Harsiddhi Mata Temple Ujjain History, Architecture And Timings

Harsiddhi Mata temple is situated at a distance of 350 meters from the famous Mahakaleshwar temple of Ujjain. Harsiddhi Mata Temple is one of the 51 major Shaktipeeths of India. Ujjain remains the center of faith for the devotees coming. The Harsiddhi temple was built during the Maratha period. In which the main deity of the temple, the idol of Annapurna is installed in dark red color between the idols of Mahasaraswati and Mahalakshmi. For more information about Maa Harsiddhi Temple and its details, definitely read our article completely.

History of Harsiddhi Mata Temple

The temple site of Harsiddhi Mata, the family deity of King Vikramaditya, was the Tapobhoomi of Emperor Vikramaditya. About 48 km from Porbandar in Gujarat, near the original Dwarka is the village of Mian on the bank of the sea bay. Where there is a temple of Harsiddhi Mata under the steps of the mountain across the bay. It is believed that Emperor Vikramaditya had brought Harsiddhi Mata to Ujjain.

Emperor Vikramaditya asked Harsiddhi Mata to go to Ujjain, then Goddess Harsiddhi Mata told Vikramaditya. That I will stay in your city at night but in this place during the day. Therefore it is believed that the mother resides in Gujarat during the day and Ujjain city of MP in the night. Harsiddhi Mata is the Kuldevi of the Parmar dynasty kings.

Best Time To Visit Harsiddhi Mata Temple Ujjain

Devotees can visit Maa Harsiddhi Mata Temple at any time of the year. But if you want to visit the major tourist places and temples of Ujjain along with Harsiddhi Mata Temple. So October to March is the best time for him to visit Ujjain. Because at this time the weather of Ujjain is very pleasant. In summer the temperature of Ujjain reaches comparatively high temperature with 45 degree Celsius like other parts of Madhya Pradesh. So it is best to visit in winters.

Stories Harsiddhi Mata Temple

When two demons named Chand and Mund had created a great terror and once both of them planned to capture Kailash and they both reached Kailash. At that time Mata Parvati and Lord Shankar were engrossed in gaming and no one could go near them. But when both Chand and Mund started entering inside by force, the Nandis standing at the door stopped them from going inside. Then both the demons injured Nandigan with their weapons.

When Shiva came to know about this, he meditated on Mother Chandidevi and the goddess killed both the demons immediately after getting permission from Shiva. Pleased with that matter, Shiva said happily – O Chandi, you have killed the wicked. That’s why I give this boon that your name will be famous in all the three worlds by the name Harsiddhi and since then Mother Harsiddhi Mata resides here.

Harsiddhi Mata Temple Timings And Entrance fees

Talking about Harsiddhi Mata Temple Timings, this famous temple is open from 5.00 am to 7.00 pm. You can go for Harsiddhi Mata Darshan anytime in the middle of this time. There is no entry fee for the devotees for the darshan and entry of Harsiddhi Mata in the entry fee of Harsiddhi Mata Temple. Here you can have darshan of Mata without paying any fee. Tell the timing of Harsiddhi Mata Aarti. So Morning Aarti is from 7.00 AM to 8.00 PM and evening Aarti is from 6.00 AM to 7.00 PM.

Emperor Vikramaditya’s Sacrifice

Emperor Vikramaditya ruled for 135 years. The emperor used to sacrifice himself by beheading his own hands once in every 12th year to please the goddess. But by the grace of the mother, he used to get a new head again. He used to do this once in every 12 years. When he did this for the 12th time his head did not come back and thus his life ended and people understood that his rule was over. Even today, in one corner of the temple, 11 vermilion-covered heads are kept. It is said that he is the ‘head of Vikramaditya’.

Architecture of Harsiddhi Mata Temple

There are 4 entrances inside the boundary wall of Harsiddhi temple. The main entrance of the temple is towards the east. There are beautiful bungalows at the entrance. There is a stepwell in the south-east angle near the bungalow, inside which there is a pillar. Here is the place made of Shree Yantra. Behind this place is a beautiful statue of Bhagwati Annapurna. Near the east gate of the temple is the Saptsagar (Rudrasagar) pond which is also known as Rudrasagar. This beautiful temple is built amidst strong stone walls all around on the picturesque banks of Rudrasagar pond.

There are two big lamp-pillars standing right in front of this temple. Every year, during Navratri, lamp garlands are placed on them for 5 days. Behind the temple is the ancient Siddha place of Agasteshwar who is a devotee of Mahakaleshwar. The Simhastha of the temple has been renovated since 2004. These Deep Pillars are about 51 feet high. There are 1 thousand 11 lamps including both the lamp pillars. It is believed that these lamp pillars were established by King Vikramaditya. These Deep Pillars are more than 2 thousand years old.

Tourist places of Ujjain

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  • Mahakaleshwar Temple
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  • Shani Mandir

Hotels in Ujjain

Shanti Guest House

Hotel Mj

Mansarovar Guesthouse

Hotel Shipra Avenue

Hotel Rameshwaram

How To Reach Harsiddhi Mata Temple Ujjain

Maharani Ahilya Bai Holkar Airport of Indore is the nearest airport to Ujjain to visit Har Siddhi Mata Mandir Ujjain. It is situated at a distance of 56 km from Ujjain. There are mainly three major railway stations in the city of Ujjain including Ujjain City Junction, Vikram Nagar and Chintaman (Meter Gauge). Want to go to Ujjain by bus or road. So the major bus stations in Ujjain are Dewas Gate and Nanakheda. Regular bus services are available from major cities of MP to Ujjain. You can travel to Harshidhi Shaktipeeth Ujjain by private vehicle.


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