Honolulu Tourism

Honolulu Tourism | Places To Visit In Honolulu

Honolulu, on the island off the south coast of Oahu, is the capital of Hawaii and the capital of the U.S. The island is the gateway to the chain. Honolulu is the most populous city. Which is famous for shopping. Honolulu has a very famous beach. Which looks like a half moon. The Waikiki neighborhood is its hub for dining, nightlife, and shopping. It is famous for its iconic crescent shaped beach. It is adorned with palms and high-rise hotels. This is known as the Occitan County Division (CCD). At the distance of which is the volcano Diamond Head Crater.

Sites related to the World War II attack on Pearl Harbor include the USS Arizona Memorial. It is also a major center of international trade and military defence. Which is the main entrance to Hawaii. Famous for a diverse variety of East-West and Pacific culture, cuisine, and traditions. This place is very popular among tourists for the beauty of Honolulu, sea beach, natural beauty and water related activities. There are many attractive places and interesting views to entice tourists here.

History of Honolulu

Honolulu was once a settlement which is now a very large city. Hawaii has become the capital of the province. The history of Honolulu dates back to 1737. Honolulu means sheltered port or quiet port. The old name is said to be Kou when Kamehameha conquered Oahu in the Battle of Nuanu Pali. In 1809, Kamehameha separated Honolulu from the island of Hanoi. Captain William Brown of England was the first foreigner to sail in Honolulu Harbor during 1794.

After this Honolulu became a major port of trade between America and Asia. From where the merchant ships departed. In 1941 there was a Japanese attack on Honolulu. That was terrible. After that, the city has become very famous in the present time and is touching the heights of development. The city and county seat of the County of Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, is a major center for international trade, military defence.

Honolulu Photos

Best Time To Visit Honolulu

By the way, any time to visit here is Saket. But the best time to visit Honolulu is September-November. Because the temperature here is cold in that season. Due to this the prices of hotel rooms are cheap. Airline prices are also lower. This time of year is the best for surfers. Because the water level is perfect for surfing during this time of year.

Best Places To Visit In Honolulu

Uss Arizona Memorial

Diamond Head State Monument

Scuba And Snorkeling

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

Waikiki Beach

Shangri La Museum

Iolani Palace

Koko Crater Railway Trail 

Pearl Harbor

Museum Of Art

Honolulu Visa Policy For Indians

It is necessary for Indian travelers to get a US visa to go here. To get his visa, Indian travelers have to pay their identity card, visa application form and fee. Indians can also fill the visa form online. And fill it offline and submit it at your nearest embassy. After getting a visa, an Indian can stay in Honoolulu for a maximum of 60 days through it.

Places To Visit In Honolulu

Currency & Exchanging Money in Honolulu

Here currency exchange is available at airports and banks. All of its major cards are accepted in Honoluulu. This city is the most expensive city in Oahu. Thus you are advised to carry as many credit cards as possible. There are many ATM machines around the city. The transaction fee for each international transaction is very high. Credit cards can be used for major purchases even for the smallest things.

Language & Religion

Let us tell you that only 39.30% of the total population of the city are religious. Out of that 18.26% people follow Christianity. But many of them follow LDS, Baptist, Episcopalian, Pentecostal and Lutheran religions. The main language here is English. And the people here speak the Hawaiian Pigeon language. But a large number of tourists come to the city. So because of that the people here speak many types of languages.

Nightlife in Honolulu

After visiting this beautiful city during the day, tourists can also enjoy the night life here at night. Because there are many bars and clubs in the city. Which organizes exciting programs in the night. It includes karaoke, DJ nights and private parties. Hard Rock Cafe, Mai Tai Bar, Rum Fire, High & Rye Comedy Night and Snapper Sports Bar and Grill are famous for it.

Honolulu Images

Honolulu Tourism

Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is a National Historic Landmark of Hawaii. Which is the largest natural port of Hawaii.

Museum Of Art

The only museum in Honoluulu that has a collection of artists from Asia, Europe and America.

Scuba And Snorkeling

Here you get a chance to participate in various activities. Snorkelling by scuba diving in it is very much liked by the tourists.

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve

The Hanuma Bay Nature Preserve is a very popular tourist spot, 18 km from the city. 

Uss Arizona Memorial

As an ancient monument, you can visit the USS Arizona Memorial. It was built in memory of Silor and Marines during 7th December 1941. 

Diamond Head State Monument

There was a volcanic eruption at this place many years ago. This volcanic tuff cone is a very unique tuff cone of the Hawaiian Islands.

Iolani Palace

The Iolani Palace is a very impressive building built by King Kalakaua in 1882.

Koko Crater Railway Trail 

One must visit the Coco Crater Railway Trail with the help of a local guide. 

Waikiki Beach

One of the major sightseeing spots here is Waikiki Beach, Honoluulu’s most famous beach. 

Shangri La Museum

The places to visit here include Shangri-La Museum. The Shangri-La Museum houses a collection of Islamic artefacts.

Where To Stay In Honolulu

Ramada Plaza by Wyndham Waikiki

Hilton Garden Inn Waikiki Beach

Queen Kapiolani Hotel

Aqua Oasis             

Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort

Imperial Hawaii Resort

Alohilani Resort Waikiki Beach

Ala Moana Hotel – Resort Fee Included

Waikiki Resort Hotel

Hyatt Place Waikiki Beach

How To Reach Honolulu From India

The best and best option for traveling to Honolulu is by air. If you want to travel from India to Honolulu. So tourists from airports like Mumbai and Delhi can fly to Honoolulu International Airport. It is the main airport of the state. The Inter-Island Terminal is the home base of Hawaiian Airlines. which provides local service to other Hawaiian islands.

Honolulu Map

Video of Honolulu Travel Guide

Interesting Facts

  • Actress Nicole Kidman was born in Honolulu.
  • The capital of Hawaii, Honoluluu, is the most vibrant city on Oahu.
  • Honolulu was named the number 3 happiest city by Forbes magazine.
  • The city is home to historical sites, popular shopping centers, arts and culture scenes.
  • The city is also the main gateway to Hawaii and the port of America.
  • It is a crime to keep more than 15 cats or dogs here.
  • There are over 30 Buddhist temples in Honoluulu.
  • America’s famous and great President Barack Obama was born here.


Q .What is the best time to visit Honolulu? 


Q .What is the local food in Honolulu? 

Traditional food such as Poi, Laulau, Kalua Pig.

Q .What is the best way to reach Honolulu? 

By air

Q .What is Honolulu known for?

Is known for being Hawaii’s gateway to the world, best known for its tropical climate, fantastic surfing destinations, paradise-like scenery, and golden beaches.

Q .In which country is Honolulu?

Hawaii, U.S.


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