Rohtasgarh Fort Bihar

Rohtasgarh Fort History | Rohtasgarh Kila Bihar

Rohtasgarh Fort is built on a plateau on top of a hill. The sides of the fort are protruding. The steps leading up to the fort are cut in the limestone of the hill. In the past many streams crossed the plateau and the soil was productive. This helped in the easy growth of crops. By which the inhabitants of the fort could hold for months against any enemy who surrounded the fort. Dense forests and wild animals surrounded the hill which provided a natural barrier.

Chorabs and dacoits provided other man-made barriers in the past. Thus the fort which was considered invincible. He could not be taken by force but only through deceit. Rohtas Fort is one of the oldest forts located in Bihar, which has a very interesting history. Rohtasgarh Fort, located in the Rohtas district of Bihar, is considered to be the most ancient and mysterious fort of Bihar along with India. It is said that this fort was built to hide during the war.

History of Rohtasgarh Fort

If we tell the history of Rohtas, then its civilization and culture has been very rich. For this reason, this area has been of archaeological importance during the time of the British. In 1807 the responsibility of the survey was entrusted to Francis Buchanan. He came to Rohtas on 30 November 1812 and collected many archaeological information. In 1881, HBW Garrick conducted an archaeological survey of the area and obtained the seal of King Shashank from Rohtas Garh.

Let us tell you that despite the assurance of the state government in the historical fort of Bihar, the road to reach the fort has not been constructed. Because of being untouched by development, Naxalism had flourished around the fort. The history of this fort is quite interesting and obscure. Because this historical monument was built together by two kings.

Rohtasgarh Kila Bihar

Best Time To Visit Rohtasgarh Fort

By the way, tourists can visit the fort at any time of the year. But the best time to visit Rohtas Fort is between October and March. Because the weather is very nice during this time. You should avoid during the summer season, as it becomes very much during this time. You can also visit here during the rainy season. At that time there is greenery here.

Ancient Story of Rohtasgarh Fort

This is stated in the Harivamsa Purana. that Rohita, the son of Rohitashva, built Rohitapura for the consumption of his lordship (Buchanan, Appendix C). Even though the fort was built by Rohitashva, son of the great king Harish Chandra. But there are no historical remains to confirm the existence of early kings on the fort. The oldest historical record found on the fort is an inscription which dates back to the 7th century. Due to which the rule of Sasanka existed in the 7th century over Rohtas.

The truth of blood dripping from the fort

If the ancestors are to be believed, it is said that blood used to drip from the walls of this fort situated at a height above about two thousand. According to the people, 200 years ago French historian Buchanan had visited Rohtas. Then he discussed the blood coming out of the stone in a document. He had said. That blood comes out from the walls of this fort. At the same time, the people living nearby also agree with this. Not only this, if the local people believed, for some time the sound of crying was also coming from the fort.

 Architecture of Rohtasgarh Fort

The structure of this fort is very grand. And it is made from granite rock and slaked lime. Also the architecture of the fort is very beautiful. The walls of the fort are decorated with many beautiful designs and inscriptions. The fort is huge. There are total 83 gates in the fort. In which the main four-Ghode Ghat, Raj Ghat, Kathoutia Ghat and Medha Ghat are also present. The architecture of this fort is very beautiful. Also, its structure is quite strong and impressive.

Rohtasgarh Bihar

Rohtasgarh Chaurasan Temple

About a mile to the northeast of the Palace are the ruins of two temples. There is a Rohtasana. It is a temple of Lord Shiva. The iconoclast probably destroyed the roof and the main pavilion. It was situated in the sacred lingam. At present only 84 steps are left. Due to which the temple is believed to have existed since the time of the great Puranic king Harishchandra. Domes have covered the Devi temple. The idol of the deity was missing from here. But the rest of the building is in good condition.

Ganesh Temple

A Ganesh temple is situated half a kilometer to the west of Man Singh Palace. The sanctum sanctorum of the temple has two porches. Tall superstructure The superstructure corresponds to the temples of Rajputana (Rajshasana). Notably Osian near Jodhpur in the 8th century AD and near the Meera Bai temple of the 17th century AD at Chittor.

Rohtasgarh Fort Mystery

The only inscriptions from the Hindu period associated with Rohtasgarh are some rock cut inscriptions at various places on the plateau. Phulwari dates back to 1169 AD. He refers to the construction of a road up to the hill by Pratapdhavala, the hero of Japila. Zapilla is apparently modern Japla. It is in Palamu district, opposite Son. Pratapdhaval appears to be a local chief. 

Also known from the inscriptions at Tarachandi near Sasaram and Tutala Bhavani near Tilothu. From an inscription from Rohtas, Pratapdhaval is said to belong to the Khairaval dynasty. Survives as a tribe of Kharwars in the present day. The only other inscription of Hindu rule above the fort is in 1223 AD. is a record of.

How To Reach Rohtasgarh fort

Rohtas district of Bihar is well connected by rail and road. You can easily explore this place. Tourists can also get the way to Rohtas Fort through Google Map. With the help of which you can reach Rohtas Fort. This fort remains open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. You can plan to visit this fort at this time. Also, you can visit this fort for free.

Map of Rohtasgarh fort

Video of Rohtasgarh fort

Interesting Facts

It is an ancient fort located in Rohtas district of Bihar.
This ancient and strong fort was built by Rohitashva, son of King Harishchandra.
There are many such places in Rohtasgarh Fort which attracts tourists.
Rohtasgarh is also famous for the waterfalls (waterfalls) that fall from the Kaimur hills towards the east.
During the first war of independence (1857), Amar Singh conducted a rebellion against the British from here.
Blood was dripping from the walls of the fort situated at a height of two thousand feet.
The fort extends for 28 miles and has a total of 83 gates.


Q .Who built Rohtas Garh Fort?

Rohitashva, son of Raja Harish Chandra And Sher Sha Suri 

Q .What is so special about Rohtas Fort?

Blood was dripping from the walls of this fort.

Q .Who built Rohtasgarh Kila?

Rohitashva, son of Raja Harish Chandra

Q .Who lived in Rohtas Fort?

Sher Sha Suri 


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