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Garden Of Five Senses Delhi | Five Sense Garden

Garden Of Five Senses is located in Saeed-ul-Ajaib in the city of Delhi. He delights travelers of all ages with his charm. The park spread over 20 acres of land is the main attraction of Delhi tourism. Let us tell you that the garden has been named as Garden of Five Senses. Because it gives a soothing experience to all the five senses. The garden was inaugurated in 2003. And after that it has become a popular tourist destination of Delhi.

This park is full of natural scenery and beauty. Apart from this, tourists can see more than 25 clay and rock crafts among more than 200 varieties of attractive and fragrant plants in the park. This park is a very serene and enchanting place made for the satisfaction of form, colour, smell, sound and taste. Because of that, it is quite popular among the couples. If you also want to know about The Garden. So be sure to read the article completely.

Best Time To Visit Garden Of Five Senses

The best time to visit Garden of Five Senses is from February onwards. Please check online before you are told. You should go after that. In that season the place hosts a festival of breathtaking flowers. Because it is spring season. At that time some wild and exotic breeds are in full bloom. That’s why it’s a thrilling experience. Apart from this, the weather of Delhi city is also good in the month of February.

Garden Of Five Senses Delhi

Tips For Visiting Garden of Five Senses

Here the ID proof should be kept with you for the ticket counter.

There should be no garbage in the park.

Wear light and comfortable clothes while traveling.

The park is plastic free, it is necessary to use dustbin.

A camera or mobile phone is a must.

Cameras are allowed in this park.

Do not wear high-heeled shoes, as one cannot walk long by wearing them.

Garden Of Five Senses Delhi Timings

9 am to 7 pm in the month of April to September

9 am to 6 pm in the month of October to March

Garden Of Five Senses Delhi Entry Fee

Entry fee for youth is Rs 30 per person

Free entry for the disabled

Entry fee for children Rs.5 per person (up to 12 years of age)

Entry fee per person for senior citizens Rs.10

Five Sense Garden

Architecture Of Garden Of Five Senses

Here two huge sculptures of ascending birds carved in stainless steel welcome people into the garden. There is a huge field in front of him. It is set on a rocky ramp. This garden is divided into several parts. To the right of the spiral staircase is the Khas Bagh. This small piece of garden is inspired by the Mughal Char Bagh style. It has lush green lawns in four fold style. There are water tanks and free flowing springs of water. To enhance the ideal, the edges are decorated with small shrubs and vibrant flowers.

There are many fountains in the central axis. Its main attraction is the fountain tree statue. It is a fountain cum tree illuminated with fiberoptic lighting. On the other side of the spiral walk away is the ready food court. He serves extremely delicious food. He sells knick-knacks and souvenirs. Another path through the winding paths of the garden takes you to Neel Bagh. There is a mesmerizing pool and a colorful combination of climbers and seasonal flowers.

Here one can see an elaborate decoration of overhead wind chimes on the trees. The serene music here soothes your senses. In its depths you will see the beauty of various colorful flower species and shrubs. The vast area is adorned with a wide variety of rare and endangered species of flowering plants imported from far and wide. Nestled amidst trees and dense forest is this lovely amphitheater with stone seats and grassy stairs.

Nature Walk At Garden Of Five Senses

The garden’s management organizes guided tours, nature walks. The introduction and description of trees is given in the walk. It then moves on to the attractive Mughal designs, especially the boundary walls and the dome-shaped office. Take this walk to admire the alluring beauty of this park. And it ends with learning about the innumerable flower species that grow there.

How To Reach Garden Of Five Senses Delhi

If tourists are going to Garden of Five Senses. So one can easily reach through Delhi operated metro and state operated buses. The nearest metro station to Garden is Saket Metro. It is located on the yellow line. This garden is 3 km away from this metro. Rickshaw can be hired after reaching the metro station. Or you can go for a walk. Apart from this, you can also book taxis for a comfortable journey.

Garden Of Five Senses Delhi Map & Location

Video of Five Sense Garden Travel Guide

Interesting Facts

Garden of Five Sense is also called the most attractive picnic spot in Delhi.

The splendid skill of artistry is displayed here.

This garden was inaugurated in February-2003.

It has beautifully carved lawns, decorated with fountains and sculptures.

Many colorful, unique sculptures, compositions made from terracotta give a special look to the garden.

Garden of Five Senses is a theme based park.

The park is located in Saidul Ajaib village, near Mehrauli.

The Garden of Five Senses is a garden spread over 20 acres.


Q .Is Garden of Five Senses free?

Adults 35, Children and Senior Citizens Rs.15

Q .Why is the Garden of Five Senses famous?

The garden is designed to stimulate our five senses with its beauty and attractions and give us a chance to touch, smell, hear and see our natural surroundings. 

Q .Is Garden of Five Senses for family?


Q .Is food allowed in Garden of Five Senses?


Q .Why is it called Garden of Five Senses?

As the name suggests, the garden is meant to enhance and delight all the five senses – such as smell, sight, sound, taste and touch.


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