Jakhoo Temple History & Information

Jakhoo Temple History & Information

Jakhoo Temple is a major temple located in the city of Shimla in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated on Jakhu hill. This temple is the highest point of Shimla amidst the lush green backdrop of Shivalik hill ranges. Jakhu Temple is an ancient place and its mention is found in many mythological stories. It provides a mysterious and beautiful sight to the tourists. Jakhoo Temple is dedicated to Lord Mahabali Hanuman ji. This site is one of the most visited temples in Shimla. It attracts tourists of all ages and religions along with Hindu pilgrims and devotees.

A big statue of Hanuman ji is situated in this temple. She is visible from all parts of Shimla. The temple is located 2 km away from the ridge in Shimla. The idol of Hanuman ji in Jakhu temple is one of the tallest idols in the country. His height is 33 meters or 108 feet. The big trees in front of this idol also seem to be dwarf. There is a legend about this temple. That Lord Hanuman stayed here to rest before leaving to find Sanjeevani Booti to revive Lakshmana.

History And Mythology of Jakhoo Temple

During the battle between Lord Rama and the demon king Ravana, Lakshmana was injured by the arrow of Ravana’s son Indrajit. Then in order to revive him, Hanuman ji went to the Himalaya Mountains to take Sanjeevani Booti. That Sanjeevani could cure any disease. According to the belief, Hanuman ji was going to take Sanjeevani. Then it stayed at this place for some time. There is a Jakhoo temple there today. It is also said that when Hanuman ji was going to collect the medicinal plant. So here he met the sage ‘Yaku’.

Hanuman ascended the Dronagiri mountain and had promised to meet the sage Yaku on his return. But due to paucity of time and conflict with the demon Kalanemi, Hanuman could not go to the hill. Later sage Yaku built Jakhu temple in honor of Hanuman ji. According to the legend, the temple has the footprints of Hanuman ji here. The monkeys roaming around the temple are said to be the descendants of Hanuman ji. The time of construction of Jakhoo temple is not known. But it is said to belong to the time of Ramayana period.

Jakhoo Temple Image

Best Time To Visit Jakhoo Temple

Shimla city is a great tourist destination for tourists to visit in any season. But Shimla experiences a temperature of 20 degree Celsius during the summer months from March to June. The rainy season during and after July makes it inconvenient to travel due to heavy rains. But the winter months from September to January are pleasant and calm. The weather is quite cold and chilly with occasional snow showers.

Tips For Visiting Jakhoo Temple Shimla 

You do not have to throw garbage here in the temple premises.

Garbage- Use dustbin to not throw garbage.

Sometimes it becomes very difficult to deal with the monkeys here.

The monkeys here are quite famous for snatching things.

For that reason, beware of monkeys and do not take food items in front of them.

To keep the monkeys away, carry a stick in your hand.

The monkeys here accept the food given by the people!

There are many eateries to eat at the Jakhu Temple site.

It is considered good to ring the bell before leaving the temple premises.

Entry Fees, Timing & Time Required To Visit Jakhoo Temple

Jakhoo Temple Darshan is completely free for all traveler and devotees. Talking about the opening time of Jakhoo Temple Shimla, then Jakhu Temple can be visited from 5 in the morning to 12 in the day and then from 4 in the evening to 9 in the night. It may take you around one to two hours to see and have a very good view of the temple. If you also want to visit here. So that much time must be taken out.

Jakhoo Temple Ropeway

The ropeway from the top of the hill to the top of the hill with beautiful views of the Himalayas can be seen well by the cable car. The spectacular gondola ride takes you to a height of 8,054 feet above sea level. It takes only 5 to 6 minutes. Jakhu Ropeway is one of the four major ropeway attractions of the state. Apart from this, there is Solang Nala in Rohtang, Naina Devi in ​​Bilaspur and Timber Trial Ropeway in Solan. A ropeway can carry six people in the cabin. And it is one of the safest ropeway in India. The scenery and beauty of the surrounding are astonishing by the ropeway journey.

Jakhoo Temple Photos

Jakhoo Temple Ropeway Ticket Price & Timing

Ticket prices for ropeway rides here vary by age. It’s free for children under 3 years old. For children of 3 to 12 years, the fee is Rs 200. The cost of a ropeway ticket for adults is Rs.250. Please note that this is a one-way fee only. You can also take a cab to go back down. The ropeway ride to Jakhoo Temple is from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm.

Dussehra Celebrations At Jakhoo Mandir Shimla

Due to this place being dedicated to Lord Hanuman, his festival is celebrated. The festival of Dussehra i.e. Vijayadashami is celebrated with great pomp in the month of October/September at Jakhoo Temple, remembering the heroic feat of Lord Hanuman in the Hindu epic Ramayana. Dussehra is celebrated as the victory of Lord Rama over King Ravana. The festival is considered to remember the heroic feat of Lord Hanuman.

Jakhu Mandir Shimla Near By Famous Tourist Places

Christ Church Shimla

Summer Hill Shimla 

Chail Hill Station Shimla 

Arki Fort Shimla 

Naldehra Shimla 


Shimla State Museum 

The Ridge Shimla 


Mall Road Shimla 


Sri Guru Singh Sabha 


Green Valley Shimla 



Kamna Devi Temple 

Tara Devi Temple

Sankat Mochan Temple


How To Reach Jakhoo Temple Shimla

Jakhoo Temple Situated on the top of the hill, the temple is located 6 km away from the city of Shimla. You can hire a taxi to go to Jakhu Temple. Or take a pony ride. Or one can walk the 2 km picturesque trail up the hill. Ropeway/cable car is also available to reach the temple. By road Jakhu Temple or Shimla is well connected to many major cities of the country. National Highway 22 connects Shimla with Chandigarh.Shimla has a small railway station. Which is just 1 km away from the city. Jubarhati is the nearest airport, 23 km away from Shimla. There are many flights available from Chandigarh and Delhi.

Jakhoo Temple Shimla Map & Location

Video of Jakhoo Temple

Interesting Facts

This Hanuman temple located in Shimla is a very famous temple.

Whatever wishes the devotees ask with a sincere heart in the temple, they get fulfilled very quickly.

Jakhu Temple is one of the major religious places of Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh.

This temple is dedicated to Hanuman, an exclusive devotee of Lord Shri Ram.

Jakhu Temple is situated on Jakhu hill at an altitude of 8048 feet above sea level.

It offers a beautiful and panoramic view of the snowy peaks, valleys and the city of Shimla.

There is also a huge statue of Hanuman ji in Jakhu temple, whose height is 108 feet.

Various trekking and mountaineering activities are organized by the state government on the hill.


Q .Why is Jakhu temple famous?

Situated atop Jakhu Hill, Jakhu Temple is a popular tourist destination dedicated to Lord Hanuman.

Q .Who built Jakhoo Temple?

The date of construction of Jakhu temple is not known but it is said to be from the time of Ramayana period.

Q .How many steps are there in Jakhu temple?

200 steps

Q .How do you get to Jakhu temple?

The best way to reach Jakhoo Temple is to walk the 2kms path from the Church to the Temple.

Q .Can we take car to Jakhu Temple?



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