Tal Chhapar Sanctuary Rajasthan Timings, Safari And Information 

Tal Chhapar Sanctuary is located near Chhapar town in Churu district of Rajasthan. This wildlife sanctuary was given the status of a sanctuary on 11 May 1966. Let us tell you that this sanctuary is spread over the Thar Desert and the famous Shekhawati region. But many types of wildlife can be seen here. Earlier this area used to be a hunting reserve for the erstwhile royal family of Bikaner.

This sanctuary is spread over a nearly flat area. And here you can see the trees of Acacia Prosopis and broad meadows. If you aspire to visit and see Talchhapar Wildlife Sanctuary. So make a plan to visit here. Near it one can also visit the tourist places of Shekhawati region. So, through this article, we are going to give complete information about Tal Chhapar Rajasthan today.

Best Time To Visit Tal Chhapar Sanctuary

Talking about the best time to visit Talchapar Wildlife Sanctuary, travelers can visit the wildlife sanctuary at any time of the year. But don’t go here in summer. Because at that time the temperature reaches 40 degrees. If you want to have a pleasant travel experience. So one should visit Shekhawati in winter season. Because winter season is good to visit the city. This sanctuary becomes very beautiful during the winter season. And during the season the temperature here remains 26 degree Celsius.

Tal Chhapar Sanctuary Timings

Talking about the opening and closing timings of Tal Chhapar Black Buck Sanctuary, this sanctuary is open for tourists to visit from 8 am to 5 pm.

Wildlife In Tal Chhapar Sanctuary 

Talchhapar is the ideal place to visit Blackbucks. A large number are found here. Many desert animal and reptile species can also be seen in the sanctuary. A total of 122 species of birds, including both migratory and resident, reside in the sanctuary. Here migratory birds come from Central Asia and Europe.

Birds commonly seen here include Harriers, Pale Harriers, Eastern Imperial Eagles, Marsh Harriers, Sparrow Hawks, Short-toed Eagles, Pony Eagles, Cracked Lakers, Demoral Cranes, Little Green Bee-eaters, Skylarks, Green Bee-eats, Browns Includes Dove and Black Ibis. Tal Chhapar Rajasthan is like a bird lover’s paradise and is a major sightseeing spot. A large number of tourists come here during the winter season.

Famous For 

What is the Tal Chhapar Sanctuary famous for? So tell you that Talchhapar is more famous for 2 creatures in the sanctuary and one of them is blackbucks and the other is it is an ideal place to see the native and foreign birds visiting. Tal Chhapar Rajasthan is located in Chhapar village, which falls in Chiru district of Rajasthan.

Tal Chappar Safari 

Talk about timing and cost of safaris in Tal Chhapar Black Buck Sanctuary. So safaris are conducted daily from 8 in the morning to 5 in the evening in the Tal Chhapar Sanctuary of Rajasthan. If tourists want to take jeep safari, then the passengers have to pay Rs 3500 for a trip. Apart from this, the entry fee of Tal Chhapar Rajasthan is kept at Rs 20.

Places To Visit Near Tal Chhapar Black Buck Sanctuary

  • Laxmangarh Fort
  • Le Prince Haveli
  • Mandawa Fort
  • Nawalgarh
  • Churu Tourism
  • Badalgarh Fort
  • Pilani
  • Sikar Tourism

How To Reach Tal Chhapar Sanctuary

Talchapar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Shekhawati region. The area is well connected by rail and road. Several regular trains are available to this city. There are many buses operated by Rajasthan State Road Transport Corporation. The nearest airport to Shekhawati city is Jaipur. It is 150 km away. It is a major airport which is well connected to all the major and major cities of the country. From there you can hire a taxi or bus.


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