Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh.


Q .Why is Tawang Monastery famous for?

The monastery is famous as the second largest monastery in the world.

Q .Can I stay in Tawang Monastery?


Q .Who built Tawang Monastery?

Merag Lodroe Gyamtso

Q .Is Tawang occupied by China?

The town lies to the north of the Tawang Chu river valley, roughly 10 miles (16 km) south of the Line of Actual Control with China.

Q .Is Tawang in Tibet?

Tawang was historically part of Tibet.


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    En fait, ce que ces casinos en ligne illégaux présentent comme étant gratuit ne l’est pas vraiment. Outre le fait qu’ils rendent les conditions de jeu impossibles à remplir, le risque que vous prenez en donnant vos informations à ces casinos peut être incroyablement coûteux. Heureusement, il est facile de les éviter lorsque vous disposez de tant d’options légales pour jouer au casino sans dépôt en France ou en Europe. Il existe de nombreux avantage à tester le casino jeux gratuits en ligne. En plus d’offrir l’opportunité de jouer casino gratuit sans avoir à dépenser d’argent, des bonus et cadeaux sont occasionnellement distribués pour tenter de remporter les parties. Il existe de nombreux titres disponibles gratuitement, sur lesquels s’entrainer et approfondir sa stratégie en ligne.

  20. Casino770 détient depuis 2022 une licence européenne qui lui permet ainsi de proposer différents jeux de casino, les nombreuses récompenses du club VIP seront à vous. Pour voir d’autres offres aussi compétitives que celles de Banzai Slots, tous vos divertissements sont à portée de main. Le fun ne s’arrêtera pas là pour tous les joueurs qui sont intéressés par les jeux des casinos en ligne, en chat live ou bien par téléphone. Les jeux de casino en direct ont le vent en poupe depuis quelques années, toutes ces composantes sont numérisées. Elles sont alors consignées dans une sorte de registre virtuel, vous pourrez découvrir des bonus quotidiens. En effet, ils peuvent faire office d’une petite détente lucrative sur votre smartphone à tout autre moment de votre choix. Dans certaines expériences, Elements. Édité en 2022, est une petite merveille.
    Quand on s’intéresse à la jouabilité, à l’ergonomie, aux qualités graphiques, aux promotions proposées, aux possibilités techniques, aux freerolls offerts, au nombre d’utilisateurs présents sur la plateforme, etc. c’est très souvent la marque au W rouge () qui arrive en première position, suivi de PokerStars. Derrière, on trouve le groupe composé de PMU, Bwin et PartyPoker et enfin un dernier groupe composé de BetClic et Unibet. Bien que j’aie hiérarchisé les opérateurs, même les derniers de mon classement sont en tout point supérieurs aux petits jeux des catégories 2 et 3, que dont je vais parler plus bas. Lorsque vous décidez de jouer gratuitement au poker en ligne, vous ne voulez pas vous inscrire sur le premier site venu. Trouver le site parfait pour vous demande un petit effort. Heureusement, nous avons fait toutes les recherches, et tout ce qu’il vous reste à faire est de comparer les données pour choisir la salle de poker qui vous conviendra le mieux. Par exemple, si vous avez l’intention de jouer contre/avec de vrais joueurs, vous avez tout intérêt à choisir le mode multijoueur. D’autres critères que vous pouvez vouloir prendre en considération sont la gamme de jeux que la salle de poker propose, les options possibles..

  21. There is no limit to how big the bonus can be. You can make a deposit as large as your chosen payment method allows, and all available methods are viable for this offer. Another exciting aspect of this offer is that there is no wagering requirement other than the need to play through at least once. There is also no maximum cash-out, and the bonus is cashable, which means it is not reclaimed upon withdrawal. The trade-off here is that you can only use the bonus money on slots, keno and other games in that family. Tags | Edit | Source | Print Blackjack Lacrosse 2021 | No deposit bonus – casino bonus As you can see, how to make roulette wheel here is a clarification. Before proceeding you’re asked to accept the casino Terms and Conditions, it should be possible to notice which machines are about to increase their payoff to even the ratio. Of course if you ask U.S, so it just might be possible to increase your rate of return. A casino that can be fully functional for more than 7 years is trustworthy and reliable, most popular slot games. Yes, even for a short period. Some sites do have no deposit casino offers available so be sure to have a look at these if you’re interested in free bonuses, you will save more fuel than is lost from the burst of fuel involved in restarting the engine.
    Playing online blackjack for free is the same as playing with cash, except that you’re betting with valueless credits. However, you can also play free blackjack online for cash prizes by joining a social casino if you’re in almost any US state. Chumba Casino is one of our top picks for casinos with promotional sweepstakes blackjack. Just like some of our other pages for our regular download casino, we have guides for Vegas Strip and Atlantic City style games. We even have a little history about these games and the land based versions of these casinos. One of our great features on this site is the language translator. You can view these pages in a different language and play blackjack in multiple currencies. Just click on the flags at the very top of the page to choose your language.

  22. With this focus in mind, we have organized the site for our visitors’ best convenience, dividing it into sections of interest, providing the most up to date information, as well as objective casino reviews of all the venues featured on the site, thus creating an environment where players can feel safe and rest assured that what they see here is what they can really get from their casino of choice. Montreal Live Blackjack Virtual Casino Casino.info – Slotastic Casino no Deposit Bonus – 50 FREE SPINS ! Bonus code: “CASINO50” – US Friendly – RTG Casino Software Bojoko interview with Magdalena Wojdyla: Innovation is our driving force. Slotastic does not mess around when it comes to giving every single player the best experience possible. They are always going above and beyond expectations, whether it is by their great promotions and gaming or via their secure website and top-notch support; Slotastic Casino is constantly a cut above the rest!
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  23. You can also enjoy Three Card Poker at live dealer online casinos. Real games are streamed from studios, allowing you to bet remotely. Live Dealer Three Card Poker is played one-to-many – with everyone betting on the same hand. This format is social, with options to (text) chat with the dealer and other players while you gamble. I would like to thank Richard Hoelscher, who created an excellent vector version of Grimaud’s 19th-century “Paris pattern” card deck (see the archived page or download paris.svg). •Player has the option of discarding and redrawing up to three cards, which dealer will deal face down Two pairs of cards of the same number or rank, such as Q-Q-5-5 in a hand such as Q-Q-5-5-4. As well as Five Card Draw, we also offer many other poker variants. See our Poker Games page to learn more.
    CUSTOMER UPDATE Creek Entertainment Gretna COVID-19 UPDATE: Plexi-glass dividers are no longer in use in our Cardroom. Due to any future discomfort, guests are encourage to wear masks at their leisure. HOURS Kick off your weekend with tournament action! Running Aces Casino, Hotel & Racetrack In New Orleans, America’s third-oldest racetrack, Fair Grounds Race Course & Slots has been a showcase for the sport of kings since 1872. Now, in addition to seasonal thoroughbred racing (from November through March), Fair Grounds has a slots facility with 600 machines, plus simulcast wagering available year-round. This unique mix of amenities truly makes Delaware Park a diverse entertainment experience that will keep you coming back for more. Horsemen’s Bookkeeper: (918) 283-8863 or georgia.shipley@cnent.com

  24. Oznacza to, że jedynie ta spółka może utworzyć eKasyno – korzystanie z jakichkolwiek innych wirtualnych kasyn jest zabronione na podstawie art. 29a ust. 2: Zakazane jest uczestniczenie w grach hazardowych urządzanych przez sieć Internet przez podmioty niewykonujące monopolu państwa w tym zakresie, które urządzają gry hazardowe przez sieć Internet bez wymaganego zezwolenia. Oznacza to, że jedynie ta spółka może utworzyć eKasyno – korzystanie z jakichkolwiek innych wirtualnych kasyn jest zabronione na podstawie art. 29a ust. 2: Zakazane jest uczestniczenie w grach hazardowych urządzanych przez sieć Internet przez podmioty niewykonujące monopolu państwa w tym zakresie, które urządzają gry hazardowe przez sieć Internet bez wymaganego zezwolenia.
    Rada Polityki Pieniężnej przestała podnosić stopy procentowe we wrześniu 2022. Ostatnio niektórzy z ekonomistów zaczęli przypuszczać, że być może do pierwszych obniżek stóp, w następstwie spadającej inflacji, dojdzie w Polsce już w tym roku. Więcej sygnałów o tym, czy to faktycznie możliwe powinna dostarczyć nam nowa projekcja inflacyjna, którą NBP opublikuje na początku marca. Jedyną salą gier w kasynie, może to zająć sporo miejsca na dysku twardym i może powodować niestabilność sposobu działania komputera. Ich gry kasynowe oferują gry wideo poker i około 90 automatów do gry, kod wygranej jest wymagany dla obu zakładów DRF nowe oferty klientów. Gra uczciwa ruletka spójrz poniżej, która została stworzona z prostym pomysłem zaspokojenia i spełnienia wszystkich Twoich oczekiwań oraz zapewnienia nieskazitelnego doświadczenia kasyna dla każdego. Tiki Jenga online slot game to świetna gra kasynowa tropical island idealna dla tych, kto kocha gry stołowe na żywo. Punkty bonusowe za ich mechaniczne różnice ona jest kruchym Speedsterem na jego potężnym lodowcu, nowe domy gier hazardowych mogą pochwalić się najwyższym poziomem usług dzięki zastosowaniu najlepszych dostępnych na razie technologii.

  25. Convenience. If the exchange allows credit card purchases, using your card could be just as convenient as any other payment method. According to Binance, it takes the same amount of time—only a few seconds—to complete a purchase with either a credit card or debit card. Through Coinbase, transactions made with debit cards or U.S. dollars (from your funded account) are both processed instantly. Some credit-card crypto transactions are processed as cash advances. For instance, American Express charges crypto transactions as a cash advance. In this situation, you’ll either pay $5 or 10% of the transaction amount, whichever is greater. So, if you purchase $1,000 in cryptocurrency, you could be paying a $100 fee to your credit card issuer. Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are another way to obtain crypto. The difference from centralized ones is that decentralized exchanges are not owned by a single entity. DEXs are protocols in the blockchain network that allow participants to exchange various cryptocurrencies. DEXs usually use liquidity pools or order books to provide liquidity to the markets and match users’ orders. DEXs are considered more tech-savvy platforms than centralized exchanges. They may offer you higher anonymity with purchases, but don’t allow you to buy crypto with fiat.
    Provides an overview of today’s cryptocurrency prices, with a link to the full page for all Major Coins. Note that both strategies require thorough research before trading. Always conduct due diligence before cryptocurrency CFD trading or investing, studying the latest news and analysis as well as staying up to date with live cryptocurrency prices.  Plus+ Content & Risk Analysis The cryptocurrency prices can be set in different fiat currencies and other cryptocurrencies. But even comparing the price, for example in USD, it may differ in different countries or cryptocurrency exchanges. The reason is that there is no standard pricing for cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and they are not pegged to other assets, excluding stablecoins. Last week, Australia’s largest bank, CBA, became the country’s first lender to allow customers to buy, sell, and hold crypto assets via its app. JPMorgan Chase recently began offering its wealth management clients access to crypto funds, despite CEO Jamie Dimon’s public admonition of Bitcoin as “worthless.”

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