Jhalrapatan Sun Temple History, Architecture, Timing, Entry Fees

Jhalrapatan Sun Temple is one of the best temples of Jhalawar. Sun temple is a famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Which is known as Padmanabha or Sun Temple. Built in the 10th century, the Sun Temple is 97 feet high. Which is one of the popular religious and tourist places of Jhalawar. The architecture of this temple is similar to the Konark Sun Temple and the Khajuraho Temple. The construction of the temple is like a chariot of the sun.

That makes it more attractive and a unique structure in itself. The peak of Sun temple is built in seven layers. Where the size of the pillars decreases with increasing height, following the seven-storey pillar pattern. In this article, we are going to tell you about Jhalrapatan Sun Temple in detail today. If you also want to know more about him. So do read the article completely.

History of Jhalrapatan Sun Temple 

See the history of Jhalrapatan Sun Temple. So Suntemple of jhalrapatan, one of the ancient temples of Rajasthan, was built by Nag Bhatt II in the 10th century. The temple was renovated in the 16th century and later in the 19th century. According to the inscription, this temple of Jhalrapatan was built by Nagabhatta II in Samvat 872 (9th century). The temple is the peak of Indian architecture and the chariot style of the temple.

Best Time To Visit Jhalrapatan Sun Temple

Jhalrapatan SunTemple Suggest the best time to visit Jhalawar. So travelers want to visit Sun temple in Jhalawar, Rajasthan. So the best time to visit Jhalawar is during the winter months or October-February. Because the weather at that time is very good. Because the nights are cold. Jhalawar being located in a very hot region with dry climate, it is not advisable to travel in summer.

Address – Behind Sun temple, near Badli Chabutra, Mukeri Mohalla, Jhalrapatan, Rajasthan 326023

Jhalrapatan Sun Temple Timing And Entry Fees

Talk about the opening and closing time of Jhalrapatan Sun Temple. So Jhalrapatan SunTemple of Jhalawar is open daily from morning till sunset for the tourists to visit. Tell with him the entry fee of Suntemple of jhalrapatan. So there is no entry fee for the tourists to enter and visit Jhalrapatan Sun Temple. That is, here tourists and devotees can roam in the temple without paying any fee.

Architecture of Jhalrapatan Sun Temple

The architecture of Jhalrapatan Sun Temple is similar to that of Konark Sun Temple and Khajuraho Temple. The construction of the temple is like a chariot of the sun. Seven horses are running in it. The idol of Lord Vishnu is installed inside the temple. There is a pylon gate on three sides to enter the temple. In the middle there is a pavilion which rests on huge pillars. 

The Murtiya temple, carved on three sides of the temple outside the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, is a unique example of architecture. The top of the temple is 97 feet high from the ground floor. The most amazing thing is that the idol of the enshrined sadhu around the temple is so beautiful that this idol is absolutely alive. It seems as if the monk is actually walking.

Tourist Places Near

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Shah’s Tomb

Jhalawar Fort

Gagron Fort

Government museum

How To Reach Jhalrapatan Sun Temple Jhalawar

Travelers can reach Jhalawar Sun Temple by various means or by road, train and air. The nearest airport to Jhalawar is Kota. Which is 82 km from Jhalawar. India can reach Kota airport by traveling from all the cities. Jhalawar is well connected to the major cities of Rajasthan by road. NH 12 connects Jhalawar to major cities of the country. The nearest railway station to Jhalawar is at Ramganj Mandi. It is located 26 kms from Jhalawar. To get there, you can take the help of taxis, cabs or local vehicles from here.


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