Ram Niwas Garden

Ram Niwas Garden | Ram Niwas Bagh History

Ram Niwas Garden is a royal and beautiful garden. It was built in 1868 by Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. This garden is located in the core of Jaipur city. That park is considered a very historical place in India. This park is spread over 30 acres of land. and is the location of the Albert Hall Museum or Central Museum. Tourists from all over the world come to visit this tourist place and see the royal lifestyle during the British era.

You can explore the lush green gardens here by visiting Ram Niwas Garden. One can also visit the theater, bird park, zoo or art gallery in the park. Ram Niwas Udyan is also known as a popular picnic spot due to its beauty. Thank you that people come here to hang out with their friends and family. So let us give you complete information about the history, fascinating places and places to visit in our article.

History Of Ram Niwas Bagh Jaipur

Ram Niwas Bagh or Eclectic Garden was built in 1868 by Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh. This park was designed by Colonel Sir Swinton Jacob. It is situated in front of the Garden Landscaping Garden. It was constructed from Indo-Saracenic architecture. Earlier, there was talk of opening a Town Hall at this place. But Madho Singh II, the successor of Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh, persuaded the site to be opened as a museum. Ram Niwas Bagh was spread over an area of ​​76 acres but has been reduced to 30 acres to provide more facilities to the passengers.

Ram Niwas Bagh Image

Best Time To Visit Ram Niwas Garden

The best time to visit and visit Ram Niwas Garden is in the morning and afternoon. Because the weather is very nice here during the day. The best time to visit Jaipur is between October and February. Because it is a very good city to visit during the winter season. The state of Rajasthan gets very hot in summer. Because of that, going here in summer should be avoided.

Tips For Visiting Ram Niwas Garden

Admission to Rabindra Rang Manch Theater is on invitation only.

You can check this in advance with the helpdesk.

The attraction is quite crowded on weekends.

Tourists can come here on weekdays to avoid the crowd.

Ram Niwas Garden Timings & Entry Fee

If you also want to visit Ram Niwas Garden. So it is important to know its opening hours. The park is open for tourists on all days of the week except Tuesdays. The park is open in summers from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Apart from this, in winter it is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Talking about Ram Niwas Bagh Jaipur Entry Fee, here the entry fee has been kept at Rs 100 per person for foreign tourists and Rs 10 per person for Indian travelers.

Ram Niwas Bagh History

Major Attractions At Ram Niwas Bagh Jaipur

Albert Hall Museum

Albert Hall Museum or Central Museum is the oldest museum in Rajasthan. Which is located in front of the new gate of Ram Niwas Garden. This museum is a good depiction of Indo-Saracenic type of architecture. Which was named after King Edward VII, the then Prince of Wales. He had laid the foundation of this museum during his visit to Jaipur. This museum has a huge collection of many splendid paintings, sculptures made of ivory, stone and metal, crystals.

Ravindra Rang Manch Theatre

Rabindra Rang Manch Theater is a place where one can participate in classical music performances, dance performances and theater groups. Which are mostly based on Indian mythology.

Zoological Garden

The Zoological Garden is one such place. Where you can see many types of flora and fauna (Flora and Fauna). Including many endangered species. The park which attracts birds is also known as bird park. Where bird lovers can see many types of birds together. Let us tell you that there is also a world famous Crocodile Breeding Center at this place. Students of Zoology and Botany often observe or study the flora and fauna that flourish here.

Horse Rides at Ram Niwas Bagh

Evening horse rides are a major attraction for tourists and especially children. Here tourists can enjoy horse riding around the beautiful garden for a minimal rent.

Food At Ram Niwas Garden

Ram Niwas Udyan Garden is located in the pink city of Jaipur. Here you can taste a variety of delicious dishes. Because it is famous all over India. The famous food here includes sweets like Dal Bati Churma, Missi Roti and Ghevar, Feni, Gajak, Chauguni Ke Laddu, Moong Thal among others. Rajasthani food is full of nutrients. Because it is made from ghee and butter. Here you can experience an enthralling journey.

How To Reach Ram Niwas Garden

Ram Niwas Garden Jaipur is well connected by road to all parts of the city. Buses, taxis, auto-rickshaws and cabs are easily available to travel here. And this city has many both deluxe and state buses available from different cities of India. The nearest airport to Ram Niwas Udyan is Sanganer Airport, Jaipur. It is located 11 km away from the park via Jawaharlal Nehru Marg. Its nearest railway station is Bais Godam Railway Station Junction. It is only 6 km away from the garden.

Ram Niwas Garden Map & Location

Video of Ram Niwas Garden

Interesting Facts

Ram Niwas Garden Jaipur is well connected by road to all parts of the city.

Buses, taxis, auto-rickshaws and cabs are easily available to reach here.

The nearest airport to the park is Sanganer Airport, Jaipur.

Its nearest railway station is Bais Godam Railway Station Junction.

This large park has play areas, a zoo and a botanical museum.

The Albert Hall Museum adds to the beauty of the Ram Niwas Bagh.

The park is also known as a popular picnic spot.

Here travelers can visit the lush gardens, theatre, bird park, zoo or art gallery.


Q .Why Ram Niwas Garden is famous?

This large park has play areas, a zoo and a botanical museum.

Q .What are the opening hours for Ram Niwas Udyan?

8:30 am – 5:30 pm

Q .What is the entry fee of Ram Niwas Udyan Jaipur?

10 for Indians and Rs 100 per person for foreigners


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