Raisen Fort History And Architecture

Raisen Fort History And Architecture | Raisen Fort Bhopal 

Raisen Fort is a huge historical building located 45 km away from Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. This fort is situated on the top of a hill on the Vindhyachal range on the north-west corner of Gondwana. It is famous for its historical importance as well as beautiful scenery. The 800-year-old fort has nine gateways, fortifications, domes and remains of several buildings from the early medieval period. Which at present has mostly been converted into ruins. Let us tell you that despite this, the fort remains an important part of Madhya Pradesh tourism.

For that reason, tourists from far and wide come to visit this historical fort. Inside the fort is the dargah of a Muslim saint, Hazrat Pir Fatehullah Shah. This temple fulfills the wishes of the pilgrims. These attractions make Raisen Fort one of the most famous forts of Madhya Pradesh. The fort was under the control of Rajputs and Hindu rulers till the 16th century. But the Nawabs of Bhopal had captured the fort. and is currently protected by ASI.

History of Raisen Fort

If we look at the history of Raisen Durg, then there is no authentic confirmation of its construction. Because according to various historians and inscriptions in the fort, the fort of Raisen was built in the 11th century. Raisen Durg is seen to have strong links with the Sallam (Salaam) dynasty of Gondwana. He built two strong forts Ginnaurgarh Fort and Fatehgarh Fort in Bhopal Gondwana Kingdom. From the Rajputs to the Mughals and the Nawab rulers of Bhopal, the fort was under the control of the rulers till the 16th century. Sher Shah Suri tried to capture this fort several times after the 15th century. But he could never succeed in his intention.

Raisen Fort Bhopal

Best Time To Visit Raisen Fort

The best time to visit Raisen Fort is from October to March. Because at this time the temperature here is favorable. Which should not cause any kind of inconvenience. Apart from this, the temperature here increases during the summers. But the monsoon season is also favorable for visiting here. This place receives more rain in that season. So you face inconvenience in visiting Raisen Durg and its nearby tourist places.

Raisen Fort Timings And Entry Fee

Talking about the opening and closing time of Raisen Fort, then let us tell you that Raisen Durg is open daily from 10 am to 6 pm for tourists to visit. During that time, tourists can come to visit here at any time. Tourists go to visit the fort with friends or family. If you tell the entry fee of Raisen Fort, then there is no fee for entering or visiting the fort. You can easily roam here without any charges.

Mystery of Raisen Fort

Many people are unaware about the secret of Raisen Fort. And so excited to know about it. Let me tell you, this fort has buried many secrets in itself. About whom different legends are seen. Some people say. Even today Paras stone is present inside the fort. Whose care is not done by any human but by Jin. But some people consider it the center of haunted events. According to him, there is a shadow of a soul on this fort.

Architecture of Raisen Fort

The 800-year-old Raisen Durg is situated on the outskirts of a rock. The fort has a massive stone wall with 9 gateways, 13 bastions, fortifications, domes and the remains of several buildings from the early medieval period. There are four palaces within the boundaries of the fort namely Badal Mahal, Rohini Mahal, Itradan Mahal and Hawa Mahal. The fort had a well-organized water management and conservation system with more than 40 wells.

There are also many ancient caves and murals in the vicinity. Which tell the tourists about the ancient history and culture of the country. A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is situated in the mighty Raisen Durg. According to the belief here, this temple fulfills the wishes of the pilgrims. Along with it the mosque of Muslim saint Hazrat Pir Fatehullah Shah Baba is also visible.

Raisen Fort

Places To Visit Near Raisen Fort

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Barna Dame

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Hotels in Raisen Bhopal

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Local Food of Raisen

Dal Bafla





Rogan Josh



Sugarcane juice

North Indian Cuisine

South Indian Cuisine

Chinese cuisine

Continental cuisine

How To Reach Raisen Fort

Tourists can visit Raisen Fort by flight, train and road. There is no direct flight to Raisen. The nearest airport to this fort is Raja Bhoj Airport of Bhopal. There is no direct rail connectivity for it. Habibganj Railway Station located in Bhopal and Bhopal Railway Station are the nearest railway stations. It is quite easy to reach Raisen Durg by traveling by road or bus. Because Raisen is well connected by road to nearby cities. Buses are operated from major cities here. Apart from the bus, you can also go here by personal car.

Raisen Fort Map

Video of Raisen Fort

Interesting Facts

Raisen Fort houses the dargah of a Muslim saint, Hazrat Pir Fatehullah Shah Baba.

The temple here fulfills the wishes of the pilgrims.

Raisen Durg was under the control of Rajput and Hindu rulers till the 16th century.

This fort stands on the outskirts of a rock.

This mighty fort also houses a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Built in 1200 AD, this fort is situated on the top of the hill.

Raisen Fort A large reservoir, palace and some temples are situated on a 1500 feet high hill.

Raisen Fort was built by many kings.


Q .Who built the fort of Raisen?

This fort was built by many kings.

Q .How old is Raisen fort?

800-year old

Q .Who was the king of Raisen?

Raja Pooranmal Sher Shah Suri

Q .Who built Badal Mahal raisen?

Parmar Raja Rai Singh

Q .When was Raisen Fort built?

There is no authentic confirmation of its manufacturing time.


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