Paris Tourism

Paris Tourism | Paris Tourist Visiting Places

As the capital of France, Paris has been an important city for more than 2,000 years. Forbes has ranked Paris third among the ten best cities to visit in the world. This beautiful city needs no formal introduction. The city is synonymous with culture, architecture, food and fashion. Paris is known by nicknames such as City Of Love and City Of Lights. While retaining artistic pedigree in the likes of Renoir, Rodin, Picasso, Monet and Van Gogh. The city is home to one of the greatest art stores in the world. 

Every lover wants a couple. That once in a lifetime share some happy moments here under the Eiffel Tower. Because it is a city that thrills art lovers from all over the world. The magnificent Louvre, the exceptional Impressionist collection and modern and contemporary art of the Center Pompidou, is home to a plethora of small museums showcasing collections in every style imaginable. Today the city is one of the world’s leading centers for trade, fashion, entertainment, arts and culture. So to know about the beautiful tourist places, definitely read the article completely.

Top Tourist Places In Paris

Sacre Coeur Worth

Seine River

Disneyland Worth

Luxembourg Gardens

Eiffel Tower 

Notre Dame Cathedral 

Louvre Museum 

Disneyland Parris

Arch of Triumph

Sainte Chapelle Church

Les Invalides 

Concorde Square

Paris Tourist Visiting Places

History of Paris

From Lutetia to Napoleon’s empire, from the proclamation of the republic to the Paris Commune, he was at the center of events. who marked French history. Paris was inhabited by the Celtic Gaul tribe Parisians in the 3rd century BC. Realizing the city’s strategic importance due to the Seine River, it was conquered by Julius Caesar at the Battle of Lutetia in 52 BC, recording numerous trade opportunities. Such was the founding of the Roman city of Lutetia.

This era saw the grandeur of Roman architecture as baths, palaces and theaters were built. Christianity started in the second century AD. Roman rule continued until the 5th century. Then the Franks attacked under the leadership of Clovis I. And Parris was made the capital. Which was named after the Parris tribe who settled centuries ago.

Best Time To Visit Paris

The best time to visit here is the vibrant summer season extending from June to August. Because the weather is almost perfect during sunny days. Most expensive due to the rush of passengers at that time. That’s why you want to reduce costs. So you can visit between March-May in the spring months. Alternatively, autumn is also a favorable time to visit. But at that time the days are short. But the city seems to be waking up again.

Nightlife in Paris

Lights keep the city of Paris awake at night. Parris’ turbulent diversity of subcultures and moods is perhaps best viewed at night. Experience a cabaret or jazz show, brisk night scenes, or a classic night out. She can surely have a memorable evening. Here Marais, Oberkampf, M_nilmontant and Gambetta are dynamic nightlife destinations. Where pubs and nightclubs are crowded.

Currency & Exchanging Money in Paris

Visa and MasterCard are accepted in the hotels, restaurants and shops here. But only a few places accept American Express. Carry smaller denominations in euros, especially for public transport. Some banks in Paris exchange your currency for Euros. Exchange Bureau He specializes in transactions. A commission is charged for exchange from place to place and depending on the type of payment. Withdraw Euros from 24-hour Cashpoint using an international credit or debit card.

Paris Photos

Places To Visit In Paris

Arch of Triumph Paris 

The Arch of Triumph War Memorial in Paris. The Arch of Triumph has been built in memory of the soldiers who died in the French Revolution and the French Wars. The names of some of these brave soldiers have also been engraved on this monument.

Les Invalides 

This is the War Museum of France. Built in the 17th century, this building was built by Louis XIV as a hospital and shelter. Where wounded soldiers were treated.

Sacre Coeur Worth

It is one of the most attractive places. The white-domed Basilica of the Sacré Coeur is located at the highest point of the city on Montmartre hill. Every year lakhs of tourists come here to see the marble architecture and grand interiors.

Seine River

The Seine River flows through the English Channel for 800 km into Paris. Boat rides in the River Seine pass through several bridges passing through sights such as the Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral and the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower 

The main tourist destination of Paris is the Eiffel Tower. Everyone who goes to Parris wants to see the Eiffel Tower. The huge Eiffel Tower was installed in 1889. And it was designed by Alexandre Gustave. From the Efir Tower you can have a great view of Paris.

Notre Dame Cathedral 

One of the most enduring symbols of Paris is Notre Dame de Parris. Also known as Notre Dame. It is considered one of the finest examples of French Gothic architecture in France and Europe.

Paris Images

Disneyland Worth

Disneyland in Paris is a main attraction for tourists. It is a theme park and one can enjoy great rides here. This charming hotel is famous for its various activities along with shopping and golf.

Luxembourg Gardens

Luxembourg Gardens is the most famous park in Paris after the Tuileries. The foundation of the garden was laid at the time of the construction of the Palais du Luxembourg in the 17th century. In the 19th century the architect J.F. This structure was designed by Chalgren.

Louvre Museum 

This museum is 300 years old. Here one can see some of the classic works like Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci, Liberty Leading the People by Eugene Delacroix, Gericault’s Rage of the Medusa, Winged Victory of Samotho and Venus de Milo.

Disneyland Paris 

This theme park, divided into 5 parts, makes your kids happy. This park, spread over 4800 acres, was started by the Walt Disney Company in 1992. Swings, rides, laser show and parade of cartoon characters are new experiences for your kids.

How to Reach Paris from India

A large number of tourists visit Paris from India throughout the year. Airlines like Air France, Etihad Airways, Air India, Jet Airways, Lufthansa, Emirates operate daily flights from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune and Hyderabad. Tourists can book tickets to Parris on flights as per their convenience and timings. Its two main airports are accessible from Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Orly Airport.

Paris Map | Paris Location

Video of Paris Travel Guide

Interesting Facts

There are many popular places and hotels to stay in Parris.

With majestic dimensions, it is one of the most beautiful places in the city.

Parris is third among the ten best cities to visit in the world.

The main tourist destination of Paris is the Eiffel Tower.

Here Disneyland is a main attraction for tourists.

This is a city that fascinates art lovers from all over the world.


Q .What is the best time to visit Paris? 

June to August

Q .What is the local food in Paris? 

Cheese, butter, black truffles, wine

Q .How much does a package cost for Paris? 

Depends on the number of people, day, hotel, vehicle type and customization.

Q .What is Paris famous for?

Parris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It is known worldwide for the Louvre Museum, Notre-Dame cathedral, and the Eiffel tower.

Q .Is Paris a safe place to live?


Q .Why is Paris called the City of Love?

Because the atmosphere of this city is romantic.

Q .Is Paris a cheap city?



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