Mansa Devi Temple Haridwar History, Architecture, Timing And Entry Fees

Mansa Devi Temple Haridwar is a Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Mansa in Har ki Pauri in the holy city of Haridwar in the state of Uttarakhand. This temple is situated atop Bilva Parvat on the Shivalik hills, the southernmost mountain range of the Himalayas. Temple is also known as Bilwa Teerth and is one of the Panch Teerth of Haridwar. This temple is a very ancient temple.

This temple attracts people from far and near due to its importance. In fact the word ‘manasa’ is a modified form of the word ‘intent’. which means desire. It is said so. That whichever devotee in this temple worships the Goddess with a sincere heart. All his wishes are fulfilled. For that reason, devotees take their vows and visit the Goddess in large numbers.

History of Mansa Devi Temple 

Mansa Devi Temple was built by Maharaja Gopal Singh of Mani Majra between 1811 AD and 1815 AD. The place where the temple is situated is Haridwar. It has a rich history attached to it. Haridwar is one of the oldest centers of pilgrimage in the entire country. Haridwar is one of those four places according to Indian mythology and legends. Where drops of nectar or nectar accidentally fell from that pitcher. 

Which was being carried by the celestial bird Garuda, the vehicle of Lord Vishnu. Another belief associated with the temple is that there are two goddesses Manasa and Chandi who are two forms of Goddess Parvati. are always close to each other, and hence Chandi Mandir can be found near Mansa Devi . Manasa Devi is said to be the daughter of Kashyap and form of Nagmata.

Best Time To Visit Mansa Devi Temple

Haridwar is one such tourist destination. Where the traveler can go at any time. But the best time to visit MansaDevi Temple is from March to June. It is hot at that time. And the hilly area of ​​Haridwar provides coolness. And it is also very convenient to go to the temple by ropeway or on foot. You can go for darshan of Mansa Devi before the cold starts and after the rain.

Mansa Devi Temple Timings And Entry Fee

Talk about opening and closing time of MansaDevi temple. So in summer season the temple remains open from 4.00 AM to 10.00 PM and in winter season from 5.00 AM to 9.00 PM. Talking about the entrance fee of MansaDevi temple, then there is no entry fee for the devotees going to visit Mansa Devi to enter the temple and visit Mata Rani.

Tips For Visiting Mansa Devi Temple

One can buy Prasad from the shops outside the temple.

Beware of pickpockets.

Keep your shoes in the vehicle or deposit it at the stand.

Go early to avoid the crowd.

If you want to stay here, a tourist rest house nearby provides good accommodation.

Standing Langar from Chandigarh Grain Market Association is organized here.

He serves free delicious food to the visitors.

Stay away from the temple priests who want to extort money from the devotees.

Beware of the monkeys around the temple.

Architecture of Mansa Devi Temple

MansaDevi Temple Architecture The temple is mainly composed of the main temple having thirty eight panels of wall paintings with floral designs on the walls and ceiling. In the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, the main deity Mansa Devi is worshiped along with Mata Lakshmi and Maa Saraswati. Built by Maharaja Gopal Singh in the early 19th century, this temple is one of the most famous Shakti temples in North India.

Story of Mansa Devi

Many legends are associated with MansaDevi temple. When Goddess Sati went against her father Daksha and married Lord Shiva. Shortly after their marriage, Daksha organized a yagya. In which he invited all the other gods and goddesses except him to humiliate Shiva. But in spite of that Goddess Sati reaches that yagya. Where he and Shiv ji are respected. Goddess Sati gives up her life by jumping into the same fire pit. When Shiva comes to know about this, he becomes sad and angry. 

And by creating Veerabhadra, he kills Daksha and kills him. After that, Goddess Sati’s dead body starts tandav. Worried about this, Lord Vishnu cuts the dead body of Goddess Sati into pieces with his Sudarshan Chakra. Which go and fall in different parts of the earth. And later, at the places where the body of Goddess Sati fell, Shakti Peeth has been built in her honor. Mansa Devi temple was established where Goddess Sati’s head fell.

Hotels in Haridwar

Pilibhit House, Haridwar – IHCL SeleQtions

Hotel The Ganga Castle

The Haveli Hari Ganga by Leisure Hotels


Ganga Lahari by Leisure Hotels

Hotel Krishna Ji

Hotel Pardesi’s

How To Reach Mansa Devi Temple Panchkul

The nearest airport to Ujjain is Chandigarh International Airport. The Mansa Devi Temple is situated at a distance of 21 kms from Panchkula. Panchkula has its own railway station. Which is called Chandimandir Railway Station. Panchkula is connected to Haryana and all the major cities of India through Chandigarh. That is why it is very easy and comfortable to visit Mansa Devi Temple by traveling by bus or road.

Mansa Devi Temple Map

Video of Shri Mata Mansa Devi Mandir

Interesting Facts

This is a Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Mansa in Har ki Pauri, Haridwar.

Mansa Devi Temple is a Siddha Peeth.

Worshiping in Mansa Devi removes the financial problems of the house.

Here snakes or serpents are worshiped only after worshiping Mansa Devi.

Coconuts, fruits, garlands and incense sticks are also given for the prayers of Goddess Manasa.

Mansa Devi is seated on a lotus and is surrounded by seven snakes.

This temple is spread over an area of ​​about 100 acres.

Every year two Navratri fairs are organized in the temple premises.

Another attraction of the Mansa Devi is the sacred tree around which the devotees tie a thread for their wishes.


Q .Why Mansa Devi is famous?

Apart from being a religious place, it is also famous for its peaceful environment and the surrounding beauty.

Q .Is Mansa Devi a Shakti Peeth?

Yes, It is one of the prominent Shakti Pitha temples of North India.

Q .How many steps are there in Mansa Devi Temple?

150-foot staircase

Q .What is Mansa Devi?

Manasa is a Hindu goddess of snakes.

Q .Which part of Sati fell in Mansa Devi Temple?

front head

Q .How can I visit Mansa Devi?



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