Haji Ali Dargah Worli (Mumbai) Timings, History And Entry Fee

Haji Ali Dargah is a famous mosque situated on a small island near the Worli coast of Mumbai. It was built in 1431 in the memory of a prosperous Muslim merchant, Sayyid Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. Who had renounced all his worldly attachments before traveling to Mecca. The HajiAli Dargah, dedicated to the Muslim saint Pir Hazrat Haji Ali Shah Bukhari, is one of the major pilgrimage sites of Islam in India. Dargah Haji Ali is an Islamic pilgrimage site in Mumbai.

It is visited by thousands of pilgrims regardless of their religions. According to a record, more than 40,000 pilgrims visit this temple every year to offer chadar and pray sincerely. HajiAli Dargah has separate prayer rooms for women and children as per Islamic customs. If you also want to visit HajiAli Dargah and know more about it. So do read this article completely.

History of Haji Ali Dargah

History of Haji Ali Sayyid Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari, a 15th-century Sufi saint, was a wealthy merchant from Uzbekistan. He had renounced his wealth before starting his spiritual journey to Mecca. According to his wishes, HajiAli Dargah was built in 1431. After the Haji Ali Dargah Trust took over the management in 1916, the structure was renovated. A three-storey building was constructed on the campus in 1980 with a single entrance. A lot of redevelopment and restoration was done on the mosque and dargah in 1964.

 Best Time To Visit Haji Ali Dargah Mumbai 

Talk about the best time to visit Haji Ali Dargah. So by the way, travelers can visit HajiAli Dargah at any time of the year. But if Haji Ali is also going to visit other tourist places of Mumbai along with Dargah. So the best time for it is from October to February. The weather is pleasant during winters. It is neither very hot nor does the city receive frequent rainfall.

Haji Ali Dargah Timings And Entry fees

Talk about opening hours of Haji Ali Dargah. So let us tell you that HajiAli Dargah is open daily from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm for tourists and Muslim devotees visiting here. And tell the entry fee of HajiAli Dargah. So tell the tourists visiting HajiAli Dargah that there is no fee for entering or visiting HajiAli Dargah. Here you can roam in the dargah without any charges.

Tips for Visiting Peer Haji Ali Dargah

  • It is important to follow some tips to visit HajiAli Dargah.
  • It is a religious place, so wear proper clothes and visit the dargah.
  • Respect the environment around the Dargah.
  • Don’t create any confusion here.
  • Cover your head before entering the dargah.

Architecture of Haji Ali Dargah

See the architecture of Haji Ali Dargah. So the whole building of HajiAli Dargah with white colored domes and minarets depicts Indo-Muslim or Mughal architecture. The height of HajiAli Dargah is 85 feet. It is spread over an area of ​​4,500 square metres. Constructed of shiny white marble, the mosque has a central dome. Which flows through four small spires at the four corners.

The present building consists of two storeys containing Sant Haji Ali, a qawwal Khana, and women’s resting places. But the tomb of Saint Haji Ali is situated in the center of the pilgrimage. Which is covered with red and green cloth, also known as ‘chadar’. Surrounding the tomb is an innumerable colored glass work. In which the nine names of Allah are spelled.


There is a mysterious story associated with HajiAli Dargah. According to the legends Sayyid Peer Haji Ali Bukhari once saw a poor woman crying while holding empty utensils on the road. On being asked by Haji Ali, she told that she had spilled the oil which she was about to take home. And now she fears that her husband will punish her. It is said that after which Haji Ali squeezed that fallen oil from the earth. Due to which the woman became happy and happily went home.

After giving back the oil spilled on the earth, he realized that he had injured the earth. Because of that he decided to travel to India and stay here to preach about Allah and Islam. From that time till the end of his life, Haji Ali devoted his life to spreading the knowledge of Allah. Before dying, he asked the followers to leave his shroud in the sea. Later Haji Ali’s Dargah was built here.

Qawalli at Haji Ali 

One way of offering prayers to Allah in the Dargah is through the medium of Qawwali. She is sung with great enthusiasm by Muslim followers. HajiAli Dargah has hall for qawwalis. And together a large number of Muslim people gather for Qawwali. If you are about to visit Haji Ali Dagah. So you too participate in the Qawwali session. Because it can be the wonderful experience of your lifetime.

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How To Reach Haji Ali Dargah

Tourists can travel to Haji Ali Dargah by flight, train or road. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport located in Mumbai is the main international airport of the country. Flights are available for him from all airports in India. The nearest railway station to the Dargah is Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station. It is at a distance of 6 km from the Dargah. This railway station is well connected to the cities of India. Mumbai has very good road connectivity with all parts of the country. Asiad Bus Service is a bus terminal located on Dadar Road from where buses are operated regularly.


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