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Mauritius History | Mauritius Tourism | Places to Visit in Mauritius

Mauritius is a beautiful country situated on the coast of the Indian Ocean in the continent of Africa. which is surrounded by sea from all sides. It is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean about 2,000 km from Africa and southeast of Seychelles. With white sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters, lavish resorts, Mauritius is a perfect honeymoon and a family vacation destination. Due to the beauty of Maurritius and its priceless environment, it is the most attractive country for honeymoon.

This tourist place, lush green forests and historical places make your trip very interesting and romantic. You can enjoy the famous Mauritian trek in the jungles of Mauritius. The 19th century Creole house preserved as a museum in Maurritius is one of the most favorite places for Mauritian tourists. Furthermore, Maurritius is a volcanically erupted island surrounded by vast and colorful coral reefs. making it an ideal destination for snorkeling and scuba diving.

History of Mauritius

The history of Mauritius came into existence during 1598 from the beginning of the 10th century. The Portuguese arrived on the island in the sixteenth century, in 1510. The Dutch named it Maurritius after the Maurice Prince of Nassau. Mauritius was conquered by the British in 1810. They were handed over after an agreement in 1815. After that the French residents were allowed to live in the island and follow their religions, laws and customs.

On 12 March 1968, Mauritius gained its independence, and a constitution was signed following the British parliamentary system. It took almost 15 years for Mauritius to achieve a stable economic and political state and later on 12 March 1992, Maurritius was declared a republic.

Mauritius Photos

Best Time To Visit Mauritius

If tourists plan to visit Mauritius. So the time between July to October is considered the best. The climate of Mauritius is very good during that time. Due to this, it proves to be helpful for visiting tourist places. Although the tropical climate of Maurritius is quite favorable for a holiday at any time of the year. Apart from October to December, the season of March-April is considered very good for diving. 

The temperature in Mauritius ranges from 25 °C to 33 °C in the summer months (December–April) while it ranges from 18 °C to 23 °C in the winter months (May–November). Not recommended to go to the east coast of Maurritius in July and August as the winds are the strongest at this time of the year.

Travel Tips

There are a few things to keep in mind while visiting here.

Carry the appropriate documents such as visa and passport.

Check health-related limits so as not to harm yourself while traveling.

Choose the best places to eat and shop according to your needs and desires.

You can indulge in excursion activities to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

One can spend worry-free time in the paradise island of Maurritius.

Currency exchange for a seamless shopping experience and expense control

Some important things need to be carried with you.

Languages ​​that are relevant in this field.

Mauritius Country Geography

This island is famous for its natural beauty. The total land area of ​​the country is 2,040 km or 790 sq mi. It is the 170th largest country in the world by size. The Republic of Maurritius is formed from the island of Mauritius and several outlying islands. The island is surrounded by more than 150 km of white sandy beaches.

The lagoon is protected from the open ocean by the world’s third largest coral reef. which surrounds the island. There are 49 uninhabited islands and islets just off the coast of Mauritius. Many of which have been declared natural reserves for endangered species.

Mauritius Images

Currency & Exchanging Money in Mauritius

The Mauritian Rupee is the only accepted currency in the country. Visa, Mastercard, American Express are all widely accepted here. But you should carry cash as the services are not available in many places. Currency can be exchanged at many places in Mauritius. Banks exchange currency with the booths of various exchange offices. It can be used at ATM.

Nightlife in Mauritius

Let us tell you that the nightlife of Maurritius is underestimated. But this is actually one of the most attractive features here. Where travelers engage with the nightlife and dazzling lights of charming beach clubs, pubs, casinos and lounges. Tourists throng to the upbeat music while enjoying their exotic cocktails and drinks.

Language Of Mauritius

Many languages ​​and many different dialects are spoken in the island. The people of Mauritius communicate with each other, and this makes the island a multilingual country. Most of these people can speak two languages ​​fluently. The languages ​​spoken by one million citizens of the island nation are French, English, Mauritian Creole and other ethnic languages ​​such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Urdu, Marathi and Mandarin. English is the primary language in government administration and in offices, courts and the business sector.

Mauritius Visa Policy For Indians

Indians do not need to apply for a visa in advance to travel to Mauritius. Because at Mauritius airport you can get visa by showing your passport. Which is called Visa on Arrival. Tourists get a visa for 60 days in the form of a passport. Tourists are required to return their Maurritius travel information and passport after 6 months.

Top Places To Visit In Mauritius

Black River Gorges National Park 

Belle Mare Plage Beach

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden


Trou Aux Biches

Le Morne Brabant

Grand Bassin

Champ De Mars Port Louis

La Vanille Crocodile Park

Citadel Fort Adelaide 

Grand Bassin

This high mountain lake at 1800 feet above sea level is a holy Hindu site. He will find a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and the local belief that the water of the lake is the holy water of the Ganges River in India. Mauritian Hindus make pilgrimage here during Maha Shivratri. Here tourists can see the 108 feet statue of Lord Shiva. It was created in 2007. It is a beautiful lake with beautiful view from all around. Do the pilgrimage yourself and enjoy a nice mountain trek.

Black River Gorges National Park 

Until 1994, the Black River Gorges National Park in Mauritius was famous only for hunting wild animals. But this beautiful park was declared a National Park by the President of the country of Maurritius. After that this magnificent park is a wildlife sanctuary. Apart from that it is surrounded by mountains and lakes from all sides. It has easily become an attractive place for tourism.

Belle Mare Plage Beach

Belle Mare Plage beach is surrounded by a very shallow lagoon. This results in calm, clear water that is extremely safe to swim in. Which makes it the ideal family beach for families with kids. The shallow bay also offers a great snorkeling experience. An activity for which the beach is known not only in the eastern part of the island but also throughout Maurritius.

The 10 km long beach offers beautiful pristine sand for a stroll. At the resorts, one can enjoy windsurfing, sailing, relaxing while eating delicious food at the floating restaurant, Barachois.

Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel

Mauritius is globally famous for its beaches. One such extremely curious natural phenomenon is the Seven-Colored Earth or Terrace D7 Coolers. Located in Chamarel, the Terres de 7 Couleurs, or Seven-Colored Earth is famous around the world for an incredibly unique geological formation. A surrounded expanse of multicolored dunes in seven different shades of purple, green, brown, red, yellow, violet and blue, Seven Colors Earth is one of the most visited tourist places in Maurritius.

Citadel Fort Adelaide 

The Citadel Fort Adelaide, an ancient fort included in the list of major tourist destinations of Maurritius, is also included here. Which has historically covered a lot in itself. In this fort, tourists will also get an opportunity to know many things related to the ancient lifestyle. This fort has many years old buildings and chains which connect Mauritius with the colonization.

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden

Popularly known as the Pamplemas Botanical Garden, it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Port Louis. Sir Seevosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden (SSR Botanical Garden) is considered to be the largest Botanical Garden in Maurritius. It is home to an extraordinary variety of plants along with some endemic animals, exotic and rare species. Spread over 37 hectares, the park is home to 85 varieties of palm trees. The pond has huge water lilies along with turtles, deer, fish and many species of birds and bats.

La Vanille Crocodile Park

La Vannille Crocodile Park is a very famous place in Maurritius, which is famous for its museum of turtles. Along with turtles, other creatures are also seen here. Turtle curry is used as a famous dish for tourists in La Vannille Crocodile Park. This forest is very attractive, you can see many animals here.


At 100 meters, it is the highest waterfall in Maurritius. Remember to bring your cameras as there were some amazing shots to be had here. At the top of this impressive sight are a view stairs where you can watch the water crashing down. In addition to your camera, bring a swimsuit if you want to take a dip in the shallow water at the bottom of the falls. The waterfall is located in Black Gorges National Park.

Trou Aux Biches

True Aux Beach is one of the best places to visit in Mauritius. Before many years this place was just a fishing village. But in the present time it is a very beautiful city situated on the banks of the huge beach. The most beautiful thing to do is spend the evening at True Ox Beach. Because it is worth seeing the view here at sunset. Let me tell you that this beach is the most spectacular beach with the least crowd.

How to Reach Mauritius from India

Regular flights are available from the famous IGI Airport located in New Delhi to the Port Louis of Maurritius for travelers to Mauritius from India. With its help, tourists can easily reach Mauritius. We have connecting flights available from all the major international airports in India. Flights are the fastest and easiest mode of transport to reach Maurritius. The distance between Delhi and Mauritius is 2200 kms and it takes 3 hours to reach the destination from either place.

Famous Food In Mauritius

french cuisine

chinese cuisine

Indian food

Dhol Puri


fried noodles

Where To Stay In Mauritius

Shangri-La Le Touessrok 

La Mariposa 

Sands Suites Resort & Spa

LUX* Grand Gaube Resort & Villas         

Pereybere Hotel & Spa

The Residence 

Holiday Inn

LUX* Le Morne Resort

Blue Beryl Guest House

Constance Belle Mare Plage

Mauritius Map

Video of Mauritius Tourism

Interesting Facts

  • The weather here is always pleasant.
  • This country is the only African country where most of the people of Hindu religion live.
  • It is a beautiful country situated in the continent of Africa on the coast of Indian Ocean.
  • The capital of Mauritius, Port Louis is its largest city and port.
  • This country was formed on 12 March 1968.
  • The main agricultural product of Maurritius is sugarcane.
  • Most of the people go here who are newly married.


Q .What is the best time to visit Mauritius? 

May to December (summer)

Q .What is the local food in Mauritius? 

The Mauritian cuisine is the direct reflection of its diverse and vibrant culture.

Q .What is the best way to reach Mauritius? 

The best way to reach Mauritius from India is by air.

Q .How much does a package cost for Mauritius? 

The packages for Mauritius start at INR 14250.

Q .What are the things to do in Mauritius? 

Port Louis, Trou Aux Biches, Belle Mare Plage Beach, Scuba Diving in Maurritius, Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel.


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