Chunargarh Fort Uttar Pradesh

Chunargarh Fort Uttar Pradesh | Chunar Fort Mirzapur Uttar Pradesh

Chunargarh Fort is located in Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh. The Chunargarh Fort was built by Maharaja Vikramaditya, the king of Ujjain, in honor of his brother, Raja Bharthari. That fort is built on the banks of the Ganges. After them Sher Shah Suri took control of this fort and then both of them also got some work done by Akbar. Situated at an altitude of 28 meters above sea level, it comes in the Vindhya Range of Uttar Pradesh. After the construction of the fort, the fort has been under many great rulers.

Among the rulers who ruled here, Humayun of the Mughal dynasty, Babur and Sher Shah Suri of the Sur Empire are the main ones. The fort was constructed from sandstone. Apart from its history, Chunar is also known for its pottery work. Amazing artwork on clay toys can also be seen here. So you can roam around this place and buy art here and also to decorate in your home.

Chunar Fort Mirzapur Uttar Pradesh

History of Chunargarh Fort

The fort was first built by King Sahadeva in 1029 AD. Sher Khan in 1532, Sher Shah Suri in 1538 and Akbar rebuilt the fort in 1575 AD. Many of Babur’s soldiers were killed in a siege in 1529. Sher Shah Suri acquired the fort in 1532 by marrying the widow of Taj Khan Sarang Khani, the governor of Chunar. Taj Khan was the governor during the reign of Ibrahim Lodi. Sher Shah also got a lot of money by marrying another widow. He shifted his capital to Rohtas to capture Bengal.

Humayun attacked the fort and asked Sher Shah Suri to leave Bengal. He also said that he would not take over the forts of Chunar and Jaunpur. Humayun also asked for treasury and offered Sher Shah to come under Mughal protection. Later Sher Shah Suri again captured the fort. Sher Shah Suri’s son Islam Shah succeeded him in 1545 and the fort was under him till 1553. Islam Shah was succeeded by his son Adil Shah.

Best Time To Visit Chunargarh Fort

By the way, tourists can visit the fort at any time of the year. The best time to visit Chunar is during winters. When the cold weather allows for a full day of city sightseeing. Best time to visit Chunargarh Fort This fort is open for tourists from 9 am to 5 pm. Entry is blocked after 2 pm. And tourists should leave the premises by 5 pm. People generally do not like to visit the fort after sunset.

Secret of Chunargarh Fort

The fort of Chunargarh (Chunar fort) is first described in the famous novel Chandrakanta by Devaki Nandan Khatri. By the way, no book or anyone else has told about any kind of secret here. But some time ago there is a treasure in the fort of Chunar. There was definitely such a noise. But this too was a breeze. By the way, “Chunar Fort’s Treasure” can also be there. Because many kings have ruled here. Even the British rule has been there for some time. Sonva pavilion, sun solarium and huge well are present in the fort. And there is the Bhatrihari temple built by Vikramaditya.

Architecture of Chunar Fort

Chunar Fort is built on the banks of the Ganges River. The fort has been constructed from sandstone. The fort has many gates. Out of which the western gate was built during the reign of Akbar. Apart from this, some of the main places of the fort which we will talk about now include the Samadhi of Bhartrihari, the pavilion of Sonwa, the Chhatri of fifty-two pillars, the residence of Warren Hastings and the Dargah of Shah Qasim Sulemani.

Chunar Fort Image

Shah Qasim Sulemani’s Dargah

The dargah or tomb of Saint Shah Qasim Sulemani is situated in the south-west direction of the fort. The origin of the saint was Afghanistan. He lived here during the reign of Akbar and Jahangir. At the age of 27 he went on pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina. After his return many people became his disciples. Akbar was angry with him because the saints did not agree with the king’s view on religion. After the death of the saint, the followers built a tomb here.

Bhartrihari’s Samadhi

Bharthari was the brother of King Vikramaditya. Bhattari’s tomb can be seen behind the fort. Four gates in the samadhi which are used for various religious ceremonies. A tunnel in front of the building was used by Princess Sonwa. Because she used to bathe in a stepwell filled with the water of river Ganges.

Warren Hastings residence

There is a sun dial in the Warren Hastings residence. Which was built in 1784. There is an umbrella near the building. Which was built by King Sahadeva to commemorate the defeat of 52 rulers. The residence has now been converted into a museum.

Fifty-two pole umbrella

King Mahadev built this structure to commemorate the victory won by his daughter Sonwa by defeating 52 rulers. The losers were thrown in jail. Sonva was married to Alha. who was the brother of the king of Mahoba.

Sonva’s Pavilion

Sonva Mandap was built according to Hindu architecture. The building has 28 pillars and a stepwell with a width of 7 meters and a depth of 200 meters. This stepwell was used by Princess Sonwa for bathing.

Places to Visit Near Chunar Fort

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How To Chunargarh Fort Uttar Pradesh

The nearest airport to Chunar is at Varanasi. It is situated at a distance of 50 km. Tourists can easily reach Chunar by taxi or bus after reaching Varanasi airport. Chunar has its own railway station. Hence one can take direct trains to Chunar from nearby cities and towns. Chunar is well connected by road to all major cities and towns. And hence it is easily accessible by road.

Chunargarh Fort Map

Video of Chunar Fort Mirzapur Uttar Pradesh

Interesting Facts

Devkinandan Khatri wrote the famous novel Chandrakanta on the fort of Chunargarh.

This fort has always been famous for its mystery and magic.

The fort of Chunar is also known as Chandrakanta Chunargarh and Charanadri.

Chunar Fort is located in the Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh in India.

The fort was initially built by King Sahadeva in 1029 AD.

Chunargarh Fort is a historical heritage and a priceless heritage of India.

The fort has been ruled by Emperor Kalyavan of Mahabharata period, Emperor Vikramaditya, Hindu emperor Prithviraj Chauhan, Emperor Akbar and Shersah Suri.


Q .Who constructed Chunar Fort?

King Sahadeva

Q .Who was the king of Chunar?

King Sahadeva

Q .What is the old name of Chunar?

The ancient name of Chunar was ‘Charanadri’.

Q .What do you understand by Chunar?

Chunar is a city in Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh state, India.

Q .Why Chunar Fort is famous for?

Chunar is also famous for pottery work with its history.

Q .When did the battle of Chunar happened?



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