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Majuli Island is the largest river island in the world. It is situated on the Brahmaputra river in the state of Assam. Located 20 km from Jorhat city and 347 km from Guwahati, this island is spread over a total area of ​​1250 sq km. She is famous all over the world for her beauty and culture. It attracts tourists because of it. It is inhabited by tribals. Its culture is unique and quite interesting. This is the reason why tourists like this place very much.

One of the most beautiful places in Assam, Majuli is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. He is presenting a strong claim to beauty. Majuli Island has gained a lot of fame after it was declared as the world’s largest river island in 2016. After which it has earned a lot of name in Indian tourism. If you also want to visit Majuli Island. Or if you want to know about the beautiful and wonderful island, then definitely read the article completely.

History of Majuli Island

The history of Majuli Island dates back to the 16th century. It was known as the cultural capital of Assamese civilization. Sankaradeva, the pioneer of the medieval Neo-Vaishnavism movement, propagated a monotheistic form of Hinduism called Vaishnavism. and founded monasteries and sermons known as satraps on the islet. The island became a major center of Vaishnavism with the establishment of satraps.

Majuli Island was once also known as Ratnapur. It was the capital of the mighty Chutia kingdom. After the arrival of the British, Majuli was under the rule of the British till India got independence in 1947. Recognized as the world’s largest river island after independence in 2016.

Best Time To Visit Majuli Island

Winter season is the best time to visit Majuli Island. The cool temperature and breathtaking showers make the picturesque place beautiful. The temperature is very high during summers. That is why it is good to avoid Majuli. Monsoon time is another good season to visit Majuli. Frequent showers enliven the atmosphere. It makes the atmosphere beautiful. One can visit the island at any time of the year except summer.

Assamese Architectural in Majuli

The architectural style of that time can be seen in the buildings of Majuli. When the king and queen ruled here. Many monuments are preserved because of their significant importance regarding history and architecture. Dakhinpat Satra in Jorhat district is a classic example of Assamese architectural style. Whose gates are decorated with pictures of flowers and animals. The inscriptions of Dakhinpat Satra are adorned in various paintings. Nearby monuments like Tengapaniya are also famous for the Ahom architectural style. Which is popular in Assam.

Activities in Majuli Island

Boat ride

Majuli Island is a beautiful island. Which contains natural beauty in itself. Getting around the island via boating is certainly a fascinating activity. Which is very much liked by the tourists visiting here. Come to visit here with couple or wife. So boating can be a very special moment for you. In which you can spend romantic time with your partner.

Bird watching

Majuli Island is a paradise for word watchers. Where different types of birds can be seen. The climate of Majuli Island is very pleasant and friendly. Because of which all types of indigenous and exotic bird species can be seen here. If you like to do word watching amidst natural beauty. Then you will surely like this place very much.

Other activities

Majuli is one such place. Which is known to grow around 100 different types of rice. In which Komal Saul is the most prominent variety. That is why do not miss to taste this variety of rice on your trip to Majuli. Apart from these, beautiful pottery and handloom items are also available in Majuli which you must buy to make your trip a memorable one.

Places To Visit In Majuli Island

Dakhinpat Satra

One of the places to visit in Majuli island was Dakhinpat Satra, a prominent satrap patronized by the Ahom ruler in ancient times. The satraps have produced many great figures in the cultural field in the state. Due to which this place is a center of attraction for tourists and history lovers. Rasotsav, a major festival of Assam, is celebrated here with great enthusiasm and passion and is attended by tourists from different parts of India.

Kamalabari Satra

Kamalabari is one of the most prominent tourist places of Satra Island. Where tourists must visit in the island trip. Important articles related to art, culture, literature and classical studies are present in this religious site. Those who say that Kamalabari was founded by Bedulpadma Ata. Many cultural programs are also organized here. In which protesters and tourists from different Indian cities are involved.

Auniati Satra

Aunati Satra, famous for Apsara and Palanam dance, is undoubtedly one of the places to visit in Majuli Island. Aunati Satra was first established by an Ahom ruler Sultanla in 1653 AD. Lord Krishna is worshiped in Kshatrapa. Also known as Govinda. This idol was originally brought from Jagannath Puri. Apart from that there is also a wide collection of traditional Assamese utensils, jewelery and handicrafts.


Garamur is one of the royal satraps of the island of Satra. It is considered a major holy site. It was founded by Jayharidev in 1656 AD. The atmosphere of this historical satrap is very sacred. This Vaishnava site located in Majuli has many ancient inscriptions and artifacts. She helps people to get in-depth knowledge about the religious beliefs of the place. Many cultural activities are also organized at this pilgrimage site throughout the year.


Situated on the banks of the Brahmaputra River in the island, Tengpaniya is a great resort and picnic spot. Surrounded by Dhakukhana, Machho and Disangmukh, this beautiful place is a center of attraction for the local people and tourists. After visiting the tourist destination of Majuli, one can relax with family or friends at this beautiful picnic spot. And looking at the river flowing near Tengapania, you can spend time amidst the natural beauty.

Hotels in Majuli | Hotels To Stay At Majuli Island


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SPOT ON 43459 Oasis Lodge

Resort Sunrise Majuli

Kaziranga Golf Resort


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How To Reach Majuli Island

Majuli is a river island. It is surrounded by water on all sides. Therefore, there is no systematic arrangement of roadways, flights or trains in this. The nearest airport to Majuli Island is Jorhat Airport. It is 22 km from the island. Its nearest railway station is also in Jorhat. It is situated at a distance of 20 km from the city. Majuli island is surrounded by water on all four sides. For that reason traveling by waterway or boat is the only option. Ferries are available to take you to the beautiful river island. From where the boats are operated.

Map of Majuli Island

Video of Majuli Island

Interesting Facts

Majuli is the largest river island in the world.

It is situated on the Brahmaputra River in the state of Assam.

The history of Majuli Island dates back to the 16th century.

The island attracts tourists from all over the world with its beauty and culture.

The culture of Majuli is unique and quite interesting.

Majuli is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

It was known as the cultural capital of Assamese civilization.


Q .Why is Majuli Island famous?

It is the world’s largest river island and it attracts tourists from all over the world.

Q .Is Majuli is the biggest island in the world?

This is where the world’s largest island is situated.

Q .Is Majuli worth visiting?

Yes, majuli is a very interesting place

Q .Do people live in Majuli Island?

The island has 144 villages with a population of over 150,000 and a density of 300 individuals per square km.

Q .How do you save Majuli Island?

The only way to reach this island is hopping into a ferry from Neamati Ghat in Jorhat.


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