Mukundara Hills National Park

Mukundara Hills National Park | Darrah National Park

One of the major tourist places of Kota, Mukundara Hills National Park is located 56 km from Kota city near Bundi. It is also known as Darra Wildlife Sanctuary. In ancient times the Mukundara Hills sanctuary was used as a hunting ground for the royal families. Tigers are transferred here from Ranthambore Sanctuary. Mukundara Hills National Park boasts of rich wildlife. It is also home to many other exotic animals, plant species, sambar deer, Asian elephant and elk.

The sanctuary remains popular among tourists for its wildlife safaris, treks and sightseeing. The Darra National Park, established in 2004, comprises three wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan. It includes Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary, Jawahar Sagar Sanctuary and Darra National Park. It attracts thousands of tourists every year. If you want to visit Darrah National Park. Or want to know about it. So do read our article completely.

History of Mukundara Hills National Park

Mukundara Hills National Park used to be a royal hunting game sanctuary for the Maharaja of Kota in ancient times. Because there was an abundance of amazing wildlife. At that time Rajputs, Marathas and British took advantage of these forest plains to take shelter here during the wars. In 1955, the Government of India declared this extension as a protected area. Which was established in 2004 as Mukundara Hills or Darra National Park.

Best Time To Visit Mukundara Hills National Park

The best time to visit Mukundara Hills National Park in Kota city is from October to March. The winter season is a favorable time to visit Darrah National Park. At that time wildlife can be seen sunning you. Apart from that, let us tell you that traveling to Kota should be avoided during the summers starting from March. Because at this time the temperature of Rajasthan reaches 45 degrees.

Darrah National Park

Things To Do In Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve

Darra National Park gives a great experience to the wildlife lovers.

Travelers can see different species of animals and birds in the park.

One can go on an exciting jungle safari in Darrah National Park.

In Jungle Safari, you can see wildlife closely.

One can enjoy trekking in the mountainous areas in Darra National Park.

In the National Park, you can capture the beauty and wildlife in the camera.

Earlier the park was an important hunting ground for the Maharajas.

Because of that a good number of hunting remains are present inside the sanctuary.

Mukundara Hills National Park Timing & Entry Fees

Mukundra Hills National Park is open for tourists to visit from 10 am to 5 pm. Let us tell you that to visit the Pass National Park very well, take 2 to 3 hours to travel. You must obtain written permission from the local forest ranger before visiting this national park. Talking about the entry fee of Mukundara Hills National Park, the entry fee per person for visiting Indian tourists in the park is Rs 20 and for foreign tourists, Rs 100 per person.

Geography of Darrah National Park

The Darra National Park is spread over an area of ​​about 200 square kilometres. This national park is a combination of three wildlife sanctuaries. These include Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary, Jaswant Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary and Darra Wildlife Sanctuary. The park is situated between two parallel mountains – Mukundra and Gagrola. About four rivers Ramzan, Kali, Ahu and Chambal form the boundary of this valley.

Fauna of Mukundara Hills National Park

Major wild species of Darrah National Park include wild boar, sloth bear, nilgai, cheetah and deer. Apart from this, the park is home to a large number of antelopes and wolves. Other important animal species of the park include chinkaras, leopards and a good number of birds and reptiles. With over 266 unique species of birds, the wildlife sanctuary is indeed a popular destination for bird-lovers and bird-watchers.

Flora of Mukundara Hills National Park

Darra National Park is rich with many unique flower species like flowering plants, trees, foliage and medicinal herbs. The tall wild trees inside the park provide a peaceful shade. The medicinal herbs here have excellent healing properties. The major flower species of the park are Babul, Tamarind, Banyan, Ber, Dhak, Dhok, Kadam, Khajur, Khair, Karel, Khejra, Kakera, Mohua and Neem. Due to this the park looks very beautiful.

Best Places To Visit Near Mukundara Hills National Park

Chambal Garden

Abhed Mahal

Kota Garh City Palace and Museum

Seven Wonders Park Kota

Kishore Sagar and Jagmandir Palace

Godavari Dham

Garadiya Mahadev Temple

Sarees market kaithun kota

Rao Madho Singh Museum Kota

Dard Mata Temple

Gaiparnath Waterfall Kota

Mathuradhish Temple

Standing Ganesh ji temple

Kota Barrage

Darra Wildlife Sanctuary Kota

Shivpuri Dham Kota

Rani ji’s stepwell

Brijvilas Palace Government Museum

Kansua Shiva Temple Kota

How To Reach Mukundara Hills National Park

One can reach Mukundra Hills National Park in Kota, the famous city of Rajasthan by flight, train and bus. The nearest airport to Kota city is Sanganer International Airport of Jaipur. It is 245 km away from Kota. Kota city has its own railway junction. It is located 50 km away from Darrah National Park. One can reach the park by taxi, cab or auto from the railway station. The city is well connected by road network to all the major cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Indore and Ahmedabad. One can travel to Mukundra Hills National Park Kota via buses.

Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve Map & Location

Video of Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve

Interesting Facts

Darra National Park is popular for safaris, treks and sightseeing.

The Mukundara Hills sanctuary was used as a hunting ground for the royal families.

The park attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Mukundra Hills Tiger Reserve is the third largest habitat of tigers.

The rivers found in the Darra National Park are Chambal, Kali Sindh, Ahu and Amjhar.

Mukundra hills are located in Kota district of Rajasthan.

It is a part of Hadoti plateau.

Mukundara Hills Tiger Reserve and Darra Wildlife Sanctuary are located in the area.

Tourists have to take written permission from the local forest ranger before visiting the Darra National Park.


Q .How many tigers are there in Mukundra Hills?

Mukundra has a capacity for 12 tigers.

Q .How do I get to Mukundra Hills?

By flight, train and bus

Q .Where is Mukundra hills in Rajasthan?

Mukundhara Hills (Darrah) National Park is located about 56 kms from Kota, on the Kota, Jhalawar road in Rajasthan.

Q .Where is Dara national park?

Mukundhara Hills (Darrah) National Park is located about 56 kms from Kota, Rajasthan.

Q .When was Mukundara Hills National Park created?

9 January 2012

Q .In which plateau are the Mukundara hills located?

It is a part of Hadoti plateau.


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