Mangalnath Temple Ujjain History, Timing And Entry Fee

Mangalnath Temple is situated in Ujjain on a hillock on the banks of river Kshipra. This temple is the only temple in the world. Which is dedicated to Lord Mangala. According to Indian astrology, Lord Mangala refers to the planet Mars. Being situated on a hill, Mangal Nath Temple is also known for its beautiful landscapes. This temple is considered to be one of the best places to visit in Ujjain. Ujjain is called the mother of Mars in the Puranas.

It is believed that people who have Mars dosha in their horoscope. He comes to this temple to get Mangalnath worship done for the peace of his malefic planets. If you are searching for the main religious place of Ujjain to visit with your family. So traveling to Mangalnath Temple is the best option for you. So, in this article, we are going to tell complete information related to the recognition, importance, and travel of Mangalnath Temple Ujjain.

History of Mangalnath Temple

The history of the famous Mangalnath temple of Ujjain is considered to be many centuries old. Because it was rebuilt by the Scindia royal family. There are many temples of Lord Mangal in India. But due to his birth place in Ujjain, the worship here has special significance. This temple is centuries old. And the city of Ujjain is called the city of Lord Mahakal, hence the idol of Lord Mangalnath is worshiped here. The place of Lord Mars comes in the Navagrahas.

It is also known by the names ‘Angarka’ and ‘Khuj’. According to Vedic mythology, the planet Mars is a symbol of strength, valor and courage and is considered the protector of religion. Mangal Dev is depicted holding a four-handed trident and a mace. Worshiping Mangal Devta brings peace from the planet Mars. Get rid of debt and get money. Coral is worn as the gemstone of Mars. Mars is considered to be the guardian of the south direction.

Best Time To Visit Mangalnath Temple Ujjain

Talk about the best time to visit Mangalnath Temple Ujjain. So devotees can visit Mangalnath temple at any time of the year. But you also want to visit the main tourist places and temples of Ujjain along with Mangalnath temple. So October to March is the best time. Because at this time the weather of Ujjain is very pleasant. In summer, the temperature of Ujjain reaches high temperature with 45 degree Celsius. Hence it is considered best to visit during winters.

Mangalnath Temple Ujjain Pooja, Timing And Entry Fee

Do Mangalnath worship and recognition of the temple. So the Mangal Nath temple situated on top of a hill in Ujjain is a temple dedicated to Lord Mangala. He is worshiped as Lord Shiva. This temple is the center of attraction for those devotees. One who is afflicted by the dosha of Mars. By conducting Mangalnath Puja in the temple, one gets freedom from the ill effects of Mars. Due to this belief, lakhs of people and newly married couples come to worship throughout the year.

Talking about the darshan of Mangalnath temple, Mangalnath temple opens daily from 4.00 am to 8.00 pm. In the middle of this time, Lord Mangala can come to have darshan and Mangalnath worship. If the entry fee of Mangalnath temple is mentioned, then the devotees do not have to pay any fee for entering the temple and having darshan of Lord Mangala.

Story of Mangal Nath Temple

There is a story related to the birth of this temple in ‘Avantikakhand’ of ‘Skanda Purana’. According to the legend, a demon named Andhakasur got a boon from Lord Shiva. That new demons will continue to be born from the drops of his blood. People stricken by the tyranny of these demons worshiped Shiva. Then there was a fierce battle between Shiva Shambhu and the demon Andhakasur. While fighting with the mighty demon, drops of sweat of Shiva fell on the earth, due to which the earth was torn in two and the planet Mars was born.

All the blood of the demon injured by Shiva’s blows got mixed in this new planet. Due to which the land of Mars turned red. The demon was destroyed. And Shiva separated this new planet from the earth and threw it into the universe. Due to this legend, people whose magazines have a heavy Mars. He comes to this temple for darshan and worship to pacify her. In this temple, Mars has been given the form of Shiva.

Importance of Mangalnath Temple

Importance of Mangalnath Temple. So Mangalnath Temple is a major temple dedicated to Lord Mangala. This temple holds special significance for worshiping the peace of the Navagrahas. The Bhaat Puja that takes place here is also considered very important. There is a strong belief of the devotees who visit here. That by getting the rice worship done in this temple, there is peace of Mars in the horoscope. And all the works of the people suffering from Manglik Dosha are completed smoothly.

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Hotels in Ujjain

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How To Reach Mangalnath Temple Ujjain

Maharani Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport of Indore is the nearest airport to Ujjain to reach Mangalnath Temple Ujjain by flight. It is located 56 km away. After reaching Indore airport by traveling by flight, you can select taxi, bus or cab. Ujjain City Junction, Vikram Nagar and Chintaman (Meter Gauge) have three major railway stations for reaching Mangal Nath Mandir by train. The major bus stations in Ujjain to reach Mangalnath temple by road are Dewas Gate and Nanakheda. Regular bus services are available from major cities of M.P to Ujjain.


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