Rajaji National Park Infromation

Rajaji National Park Infromation | Rajaji Tiger Reserve

Rajaji National Park is located in Dehradun and Haridwar in the state of Uttarakhand. The place is rich in its attractive park flora and fauna. This makes it a wonderful holiday destination for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts. Raja ji National Park, famous for tigers and elephants, has recently been given the status of Tiger Reserve by the Government of India. C Rajagopalachari National Park is spread over three districts of Uttarakhand namely Dehradun, Haridwar and Pauri Garhwal.

It is popular for sal, teak and other shrubs in the forest area. Tourists enjoy jeep safari or elephant safari in Raja ji National Park. Spread over an area of ​​about 34 km, this attractive park attracts the attention of tourists towards itself. Tourists also come to trek in its forest. Raja ji National Park is named after the great freedom fighter Chakravarti Rajagopalachari.

History of Rajaji National Park

We get to know by looking into the history of Raja ji National Park. That by 1983, the 820 km long forest here was spread in the form of three different wildlife. It was spread over Haridwar, Dehradun and Pauri Garhwal districts of Uttarakhand state. The credit for the establishment of Raja ji National Park goes to C Rajagopalachari. Let us tell you that this National Park came into existence in 1948.

Rajaji National Park Images

Best Time To Visit Rajaji National Park

The best time to visit Raja ji National Park is from November to June. Such a question arises in the mind of many travelers visiting here. So let us tell you that the best time to visit Raja ji National Park is from 15th November to 15th June. Because this park is closed in other months. The months of April to June are definitely warm. But this time is wonderfully good for watching animals.

Rajaji National Park Entry Fee

For Indian tourists – Rs 750 per person.

Foreign tourists – Rs 1500 per person.

For Jeep Safari – Rs 1500 per safari (Rs 150 per person)

Rajaji National Park Safari Timing

The timings for safari in this national park are 6 to 11 am, 11:30 to 1 and 2:30 to 5:30. But let us tell you that there is a slight change in time according to the season.

Rajaji Tiger Reserve


These are the dense foliage trees of Sal trees and bamboo stalks seen in the National Park. Raja ji National Park Haridwar Uttarakhand The forest range is famous for tropical and sub-tropical vegetation. Found on both sides of the river, deciduous broadleaf trees adorn the forestland. Along with it, the park has beautiful flowering trees like Kachnar, Lantana, Sandon, Amaltas, Kedia, Acacia, and Cheela. Along with this, Ber, Peepal, Ficus, Adina, Shoria, Bel, and Chamar are also seen.


Tell us about the wildlife found in Raja ji National Park. So here one can see Asian Elephants, Chital, Kakar, Python, Monitor Lizard, Panther, Bear, Tiger, Wild Cats, Sambar, Wild Boar and King Cobra etc. Many migratory birds can also be seen in Raja ji National Park. In addition, the park serves as a habitat for many species.

Where To Stay Near Rajaji National Park

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Hotel KSS Inn

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Naturoville Resort          

Vaccinated Staff – OYO 69118 Hotel Relax

One Earth Hardwar

Radiant Hotel

TA’s Hostel

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Places To Visit Near Rajaji National Park

Rajaji Tiger Reserve

Vashishtha Gufa

Vishnu Ghat

Sahastradhara Waterfall

Robber’s Cave


Malsi Deer Park

Tapkeshwar Temple

Tapovan Temple

Chetwoode Hall

Mindrolling Monastery

Har Ki Dun

Trekking In Dehradun

Paltan Bazar

Rajaji National Park photos

Rajaji National Park Tourism

Robber’s Cave

Cave is an ancient amazing cave that attracts tourists. Robber’s Cave is divided into two main parts.

Tapkeshwar Temple

A Tapkeshwar Temple is located 7 km away from Dehradun city. Tapkeshwar Temple is a cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and this temple attracts tourists.

Tapovan Temple

Tapovan Temple is one of the holy places in Raja ji National Park. This temple is surrounded by greenery from all sides and looks attractive.

Rajaji Tiger Reserve

Rajaji Tiger Reserve was established in 2015. The area is a tourist attraction and is home to 50 different mammals.

Vashishtha Gufa

Vashisht Cave is located 12 kms from Raja ji National Park. It was inhabited by sage Vashistha.

Vishnu Ghat

Vishnu Ghat, one of the most serene and beautiful places in the park, is located 9 km from Haridwar.

Sahastradhara Waterfall 

Sahastradhara is situated at a distance of about 11 kms from Dehradun city. The place is also known for springs and caves in which water drips from limestone stalactites.

How To Reach Rajaji National Park

Tourists can go by air, rail and road to reach Rajaji National Park. Jolly Grant Airport or Dehradun Airport are the nearest airports. Haridwar railway station is the nearest railway station. From there one can go to the park by local means or taxi. Rajaji National Park is well connected by road to major cities of the state of Uttarakhand. So tourists can plan to go here by bus.

Rajaji National Park Map

Video of Rajaji National Park

Interesting Facts

Tourists can enjoy jungle safari here.

This park was established in 1966.

Raja ji National Park has been given the status of Tiger Reserve by the Government of India.

This magnificent park is spread over an area of ​​830 sq.km.

This area is surrounded by three sanctuaries namely Rajaji, Motichur and Chilla Range.

Raja ji National Park is spread over the Shivalik hills.

The park is opened for tourists from mid-November to mid-June.

The park is quite famous for its beauty and rich biodiversity.


Q. Where is Rajaji National Park located?

Park is situated in the foothills of Himalayas in Dehradun, Uttarakhand state along with the hills and foothills of Shivalik ranges.

Q. Raja ji National Park is in which state?

Park is located in the state of Uttarakhand, India.

Q .Why is Rajaji National Park famous?

Park is known for its elephant population, natural beauty and rich biodiversity.

Q .How many tigers are there in Raja ji National Park?

37 tigers

Q .What is the best time to visit Rajaji national park?

15th November to 15th June


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