Kotagiri Hill Station Tamil Nadu

Kotagiri Hill Station Tamil Nadu

Kotagiri is a very beautiful hill station located in the Nilgiris district of Tamil Nadu state. Because of that tourists come here from all parts of the country. Situated at an altitude of 5882 feet, it is the third largest hill station of the Nilgiris. Earlier this city was used as a coffee plantation. Which covers a vast area of ​​30,000 acres. Kotagiri Hill Station is a perfect place for tourists going on a day trip.

This beautiful hill station, immersed in a vast expanse of tea gardens, lush greenery and hills, is also popular for family vacations and weekend getaways with friends. Kotagiri also offers plenty of opportunities for adventure lovers to enjoy various adventure sports like trekking, camping, climbing and hiking. So let us tell you the complete information about Kotagiri, the largest hill station after Ooty and Coonoor. 

History of Kotagiri Hill Station

The history of Kotagiri is not very old. Because there is no written history of Kotagiri before the British era. The name Kotagiri itself translates as “mountain of Kotas”. It was settled by the ‘Kota’ tribes. The hill station was discovered in 1819 by two civil servants of the Madras government, J.C. Whish and N.W. He had come here in search of a robber. He had told his superiors about this region having a climate similar to Europe. After which this area became a summer resort for most of the British officers.

Kotagiri Hill Station

Best Time To Visit Kotagiri Hill Station

Kotagiri Hill Station is situated at an altitude of approximately 5882 feet. Because of that the weather here is pleasant and comfortable throughout the year. That is why tourists keep coming to visit here throughout the year. But there is such a time between December and March. Which is considered the best to visit Kotagiri. The temperature of Kotagiri during this month ranges from 9°C to 19°C. Which creates a very nice atmosphere.

Activities in Kotagiri Hill Station

Kotagiri Hill Station is one such place. Where there are many such activities for the travelers to do. Those who can enjoy the whole day in happiness. If you come here with your friends and family, then you can enjoy many activities like trekking, camping, word watching, photography. Being one of the famous hill stations of Tamil Nadu, it offers many beautiful trekking trails for trekking, many picturesque places for camping and many mesmerizing views for photography.

Places To Visit In Kotagiri Hill Station

Katherine falls

Katherine Falls is one of the most attractive places situated amidst the lush greenery of Nilgiri Hills. Being the second highest fall of the Nilgiri Hills, Catherine Falls attracts a lot of nature lovers every year. It is a double-cascade waterfall that falls from a height of about 250 feet. This waterfall is also known locally as Geddehara Halla. Katherine Falls is indeed the ideal place to spend time in the lap of nature with your family or friends.

John Sullivan Memorial

John Sullivan was a British officer born in 1788. Who had contributed significantly to the development of the Nilgiri Hills and tea gardens. For this reason, after the death of John Sullivan in 1855, the John Sullivan Memorial was established in his loving memory. The place also serves as the Nilgiris Museum as well as the Nilgiris Documentation Center (NDC). And the John Sullivan Memorial is a famous place to visit in Kotagiri.

Rangasamy Hill

Rangaswamy Peak is a famous tourist spot to visit away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here the lush green mountains, the sound of chirping birds and the peaceful environment will make you forget everything. Situated at an altitude of 1785 meters above sea level, at a distance of 20 km from Kotagiri, this majestic peak is a religious place. Which serves as a sacred place for the Irulas tribe. There is also a holy temple dedicated to Rangasamy on top of the peak.

Kodanad View Point

Kodnad is a beautiful village included in the famous tourist places of Kotagiri. Thengumrahada village offers panoramic views of the Deccan Plateau, Bhavanisagar Reservoir and the beautiful surrounding hills. Because of which it is known as Kodanad View Point. Kodnad is also famous for adventure activities like trekking in which you can trek from Kotagiri to Kodanad. This beautiful place is also a very romantic place for couples.

Elk Falls

One of the best places to visit is the Elk Falls located near Uilathi village on the main road to Mettupalayam, 7 km from Kotagiri. The view of Elk Falls is so amazing and mesmerizing. The view of Elk Falls is more attractive and mesmerizing during the monsoon season. There are many types of colorful flowers around the waterfall. Coming to visit with couple or girlfriend. So this place attracts you very much. Here you can also spend quality time in solitude with family.

Longwood Shola

Longwood Shola, located 3 km from the heart of Kotagiri, is the best place for trekking enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. This attraction is a forest reserve. Which is home to rich wildlife and various endangered species of birds. Which you will be able to see in your visit to Longwood Shola. If you have come here to visit with friends, then you can also go for hiking or trekking. One can see beautiful scenery and wildlife on the way here.

Hotels in Kotagiri Hill Station

Travelers are traveling to Best Tourist Places of Kotagiri with Family, Friends or Couple. And want to know about hotels to stay in your trip. So let us tell you that all budget hotels, lounges and homestay facilities are available in and around Kotagiri. Which you can pick up to stay on the trip. You can choose as per your requirement.


How To Reach Kotagiri

Kotagiri Hill Station Tourists can travel by flight, train and road. Coimbatore Airport is the nearest airport to Kotagiri which is located at a distance of about 70 kms from the hill station. The nearest railway station to Kotagiri is Coonoor, which is about 21 km from the hill town. Kotagiri is a popular hill station that is well connected to several major neighboring cities through a well-organized network of roads.

Map of Kotagiri Hill Station

Video of Kotagiri Hill Station

Interesting Facts

Kotagiri is a beautiful hill station located in the Nilgiris district of the state of Tamil Nadu.

It is the third largest hill station of Nilgiris.

Kotagiri Hill Station is a perfect place for those tourists.

It is the largest hill station in South India after Ooty and Coonoor among the Nilgiri Hills.

Kotagiri or Kothagiri is a taluka and a panchayat town in the Nilgiris district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The hill station is situated at a magnificent height of 1793 meters above sea level.

Kotagiri Hill Station was a summer resort for the British officers.


Q .What Is Famous About Kotagiri Hill Station?

Kotagiri is famous for pleasant weather and calm environment.

Q .Who Should Visit Kotagiri Hill Station?

Tourists can go on vacation with family, weekend with friends and honeymoon with their life partner.

Q .What is Kotagiri famous for?

Pleasant weather, serene atmosphere, mesmerizing views, tea gardens, misty clouds and chilling breeze

Q .Is Kotagiri better than Ooty?

Both are very attractive

Q .What is the best time to visit Kotagiri?

December to March

Q .How far is Kotagiri from Ooty?

31 Kms


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