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Sigiriya Rock Information | Sigiriya Tourism | Places To Visit In Sigiriya

Sigiriya Rock is one of the most special tourist spots of Sri Lanka and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Sigiriya is a good example of ancient urban planning. Rock Sigiriya is an important site in the Cultural Triangle and perhaps Sri Lanka’s most iconic historical destination. Built in the fifth century, local people consider it the eighth wonder of the world. Sigiriya Rock attracts millions of tourists every year due to its historical and archaeological importance.

The most visited tourist destination from tourists going to Sri Lanka, the historical site must also be seen. In this article, we are going to tell about Sigiriya Rock and its related information. This site, also known as Lion Rock. The remains of the ancient Sigiriya Rock Fort and its many enchanting and well-preserved attractions are famous around the world. The complex hydraulics system in the fort enhances the prestige as a beautiful example of classical city planning.

History Of Sigiriya Rock

By the time of the 3rd century many nearby rock shelters and caves were occupied by Buddhist monks and ascetics in Sigiriya. The earliest evidence of human habitation in Sigiriya is the Aligla rock shelter to the east of the Sigiriyaa Rock, indicating that the area was occupied during the Mesolithic period, about five thousand years ago. Buddhist monastic settlements were established in the western and northern slopes of the boulder-strewn hills around the Sigiriyaa Rock during the 3rd century BC.

Culavamsa describes King Kashyapa as the son of the king. Kashyapa was defeated in 495 CE and was abandoned by Kashyapa’s forces during the battle and he committed suicide by falling from his sword. Sigiriya was then converted into a Buddhist monastic complex that survived until the 13th or 14th century. No records were found on Sigiriya until the 16th and 17th centuries. According to the stories the primary builder of Sigiriya as King Dhatusena, Kashyapa completed the work in honor of his father.

Places To Visit In Sigiriya

Best Time To Visit Sigiriya Rock

If you are planning to visit Sigiriya Rock, then let us tell you that January to April is considered the best time to visit Sigiriyaa, at this time the climate is moderate and the time is suitable for day trips. However, for the rest of the year, the average weather as well as the highest temperature is around 31°C. October-December are the hottest months, and it is best to avoid Sigiriya anytime during these months. The early months of monsoon are also a good time to visit. The best time to visit Sigiriya Rock is around 7 am.

Sigiriya Architecture

Tourists get to see many archaeological remains in Sigiriyaa Rock. The king’s palace at this site was situated on a flat top of Sigiriyaa Rock. The palace and fort complex is one of the finest examples of ancient urban planning. In view of the uniqueness of Sigiriya, UNESCO gave it the status of a World Heritage Site in 1982 and declared it a World Heritage Site. The town of Sigiriya is a unique amalgamation of planning, water engineering, horticulture and art. Whereas on the middle terrace there was a lion gate and a mirror wall which has murals. The lower palace of the king is seen attached to the slopes below the cliff.

Sigiriya Photos

Historical Places In Sigiriya Rock

Sigiriya Mirror Wall And Graffiti Covered Rock

The western walls of Sigiriya Rock, built during the reign of King Kashyapa, are covered with ancient frescoes. In it 18 murals are visible even in today’s time. In it, figures related to female beauty can be seen. The Mirror Wall of Sigiriya is one of the most interesting facts. According to the belief, the walls here were looked after like this. That the king could see his reflection in it. In the mirror wall, pictures are painted with inscriptions and poems. He is believed to be of 8th century. This mirror wall remains popular with tourists. Due to which more and more tourists go to see the Mirror Wall.

Ancient Buddhist Monastery

Sigiriya Rock is believed to be a monastery built by the Buddhist Sangha in ancient times. It is said that King Kashyap decided to make it a palace in the 5th century. But after the death of the king, this place is again established as a Buddha monastery in the 14th century. Sigiriyaa Rock remains popular with tourists due to its archaeological importance. Where tourists from all over the world come to visit.

Lion Rock Sigiriya Rock Cave

Sigiriya Rock is also known as Lion Rock. Because this rock has been made in such a way that the entrance of this rock looks like a lion which is in the northern part of the rock. Due to this entrance, it is known as Sigiriyaa Rock. Here the huge stone was designed in the form of a lion, whose legs are the same till today but the upper parts of the body have been destroyed. Which remains the center of attraction for the tourists.

Water Garden

The first section of Sigiriya Rock consists of four pools; When they are full, they form a small island in their center, which are connected to the surrounding gardens. The remains of the mandapas can be seen from the north and south sides in rectangular areas. Which is considered to be a small but extensive fountain garden here. who preserve their ancient fountain.

Sigiriya Tourism

How To Reach Sigiriya From India

Sri Lankan Airlines has direct flights from India’s big cities Trivandrum, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi to Colombo. Apart from this, there are also connecting flights to Colombo from cities like Lucknow and Chandigarh. With his help you can reach Colombo. Then you can reach Sigiriya by traveling by local means. Sigiriya is close to the city of Dambulla in Sri Lanka. From there tourists can travel by air, road and train to reach Sigiriya. Colombo is the nearest airport to Sigiriya.

Sigiriya Rock Sri Lanka Map | Sigiriya Rock Fortress Location

Video of Sigiriya Rock

Interesting Facts

  • Sigiriya Rock, surrounded by forest on all sides, is situated in the middle of Sri Lanka.
  • The Sigiriya Rock rock formed from the magma of the Sigiriya Rock Volcano has a height of 200 meters.
  • This huge rock was designed in the form of a lion.
  • The best time to visit Sigiriya is from January to April.
  • To go to Sigiriya from India, one can take flights to Colombo from Trivandrum, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi.
  • Visit Sigiriya to witness the richness, power and sophistication of the ancient kingdoms of Sri Lanka.
  • There is a 600 feet high hill in which the caves have been built by King Kashyap.


Q .What is Sigiriya famous for?

Named a World Heritage Site in 1982, Sigiriya is famous for the ruins of the palace.

Q .Is Sigiriya Ravana’s palace?

This place with 1000 stairs used to work 50 century ago.

Q .Who built the Sigiriya?

king Kashyapa, A.D. 495.

Q .What is inside Sigiriya?

That rock, palace ruins, lion gate, mirror wall with frescoes are included.

Q .How old is Sigiriya?

Sigiriya and its surrounding territories were inhabited for more than 4000 years


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