Madhav National Park

Madhav National Park | Madhav Rashtriya Udyan

In ancient times, it was recognized as a hunting ground for Mughal emperors and Maratha royals. Madhav National Park is a famous national park located in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh state of India. This national park is spread over a land of 354 square kilometers known for its attractions. Tourists come in large numbers to National Park to see the natural beauty, wildlife, flora, fauna and lush green environment found here.

Madhav National Park has seen many royal movements since the time of Emperor Akbar. And it is said that he had caught many elephants from this place in the year 1564. Apart from this, the thrilling activities in National Park include lakes, waterfalls, dense forests and palaces. If you also want information about Madhav Rao National Park, then definitely read our article completely.

History of Madhav National Park 

The history of this beautiful National Park is very old. He used to be related to the Maratha Maharajas of Gwalior. Before that, he had lived under the Mughal emperor. The dense forests of the Madhav Wildlife Sanctuary were used as hunting grounds for the emperors during the reign of the Mughals. It is said so. Large herds of elephants were caught by Emperor Akbar from here. This place was famous as the royal shooting reserve.

The history of Madhav Wildlife Sanctuary reveals this. That in 1916, Lord Hardinge shot eight gardeners in one day. Lord Minto had shot 19 tigers in it. Wild tigers were last seen in the Madhav National Park in the 1970s. But since October 2007, a male and a female tiger have once again started residing here.

Madhav Rashtriya Udyan

Best Time To Visit  Madhav National Park

Tell this to the travelers going on a trip to the beautiful National Park. The best time to visit here is considered to be from October to March. Because in the winter season beautiful dense population of migratory birds are seen in the park. On the contrary, during the summer season the temperature here can reach up to 47 degree Celsius.

Madhav National Park Entry Fees

150 per person for foreign tourists

Entry fee for Indian travelers Rs.15 per person

Rs.25 for carrying the camera inside

200 rupees for video camera

National Park Safari

Morning safaris in the national park are from 6:30 am to 10 am.

The evening safari timings in the park are from 2:30 pm to 6 pm.

Madhav National Park Flora

The vegetation seen in this wildlife sanctuary includes hills, dry and lush mixed forests, grasslands and lakes. It is an ideal place for tourists to see especially avalanches and a variety of flora species. Some of the major flora seen in Sundar Madhav National Park include Dhavada, Khair, Kardhai, Palash and Salai.

Madhav National Park Fauna

This national park is famous for its attractive flora and fauna. The fauna seen here mainly include sambar, hyena, tiger, nilgai, sloth bear, crocodile, chinkara, deer, antelope, leopard, wolf, jackal, fox and wild boar. In addition, the national park is home to bird species such as the white-breasted kingfisher, migratory geese oriole, red-wattled lapwing, large spotted wagtail, pochard, purple sunbird, pintail, white ibis, cormorant, paint stock and lager falcon.

Madhav National Park Photos

Best Places To Visit Near Madhav National Park

Karera Bird Sanctuary Shivpuri

Banganga Shivpuri

Panihar Shivpuri

Shiv Chaturdashi Shivpuri

Chhatri Shivpuri

Sakhya Sagar Lake

Bhadaiya Kund Shivpuri

Madhav Vilas Palace Shivpuri

Famous Food Of Shivpuri 

Travelers can consume many types of food during their visit to Shivpuri tourism. The best places for delicious food in Shivpuri are on Jhansi Road and Circular Road. Chinese food on Jhansi road and vegetarian and non-vegetarian food on circular road. The famous food here includes Kebabs, Corn Kees, Kopra Pak, Malpua along with Punjabi and South Indian dishes.

Where To Stay Near Shivpuri National Park

Accommodation available in the park

Sailing Club Guest House

Tourist Village, Shivpuri

Ladies Club Guest House

Anuj Palace, Shivpuri

Band Stand Guest House

Madhav National Park Images

Places To Visit In Shivpuri

Karera Bird Sanctuary

Karera Bird Sanctuary is a beautiful place located in Shivpuri. It is a joyous destination for ornithologists and bird lovers.


Among the National Park attractions is the old temple located in Banganga Shivpuri. It is famous for 52 sacred pools.

Panihar Shivpuri

Panihar is a beautiful place included in the major tourist places of Shivpuri district. It is located 20 km away from Gwalior.

Shiv Chaturdashi

The festival of Shiv Chaturdashi is celebrated in Shivpuri during February-March. This festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm and pomp by the saints gathered from all over the country.


Chhatris are located in the Mughal Gardens under the rule of Sindhis. Chhatri is one of the major famous monuments of Shivpuri.

Sakhya Sagar Lake

Sakhya Sagar Lake was constructed in 1920 on Maniyar river in Shivpuri district. Tourists get to see a large number of Indian pythons, reptiles, swamp crocodiles and monitor lizards here.

Bhadaiya Kund

The famous Bhadaiya Kund waterfall of Shivpuri is a wonderful sight of natural beauty. Bhadaiya Kund is known for its high mineral content.

Madhav Vilas Palace

Madhav Vilas Palace is a beautiful place and situated in Shivpuri. This grand residence is known as the summer palace of Sindhis.

How To Reach Madhav National Park Shivpuri

Travelers can take flights, trains and buses to reach Madhav Wildlife Sanctuary. The nearest airport to this sanctuary is Gwalior. Jhansi Railway Station is the nearest railway junction to the park. The national park is well connected to all the nearby cities by road. The park is well connected to cities like Jhansi, Gwalior, Rewa, Jabalpur and Shahdol.

Madhav National Park Shivpuri Map

Video of Madhav National Park Travel Guide

Interesting Facts

  • This park is the oldest national park of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Mughal emperor Akbar caught a herd of elephants here while hunting.
  • There are many small ponds in this national park.
  • The city of Shivpuri is the ancestral home of the lineage of Ali Khan.
  • The dense forests, rivers, waterfalls and ponds present here are its natural makeup.


Q .What is famous about Shivpuri? 

Being the summer capital of Scindia of Gwalior, it has a lot of historic importance, supported by palaces and forts.

Q .What is not so good about Shivpuri? 

Shivpuri does not offer luxury hotels.

Q .What is the best time to visit Shivpuri? 

October – March.

Q .What is Madhav National Park famous for?

The Park was the hunting ground of Mughal emperors and Maharaja of Gwalior.

Q .Which river flows in Madhav National Park?

Sindh River 

Q .Where is Shivpuri National Park in India?

Address – Shivpuri – Jhansi Rd, Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh 473551 


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