Deoria Tal Trekking, Camping, Mythological Stories, Timing And Entry Fees

Deoria Tal is situated on the Ukhimath-Gopeshwar road in Devprayag district. Situated at an altitude of 2387 meters above sea level, Deoria Tal is surrounded by snow-capped mountains and lush green plains from all sides. And Chopta is an important part of the trek. It is a reflection of Chaukhamba Peak, another attraction of the lake. Because it is worth seeing. It is a great experience in a trip to Deoria Taal. In it, tourists can also see the beautiful views of the whole village from close quarters.

Experiencing the lake in Chopta early in the morning amidst the snow-capped mountains is one of the most memorable experiences of life. If you want to do trekking and camping. So Deoria Tal is a perfect place for overnight camping and jungle trekking. Travelers can enjoy visiting this peaceful place with their friends or family. Today in this article we are going to tell you the complete information about the journey of Deoria Taal.

Mythological Stories Of Deoria Tal

This beautiful lake is popular with tourists as well as for the devotees. Because it is believed according to the beliefs. The gods used to bathe in this lake. Because of that it is also called Indra Sarovar. The mention of which is also seen in the Puranas. This is the reason why this offbeat lake destination holds special significance for Hindu devotees. According to other legends it is also said. That on this lake the Pandavas were asked questions by the Yaksha.

Best Time To Visit Deoria Tal Lake

If we talk about the best time to visit Deoria Taal Lake, then in the months of July and August, due to heavy rains, landslides keep happening here. There is a lot of snowfall here in winter. That is why March to June and September to October are the best time to visit Deoria Taal. This season is best for enjoying the beauty of the serene lake and camping at night.

Deoria Tal Timing And Entry Fee

Talking about the timing of Deoria Tal, then all the tourists who go to Deoria Taal trekking and roaming here. So this lake remains open for 24 hours. You can come to visit here anytime. But when you come to visit Deoria Taal, then definitely spend at least 2 to 3 hours here. If you tell the entry fee of Deoria Taal, then there is no entry fee for roaming in Deoria Taal. Tourists can roam here comfortably without any charges.

Deoria Tal Trekking And Camping


This is the best place for trekking and camping, Deoria Taal, full of amazing views of hills and roads. Deoria Taal is situated at a trekking distance of 3 km from Sari village. The astonishing green forest is the main attraction in the trekking route of Devrital. Apart from this, bird watching makes the trek more attractive. Tourists can see many colorful birds in it. Because of that many tourists and trekkers come to visit every year.


Deoria Taal is a very special and picturesque place for camping. Camping with your friends and family on the banks of the tourist-peaceful lake can definitely be one of the best moments in life. One can see the snow-capped mountains of the Himalayas during the day while camping on the banks of the lake. Apart from this, watching the twinkling stars from the lakeside at night is a wonderful experience. He is very charming and adorable.

Places To Visit Around Deoria Tal


Indrani Mansa Devi Temple




Vasuki Tal

Tungnath Temple

Rudranath Temple


karthik swami


Guptkashi Temple

Hotels in Rudra Prayag

Chandruma Cottage

Kedar camp resorts

BSR Farms

Mumukshu Resort                  

Shivanandi River Lodge

GMVN Guptkashi



NotOnMap- Akash Ganga

Perfect Himalayan Camping and Trekking

How To Reach Deoria Tal

Deoria Tal is located 3 km from Sari village in Devprayag district of Uttarakhand state. The best way to travel to Deoria Taal is by road. Travelers can reach Sari village by road. After which trekking can reach the lake. Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport to Deoria Taal. It is located 210 km away. Rishikesh Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Deoria Tal. It is located about 192 km away.

Deoria Tal Map

Video of Deoria Tal

Interesting Facts

Surrounded by snow-capped mountains and all around, Deoria Taal Lake is a peace-loving and thrilling destination.

The lake also serves as a religious site.

Deoria Taal is located 3 km from Sari village in Devprayag district of Uttarakhand state.

Deoria Taal is also a very special and picturesque place for camping.

March to June is the best time to visit the lake.


Q .Why Deoria Tal is famous?

The lake is known for its wide 300° panorama.

Q .Where is Deoria Tal located?

lake located about 3 km atop a hill from the villages of Mastura and Sari, on Ukhimath–Chopta road in Uttarakhand.

Q .How difficult is Deoria Tal Trek?

Deoriatal is an easy and weekend trek for beginners.

Q .How do you get to Deoria Tal from Ukhimath?

One needs to drive 12 km to Sari village from Ukhimath. On reaching Sari village, a short 3 km trek will take you to Deoria Taal.

Q .How long is Deoria Tal Trek?

3 km trek

Q .Is Tungnath temple open in December?

No, The temple is generally closed during the winters due to heavy snowfall. 


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