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Sahara Desert Information | Sahara Desert in Africa

The Sahara Desert is the hottest desert in the world located in the continent of Africa. Also known as the Great Sahara Desert. The world’s first largest desert is Antarctica, second arctic and third is the Sahara desert of Africa. The Sahara includes large parts of Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Western Sahara, Sudan, and Tunisia. The world’s largest desert, the Saharaa Desert, stretches 3,000 miles from the Atlantic Ocean in the east from the Nile to the Red Sea. To the south the Saharaa Desert is surrounded by the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and the Mediterranean Sea.

Its area of ​​9.2 million square kilometers is equal to that of China or the United States. Which is spread over 31% of the land area of ​​the continent of Africa. Let me tell you that the Saharaa Desert is so hot. That the rain here is nominal. And the rain water evaporates as soon as it falls on the ground. The most special thing about the Saharaa Desert is that even after being so hot, there are plants, vegetation and 4 million people living here. In 2006, meteorites were discovered in the Saharaa Desert. Despite the scorching heat of the Sahara Desert, tourists go here to visit.

History of the Sahara Desert

About the history of the Great Sahara Desert, researchers from the University of Texas, USA, said that about 6000 years ago, the Saharaa Desert was a very green land. That is, earlier it used to rain a lot in Sahara too. But due to sudden climate change greatly affected the expansion and today it has turned into a desert. Thousands of years ago people lived on the edge of the desert in this desert.

But gradually due to the heat here people changed their place of residence. Fossils of dinosaurs including Afroventer, Joberia and Aunosaurus have also been found here. In 1600 BC, the Earth’s axis changed and caused the desertification of Africa. Traces of agriculture from 4000 BC have also been found here. In 1922, a hurricane and flood destroyed Tamanrasset in Algeria.

Sahara Desert in Africa

Vegetation in the Sahara Desert

We consider the name of the Saharaa Desert itself. Plants and vegetation are also found here. But this is true. We would like to give you information about some of the major plants and flora of the Sahara Desert. Among them, Leperin’s olive tree, Saharan cypress, date palm, desert thyme, tamarisk, acacia palm, desert gourd are the main ones. Despite the harsh and dry climate of the Sahara, there are many such places. where plant species grow.

Animals in the Sahara Desert

Animals are also found in the Saharaa Desert. It includes many animals like biscara, catfish, gerbil, ostrich, jerboa, cape hare, desert elephant, barberry sheep, dama deer, Nubian wild ass. Apart from this, the Sahara also includes many species of birds. Algae and brine shrimp and crustaceans are also found in the lakes and pools of the Sahara. Animals and birds of the Saharaa Desert use snails for food. Lizards, chameleons, skeletons and cobras also live among its rocks and dunes.

Temperature In Sahara Desert

Let us tell you that the Saharaa Desert is the hottest desert in the world. Because of this, the annual average temperature here is 86 degrees Fahrenheit or 30 degrees Celsius. The temperature varies from time to time. In which the highest temperature is 122 degrees Fahrenheit or 50 degrees Celsius. The highest recorded temperature is 136 degrees Fahrenheit in 1922. Which is recorded on 13 September 1922.

Sahara Desert Photos

Mystery Of Sahara Desert

All tourists are curious to know the mystery of the Saharaa Desert. Let us also tell you that the secret of the desert is the blue eye made here. It is not able to see many wonderful artwork to the travelers like the human eye. But the eye can see clearly from space, just like the human eye. Many researchers believe that this eye was made by humans and according to many researchers, the amazing structure is said to be made of aliens in the middle of the sand.

With him are many secrets from the Saharaa Desert. The river was formed by falling snow in the desert many years ago, it is known as the Guelta de Archei. The animals of the Saharaa Desert survive by drinking that river water. This water never dries up. But due to the excreta and urine of the camels, this water has now turned black.

Does Anyone Live In The Sahara Desert

People like to live in Sahara Desert. In the Saharaa Desert, Tuareg, Nigerians, Malians, Burkina Faso, Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia are native to African countries. The Tuareg people live in the Saharaa Desert by forming families as tribes. The Tuareg people belong to the Islamic religion and have a different culture and language. They give very high status to women. Tuareg men wear a turban called Tagelmust. Tuareg people cover their mouths with clothes. Because stay away from pollution. The people here are skilled in the art of making talismans, jewelry and accessories.

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Interesting Facts

  • The Sahara is only a little less than three times that of India, spread over an area of ​​about 92 lakh square km.
  • Many wells, rivers and waterfalls are also seen in this desert.
  • The name of the Saharaa Desert is derived from the Sahara Arabic language.
  • The most common language spoken here is Arabic.
  • More than 12000 camels have been used for caravan trade in the desert.
  • This salt water lake is also found in the desert.
  • The day temperature in this desert drops to 56 degrees and the freezing temperature at night goes below zero.
  • Many sand dunes in the Saharaa Desert reach heights of more than 180 meters.


Q. In which country is the desert desert located?

The Sahara Desert is located in the continent of Africa.

Q. What is the area of ​​the Sahara Desert?

The area of ​​the Sahara Desert is spread over an area of ​​about 9.2 million square kilometers.

Q.What is the climate of the Sahara Desert?

The day temperature in this desert is 56 degrees and the freezing temperature at night is from zero.

Q .Can plants and animals survive in the Sahara Desert?


Q .What is the modern economy of the Saharan Desert like?

Mineral resources, such as oil, natural gas, coal, have been considered a center since the Second World War.


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