Idukki Dam History, Construction, Attractions, Timing And Entry Fees

Idukki Dam is the first arch dam in India located in the state of Kerala. Which is built on the Periyar river in Kerala. The Idukki Arch Dam is a double curvature arch dam. Which is built between two hills named Kurawati and Kuravan. The Idukki Arch Dam with a height of 550 feet is one of the tallest arch dams in Asia. The dam was constructed along with two dams at Cheruthoni and Kulamvu. The three dams have combined to form an artificial lake. It is spread over an area of ​​23 square miles.

Built on granite hills, this dam plays an important role in the tourism of Kerala state along with generating electricity. Because it attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is famous for its pleasant environment, activities and beautiful surroundings. If you also want to visit Idukki Arch Dam or know more about it. So stay connected with our article because we are going to tell all the information about it.

History of Idukki Dam

The project for the construction of the Idukki Arch Dam was proposed by an Italian engineer to the Government of Travancore in 1919. W.J.John submitted a report in 1932 with a proposal to build a dam and hydro-electric power plant. But it was only after 1956 that the detailed proposal and a project report were prepared. The project was approved by the Planning Commission in 1963.

After that in 1969 the dam work was done by C.V. Mathews’ supervision and leadership. He was the Chief Engineer of the Electricity Board. Its construction was completed in 1973. After which the trial run was done on October 4, 1975. The Idukki Arch Dam became commercially operational after its inauguration on February 12, 1976 by the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi.

Best Time To Visit Idukki Arch Dam

Tourists can visit the Idukki Arch Dame at any time of the year. But talk about the best time to visit Idukki Arch Dam. So that happens during winter. He can visit the pleasant weather dam and nearby tourist places. Apart from this, you want to see the Dame with complete indignation. So you can visit Idukki Arch Dame during monsoon season. But this time is not ideal for traveling and other activities.

Tips For Visiting Idukki Arch Dam

Photography is not allowed here while visiting Idukki Arch Dame.

No electronic items are allowed inside the dam.

There are limited parking slots available.

If you come here to visit, do not go inside the reservoir.

Be careful while walking around the dam because sometimes fatal accidents happen.

Idukki Arch Dam Timings And Entry Fee

Talking about the timing of Idukki Arch Dam, it is open for visiting from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. If you tell about the entry fee of IdukkiDam, then the entry fee is Rs 25 and there is a fee of Rs 125 for boating. By paying which you can easily visit Arch Dam.

Construction of Idukki Arch Dam

The IdukkiDam is constructed on the Periyar River between two granite mountains named Kauravathimala and Kuravanmala. The length of the dam is 365 meters. It is 7 m wide at the top and 20 m wide at the bottom. The reservoir has a capacity of over 2,000 million cubic metres. In this water is sent to Mulamattom power house through conductor system. It has tunnels and underground pressure shafts. Six units of turbines with a capacity of 130 MW are installed in the powerhouse. Which generates 780 MW of electricity. The dam is located in Idukki district and the power station has been built at Moolakotam, 44 km away from the dam.

Attractions And Things To Do At Idukki Arch Dam


IdukkiDame is famous for nearby attractions as well as activities. It is the center of attraction for the tourists visiting here. If you come here with family or friends, then you can take a boat ride in the reservoir of the dam. Which starts from Kulluva Dam and runs for 3 hours till it ends at Cheruthoni Dam. One can spot birds and animal species like deer, elephant during the boat ride on the banks of the ghat. In the evening, you can see the amazing views of the sunset on the ride. Which you can do mobile or camera.


Cheruthoni Dam

Cheruthoni Dam is located just one kilometer away from IdukkiDam. It is a gravity dam of concrete. Which is the highest and largest dam in Kerala. The sunrise and sunset views from this dam are quite breathtaking, which are often visited by tourists visiting the Dam IdukkiDam.

Kulmuwa Dam

Kulumuva Dam is located at a distance of about 30 kms from Idukki Arch Dam. It is also a gravity dam which is quite famous for activities like boating, trekking and word watching.

Hill View Park

Hill View Park is a beautiful park situated on top of a hill 360 feet above IdukkiDam. It provides breathtaking views of Idukki and Cherthony Dam. The garden has a children’s play area, a pond, herbal garden and a government-run guest house for accommodation. Where you can stay during your journey.

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is located a few kilometers away from the dam. It is surrounded by a lake formed by three dams. The tropical evergreen is spread over an area of ​​78 square kilometer with dense forest. This sanctuary is home to snakes, bison, deer, elephants and a variety of birds. Which tourists can easily see freely roaming here.

Hotels In Idukki Arch Dam

Kgees – Hill Town Hotel

Peakaavu Cottages

Rexon Residency

Sixth Star Inn                    

Wind Valley Homestay


Skyrock Inn

Best Mist

Laurel Heights Resort Idukki

How To Reach Idukki Dam

IdukkiDam is connected by road to all the cities of Kerala. That is why one can easily reach the dam by bus, taxi or private car. Private buses as well as regular state owned bus services are available to reach the dam. Cochin International Airport is the nearest airport to IdukkiDam. It is located 112 km away from the dam. Kottayam Railway Station is the nearest railway station to IdukkiDam. It is situated at a distance of 110 km.

Idukki Arch Dam Map

Video of Idukki Dam

Interesting Facts

This dam is built between Kurawati and Kuravan hills.

IdukkiDam is the first arch dam in India located in Kerala.

This is the first arch dam in India located in Kerala.

The IdukkiDam with a height of 550 feet is one of the tallest arch dams in Asia.

It has 6 turbines of 130 MW each.

The dam was constructed along with two dams at Cheruthoni and Kulamvu.

This dam is playing an important role in the tourism of Kerala state along with electricity generation.

Dam is famous for its pleasant environment, activities and beautiful surroundings.

The Arch Dam is built on the Pariyar River.

The height of the dam is 168.91 meters (554 ft) and the length is 365.85 meters (1,200 ft).

Construction of IdukkiDam started in 1969 and was completed in 1973.

The total capacity of the reservoir of IdukkiDam is 5.55 sq km.

The IdukkiDam has 780 MW of power generation.


Q .Why Idukki dam is famous?

Dam is famous for its pleasant environment, activities and beautiful surroundings.

Q .Which is Kerala’s biggest dam?

Malampuzha Dam

Q .What will happen if Idukki dam collapse?

If they fail to control the water, nine dams below Periyar will break and floods will sweep through four districts of Kerala and the port city of Kochi, affecting three million people before merging with Arabia.

Q .Who constructed Idukki dam?

Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB)

Q .Is Idukki dam largest in Asia?

At 168.91 metres (554.2 ft) it is one of the highest arch dams in Asia.

Q .How old is Idukki dam?

53 year old 


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