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Coorg Hills Station or Kodagu Tourist Places are famous for attractive tourist places and beautiful plains located in the state of Karnataka, India. Known as the Scotland of India, Coorg is a paradise for nature lovers. Coorg tourist place is situated at an altitude of 1525 meters above sea level. They are famous for their tea, coffee, dense forests. The Kaveri River has its origin in Coorg. Coorg tourist places entice tourists with hiking, cross country and trail life. The beautiful view of Coorg Hill Station compels tourists to come here again and again.

The forest covered hills, spice and coffee plantations only add to the landscape. Madikeri is the focal point of the region with all transportation starting from here. On a trip to Coorg, one can cover beautiful cities like Virajpet, Kushalnagar, Gonikoppal, Polybeta and Somwarpet. Coorg is a popular coffee-producing hill station in Karnataka with a persistent misty landscape. It becomes a popular destination because of its culture and people. If you also want to get information about this tourist place. So let’s get started. 

History of Coorg

Coorg is derived from Kodagu which means code. Aana and Avva mean mother. Which is dedicated to Kaveri Mata. The city of Coorg was settled around the 8th century. Where the Ganga dynasty ruled for the first time. After that it has been the capital of many rulers. They include the Pandavas, Cholas, Chalukyas and Kadamyas. Coorg was ruled by the British till 1947. After 1950 it remained an independent state. Later the states were reorganized and incorporated into the state of Karnataka.

Coorg Tourism

Best Time To Visit Coorg Hill Station

The best time to visit Coorg tourist destination is from September to June. But travelers want to visit Coorg for the purpose of trekking. So the best time is during the months of October to March. One should avoid visiting Coorg during the months of July to August due to heavy rainfall and landslides. Let me tell you that you can complete the journey in 2-3 days to see the complete beauty here.

Top Tourist Places in Coorg Hill Station

Abbey Falls


Golden Temple (Namdroling Monastery)

Raja’s Seat

White River Rafting In Barapole River

Tadiandamol Peak

Iruppu Falls 

Honnamana Kere Lake

Omkareshwara Temple

Madikeri Fort 


Nilakandi Falls


Ayurvedic Treatment

Family Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary


Brahmagiri Treks

Mallalli Falls

Gaddige Raja’s Tomb

Kutta Nagarhole

Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary

Angling (Fishing)

Kopatty Hills

Rameshwara Temple


Scotland of India

The British called Coorg the Scotland of India when they visited this small town in Karnataka in the 19th century. You enter the geographical boundaries of this hill city. So will feel that this place has done true justice to its surname. Coorg is famous for the surreal beauty of nature and the hills of the Western Ghats. She is covered with a haze of clouds. And with pleasant weather. To enjoy the best of Coorg’s views, one must visit Raja’s seat. There is a small garden decorated with flowers overlooking the majestic hills of the Western Ghats.

Coffee Plantations

Coorg is one of the highest producers of coffee in India. The Tata Plantation of Coffee trails in Coorg is a must visit. Enjoy freshly brewed coffee made from fresh cocoa beans. One must stay at one of the resorts located right in the middle of the coffee fields to get the best experience. Coffee grown in Coorg is apparently the best mild coffee in the world. Because it is grown in shade. Coffee requires growing around lots of trees and shade. Because it will prevent soil erosion. There are 270 species of trees listed here.

Places To Visit In Coorg

Kodava Culture 

Kodava Culture A local clan is considered one of the most hospitable people in Coorg. It makes Coorg better as a tourist destination. That is, the Kodava are quite different from other cultures. Here the Kodava marriage ceremony is not conducted by a priest but by elders of two families. The wedding takes place after a representative cuts a banana stump. 

The feast is followed by dancing on tribal rhythms and instruments.The concept of “Kanyadaan” is absent. Kodava is different because of his different dressing style. Women wear their sarees differently. The pleats are sewn at the back, and the loose end of the saree is pulled under the left shoulder. And the right side is secured.

Coorg Tourism

Abbey Falls 

The Abbey Falls, situated at a height of 70 feet, is a sight to behold. During the British rule, this place was called Jesse Falls. The British priest named this place in memory of his daughter. Travelers are mesmerized to see the waterfall amidst lush green coffee and spice plantations. The best time to visit this place is during the winter months. The entry fee to go here is Rs 15 and the timing is between 9 am to 5 pm.


Talakauvari is known as the major source of river Kaveri on Brahmagiri hill near Bhagagamandala in Kodagu district of Karnataka state. A Talakauvari tourist places are situated at an altitude of 1276 meters above sea level. Talakauvari is the main attraction of Coorg Hill Station. And tourists come in large numbers to visit here. Here Kaveri mother had incarnated from the sage Agastya. Because of that Talakaveri Kundika is also situated here. Where tourists come and take bath.

Golden Temple (Namdroling Monastery)

Located at a distance of 34 km from Coorg Hill Station, Golden Temple is the center of tourist’s faith. Namdroling Monastery is considered to be the largest learning center of Tibetan Buddhist schools. Namdroling Monastery presents a fine example of Tibetan architecture and artwork culture. This Golden Temple is known as the residence of more than 5000 people spread over an area of ​​80 square feet.

Raja’s Seat

Raja’s seat is one of the major places to visit in Coorg Hill Station. Seeing the beauty of this place, tourists are drawn on their own. Raja’s Seat Garden with beautiful flowers, artificial fountain is located in Madikeri, Coorg district. If you are nature lover. So for you this tourist place is no less than heaven. Apart from this, tourists can also see the beautiful view of sunset and sunrise here.

Tadiandamol Peak 

The main attraction of Coorg Hill Station is Tadiandamol situated at an altitude of 1748 meters above sea level. It is known as the highest mountain peak of Coorg. Tourists who are interested in trekking head to Tadiandamol Peak. But the climb is tough. But after reaching the top, when you will see the magnificent view, then all your tiredness goes away. The mountains here are full of dense forests. This place is also best for trekking lovers.

Famous Local Food Of Coorg Hill Station

Fragrant rice


Akki ot







Dry Fish

Crab meat

Bimble Curry

Wheel curry


Tender Bamboo Pickle

Indian food

Chinese cuisine

continental cuisine

South Indian Cuisine

Tibetan cuisine

Where To Stay In Coorg

Tourists look for a good abode here by visiting the beauty of Coorg and its major tourist places. So let us tell you that in Coorg you will find many hotels ranging from low-budget to high-budget. Tourists can choose the hotel according to their convenience and budget. In which you can live very well. We name some of them. Likes it So he can stop.

Siddhi Aloha

Victorian Verandaz

Wenge House

Holidayincoorg Orchid Villa

Treebo Trip Jammabane Cottage

How To Reach Coorg

Travelers can easily reach Coorg by road, plane and train. Nearest airport to Coorg is Mysore and Mangalore. Mysore airport 121 km and Mangalore airport is 168 kms. is far. From where one can reach Coorg by cab or taxi. The nearest railway station to Coorg is Mysore and Mangalore. Thalassery and Kannur are also near from here. From where one can easily reach Coorg. Roads to Coorg are well connected. And one can easily reach here due to the frequent bus service here. Bus services ply from the cities of Mangalore, Mysore, Hassan, Thalassery and Kannur.

Coorg Map & Location

Video of Coorg Hill Station

Interesting Facts

Forests, misty hills, charming peaks, lush green valleys and serenity characterize the city of Coorg.

Coorg Hills station or Kodagu tourist place is present in the state of Karnataka, India.

The famous Coorg is a favorite destination for nature lovers.

Coorg is situated at an altitude of 1525 meters above sea level.

This place is also known for its tea, coffee, dense forests.

This beautiful hill station in the state of Karnataka is called the Scotland of India.

Coorg or Kodagu is a small district with its headquarters at Madikeri.

The famous Coorg is no less than a paradise for nature lovers.


Q .What is famous about Coorg? 

Coorg is an evergreen place due to its climate as the weather remains pleasant throughout the year.

Q .What is not so good about Coorg? 

Does not have an airport or railway station of its own.

Q .Who should visit Coorg? 

It is a paradise for nature lovers, honeymooners, adrenaline rush lovers, adventure sports and coffee lovers too.

Q .What is the best time to visit Coorg? 

September to June

Q .What is the best way to reach Coorg?

Coorg is only accessed by road.


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