Lonar Lake History, Mystery, Attractions, Facts, Timing And Entry Fees

Lonar Lake is a very beautiful and mysterious lake located in the Buldhana district of Maharashtra state in India. The Lonar Crater Lake was formed about 52,000 years ago by a meteorite hitting the Earth. This is one of the main features of this beautiful lake. The water of this lake is both saline and alkaline. Because of that there is only one lake not only in India but in the world. Due to these wonders and specialties, the lake has become famous.

Due to this, it also attracts several thousand tourists every year. Apart from that the lake is also listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. If you also want to visit the beautiful lake or tell more information about it. So do read this article completely. Because today we are going to tell information about the secret, history and important things related to LonarLake.

History of Lonar Lake

The history of Lonar Lake remains unclear till date. Apart from this, the lake is first mentioned in ancient texts like Skanda Purana and Padma Purana. If we talk about its origin. So according to the belief, it was formed about 52,000 years ago by the collision of a meteorite on the earth. But this mysterious lake was first discovered by European officer JE Alexander in 1823.

Best Time To Visit Lonar Lake

Tourists can visit the Lonar Crater Lake at any time of the year. But if we tell about the best time to visit LonarLake, then the time between October-March is considered to be the best. The weather during this time is quite pleasant. In which you can fully enjoy the journey of LonarLake. Hot summer and rainy season should be avoided to get a clear view of the surroundings. Because it is a bit difficult to move around at that time.

Lonar Crater Lake Timings And Entry Fee

Talking about the timing of Lonar Crater Lake, the Lonar Crater Lake remains open for 24 hours. That is, you can come to roam here anytime from morning till evening. Apart from this, if we talk about the entry fee of LonarLake, then there is no entry fee for the tourists to visit the lake. One can easily roam here without paying any entry fee. If you also want to visit the lake with friends or family. So you can go.

Lonar Lake Mystery

Located in Buldhana district of Maharashtra state, Lonarlake is in discussion due to its mystery. That mystery has made scientists and tourists think. Not one but two mysteries are associated with the lake. In that, the period of formation and origin of the first lake remains the biggest mystery. It is believed that this lake was formed about 52,000 years ago by a meteorite collision on the earth. Another special thing is this. The water of this lake is both saline and alkaline. Which is no less than a mystery.

Places To Visit Around Lonar Lake

Shri Kamalja Devi Temple

Gomukh Temple

Datia Sudhan Mandir


Vishnu Temple

Hotels in Lonar

Where to stay in LonarLake Tour, if you are searching for hotels to stay in LonarLake Tour. So let us tell you that there are very limited options available around Lonar. Due to this, tourists can choose hotels in the nearest cities of LonarLake to stay in LonarLake. In which you can spend the night.

How To Reach Lonar Lake

LonarLake is located 90 km from Buldhana in Maharashtra. One can reach from any part of India by flight, train or road. The nearest airport to LonarLake is at Aurangabad. It is at a distance of 140 km from the lake. From here one can reach the lake by bus, taxi or car. The nearest major railway station to Lake is located in Aurangabad. LonarLake is well connected by road from Lonar to nearby cities of Maharashtra. You can get to Lonar by private vehicles, taxis or buses running regularly from the cities of Maharashtra.

Lonar Lake Map

Video of Lonar Lake

Interesting Facts

According to scientists, a comet or an asteroid had fallen on this place at a speed of 900,000 km per hour.

The pit of Lonarlake was formed from it.

LonarLake is situated in a basaltic rock.

The lake on which Carter is located is oval in shape.

The Lonar Crater Lake is the best preserved and youngest carter ever carved into a basalt rock.

According to a research paper published in 2010, the estimated age of the lake is 47,000 years.

The average diameter of Lonar Crater Lake is 3900 ft or 1.2 km.

The most prominent reptiles found in the Lonar Crater Lake are the monitor lizards.

Non-symbiotic nitrogen fixing microbes are also found in the lake.

According to studies all microbes are able to live only in alkaline conditions.

The outer zone of the lake is the neutral zone, with a pH level of 7.

The interior of the lake is an alkaline part. Whose pH level is 11.


Q .Why is Lonar Lake famous?

LonarLake is famous for its mystery and origin.

Q .Why the Lonar Lake turned pink?

Lonarlake in Maharashtra’s Buldhana district turned pink due to ‘Haloarchaea’ microbes. 

Q .What is the mystery of Lonar Lake?

This is the Earth’s largest and only hyper-velocity impact crater in basaltic rock.

Q .Is Lonar Lake open today?

Yes, This lake is open 24 hours a day.

Q .Is Lonar worth visiting?


Q .Is Lonar crater worth visiting?



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