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Neora Valley National Park | Red Panda Land

Neora Valley National Park is located in Kalimpong district of West Bengal. It was established in 1986. This park is a famous national park of West Bengal. Which is a center of attraction for wildlife and nature lovers. Every year thousands of tourists keep coming here. Spread over an area of ​​88 square kilometres, the national park is one of the best biological areas in eastern India. The park got its name from the Nira River. That river flows through it. Neera Valley National Park is also known as the land of red pandas.

Let us tell you that this untouched destination is the best place for nature lovers and trekkers. Those who want to see this forest. Whenever tourists come to visit the national park, you can see various wildlife species and flora including red pandas and black Asiatic bears. Along with these, tourists can enjoy exciting activities like jungle camping and trekking. If you want to know more about him Agra. So definitely read this article of ours completely.

Geography of Neora Valley

Neora National Park is adjacent to Sikkim, Bhutan and West Bengal. It is adjacent to the forests of these three boundaries. Which has happened from a height of 30 meters to 3200 meters. Neera Valley National Park is one of the last remaining ecosystems in the Eastern Himalayas. It has incredible biodiversity. It is home to some rare endemic species of animals, plants and birds. Apart from this, this valley is full of temperate and tropical vegetation.

Best Time To Visit Neoraa Valley National Park

Tourists can visit Neora Valley throughout the year. Because it gives a different experience. The flowers are in full bloom during the months of March and April. Due to which the vegetation looks more alive. July-September are the months when the park is closed. October-December is a visual treat for the mountains. The months between December and March are a retreat for bird watchers. In this way you can visit here anytime except July-September.

Red Panda Land

Tips for Visiting Neoraa Valley National Park

It is important to follow some tips to avoid accidents and troubles while traveling to the National Park.

If you have small children with you, do not leave the children alone.

Do not attempt to enter any restricted areas of the park.

Do not get out of the jeep in the safari ride without the permission of the guide.

Carry a camera, binoculars and essentials for your trip to the park.

Do not attempt to feed or approach any animals in the park.

Do not smoke while visiting the park, as there is a risk of fire.

Neora Valley National Park Timings, Entry fees And Permits

Talking about the opening and closing hours of Neora Valley National Park, Neora Valley National Park is open for tourists to visit from 8.00 am to 12.00 am and from 1 pm to 4.00 pm. Please note that the park is closed every Thursday. Talking about the entry fee and permit of Neera Valley National Park, then the entry fee of the National Park is Rs 100. Apart from this, it is also necessary to get a permit from the forest department. Because you cannot enter the park without an entry permit. It takes two-three hours to get the permit.

Neora Valley National Park Image

Neora Valley National Park Flora And Fauna

The park is famous for rhododendron flora and wild orchids. The valley has a mix of many plant species. The major types of forests are subtropical mixed broadleaf forests, upper temperate mixed broadleaf forests, lower temperate evergreen forests, wet mixed forests, buck-oak forests, and coniferous forests. Rhododendron arboreum, Berberis cristata, Didymocarpus pediculate, R. Swertia chirata is a species of flora found here. The green cover here is quite refreshing. Which makes it a paradise for tourists and nature lovers.

Many mammals wildlife species like Himalayan Tahr, Chinese Marmorata Pangolin, Black Bear, Clouded Leopard, Sloth Bear, Wild Boar, Red Panda, Golden Cat, Sambar, Musk Deer, Goral, Barking Deer, Himalayan Flying Squirrel are found in the National Park. Is. The park is home to pheasants, golden-headed black finch, redstart, brown wood owl, Darjeeling woodpecker, sunbirds, swifts and parakeets. Reptile species here include King Cobra, Lizard, Viper, Indian Cobra, Green Pit Viper, Common Krait and Blind Snake.

Trekking To Neora Valley National Park

Neera Valley National Park is heavenly for trek lovers. There are many perfect places in the park for trekking. There are two trekking routes here. Which starts with Samsing and Lava. The trek route from Lava is 25 km long. Starting from zero point, the path surrounded by dense forests reaches directly into the valley. Until you reach Jari-Buti, which is a flat land inside a forest of oak trees. There is a camp site at Alubari, 3 km from here. It is situated on the bank of the river.

Let’s start trekking via Samsing. So the routes of this trek originate from Suntale Khola village. It is 5 km away from Samsing. You can spot a variety of flora and fauna while trekking through this route. The highest point in the park is Rachela. Which is also called the virgin paradise of North Bengal. It is situated at an altitude of 9500-10,000 feet above sea level. Trekking shows the evergreen, deciduous and coniferous vegetation of the park.

Places To Visit Near Neora Valley National Park

Morgan House

Flower nursery

Durpin Dara Hill

Tharpa Choling Monastery

Rishi Bankim Chandra Park

Art cafe

Deolo Hill

Zong Dog Palri Pho Brong Monastery

Nature Interpretation Center

Jelepla Viewpoint

Lepcha Museum

Mangal Dham Temple

MacFarlane Memorial Church

Hotels in Kalimpong

Dungmali Heritage Resort


Tenam Garden Holistic Homestay

Hotel Paradiso                

Summit Barsana Resort & Spa

Seven Hills Homestay


Sinclairs Retreat Kalimpong

Shikher Guest House


How To Reach Neora Valley National Park

Neora Valley National Park is 35 km from Kalimpong. The best mode of travel is by road. But tourists can also go by train or flight. The nearest airport to Neera Valley National Park is Bagdogra Airport Siliguri. It is 114 km away from the park. Ghoom railway station is the nearest railway station, 80 km away from the park. The nearest town to Neora Valley National Park is Lava. Buses operate at regular intervals. Apart from the bus, you can also go by booking a personal car or taxi.

Map of Neora Valley National Park

Video of Neora Valley National Park

Interesting Facts

You can go for a walk in Nira Valley Park anytime except July-September.

Neera Valley National Park is a beautiful place located in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal state.

Neera Valley National Park was established in the year of 1986.

The park is adjacent to three border forests.

This National Park is one of the richest biological regions of Eastern India.

The untouched destination is the best place for nature lovers and trekkers.

Neora National Park is located at the tri-junction of Sikkim, Bhutan and West Bengal.


Q .Why Neora Valley National Park is famous?

The Neora Valley National Park spread over an area of 88 sq. km is famous for the virgin forest patch and its unique biodiversity. The National Park enjoys the distinction of being situated over one of the oldest Reserve Forest in India.

Q .Which river passes through Neora Valley National Park?

The river Neora

Q .Where is Noida Valley National Park?

Darjeeling district of West Bengal

Q .How do you get to Neora Valley National Park?

Neora Valley National Park is 35 km from Kalimpong. The best mode of travel is by road. But tourists can also go by train or flight.

Q .Which is the largest forest in West Bengal?

Buxa National Park and Tiger Reserve, Rajabhatkawa


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