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Malana, different from all the tourist places in Himachal Pradesh, is a secluded beautiful village in Nala. It is a side valley of Parvati valley. Malana village situated in Kullu district is famous for its strong culture and religious beliefs. This beautiful place is special for that people. Those who seek spiritual guidance. Apart from that this place is an ideal place for all the adventure lovers. Because trekking can also go up to Malana. For adventure lovers, the route to Malana is famous for trekking.

The trekking route to Malana is adorned with lush green deodar vegetation as well as a short view of the Malana Dam. Talking about the temples here, the Madagni temple and the temple of Renuka Devi are considered to be the main attractions. Both these temples are situated close to each other. Gods and Goddesses are worshiped in it. Today we are going to tell the complete information about the history of Malana and visiting here. If you also want to know the information here. So read this article completely.

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History Of Malana Village

The history of Malana village is very old. In ancient times, “Jamlu Rishi” used to live in this village. He made the rules and regulations of this village. The democracy of this village is the oldest democracy in the world. The mention of Jamlu Rishi also comes in the Puranas. The people here are the ancestors of the Aryans. He got his independence during the time of Mughal rule when Akbar had visited here to remove the troubles of the people. Akbar also passed a statement that the people of the village need not pay taxes.

This is a returning village where Akbar is worshipped. The evidence here says that the people of Malana are the descendants of the army of Alexander the Great (Alexander). The most important thing here is that Indian law does not work in this place. It has its own parliament which makes all the decisions. Delhi-based businessman Aryan Sharma adopted Malaana in 2004. Many cultural structures of ancient temples were destroyed by a fire here in January 2008.

Best Time To Visit Malana

Malana is the main tourist destination of Kullu. If travelers want to visit here. So the best time to visit here is from March to June month i.e. summer season. If you want to take part in the adventure activities here. Or want to see snowfall. So winter season is the best. That means it depends on you. What do you want to go here for? But one should avoid going here during the monsoon season as there are chances of landslides in this season.

Culture and Lifestyle of Malana

The people of Malana speak Kanshi language. People’s unwavering faith in democracy is due to their god Jambu. The entire village administration is under him and is followed by the village council. The 11 members of the council are known as the representatives of the Jamblu. There is no involvement of any outside authority here. 

Here the Fagli festival is celebrated in February. In that occasion everyone takes bath. And a group of people wear nothing but cannabis leaves and a devil’s mask. They dance around the houses spreading cow dung. This festival is the procession of Akbar. Another festival Shaun celebrates on 15th August.

History Of Malana Village

Things To Do In Malana Village


Malan is a hill station. Because of that you can do a lot here. A trip to Malaana is considered incomplete without trekking in the beautiful and dense forests here. The trek here takes the tourist through the magnificent valley. And ends in a cascade of sparkling water. These attractive water springs are really worth seeing.

Muzik Cafe

The Muzik Cafe is a cool cafe in Malana. An example of impeccable Himachali hospitality, this serene cafe is situated on a short trek. Comfortable rooms, lovely decor and delicious food are the best points of this place. And if you’re lucky, the bosses can even show you their juggling skills.


Keeping in mind the traditions here. Travelers cannot touch the belongings of the people here without their permission. Because malnis have their own rules. Breaking it could result in a fine. All trade and transactions are done through a link through the earth or the surrounding air. They are kept on the ground. from where it can be picked up.

Major tourist places in and around Malana Village

Manikaran Sahib



Bijli Mahadev Temple

Tirthan Valley

Chandrakhani Pass

Parvati Valley Trek

Kais Dhar

Hanogi Mata Temple

Bhrigu Lake

Vaishno Devi Temple

Naggar In Hindi

Sultanpur Palace

The cream here (ganja, charas) is famous all over the world

Marijuana (Ganja) grown around the village is called ‘Malana Cream’. In 1994 and 1996, the High Times Magazine Cannabis Cup awarded it the title of Best Marijuana. It is cultivated in large quantities in the Parvati Valley. At present, the police and administration are running a massive operation to stop the cultivation of cannabis (cannabis plant). But it is very difficult to stop it. To avoid the police, the villagers are now going towards the dense forests and cultivating it there.

How To Reach Malana Village

Malana is 45 kms from Kullu. The nearest railway station to Kullu is Joginder Nagar. Its distance from here is 123 kms. Joginder Nagar railway station is built on meter gauge line. There are daily trains from Pathankot to here. The nearest airport from Malaana is Bhuntar. He is 40 Km away. There is one flight every day from Delhi to Bhuntar. After reaching Malaana bus stop, you will have to drop your car here. There is no parking here. After this comes Malana village after a tiring track of 3-4 kms.

Malana Map & Location

Video of Malana Village

Interesting Facts

The world’s best marijuana is grown here.

Malaana is one of the oldest democracies in the world.

The entire village of Malaana is administered by a council.

No outsider is allowed to take decisions regarding the matters related here.

Kanashi is a special language and no outsider is allowed to speak it.

Sage Jamadagni freed Malana from the demons.

Police interference is strictly not allowed here.

The people of Malana have to avoid touching the goods without their permission.

Every house in Malaana village is two storeyed.

Conservation of ecological heritage is a fundamental principle.

It is not allowed to nail a tree or light a forest fire here.

Divorce is very common in Malaana.

Here polygamy is allowed for men and divorced women.

Divorce happens from time to time in the village.

The villagers of Malana are believed to be the descendants of Greek soldiers of Alexander’s army.


Q .What is Malana famous for?

Malana is famous for its “Malana Cream”, a product made from cannabis plants which grow in the Parvati valley.

Q .Can we stay in Malana village?


Q .What is the history of Malana village?

The residents of Malana are the descendant of Aryans, and they acquired their independence during the Mughal reign.

Q .Can I eat Malana cream?


Q .Is it worth going to Malana?

Regarded as the Hashish Capital of Himachal, Malana is a secluded society amidst nature and all its bounties.


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