Chikmagalur Tourism

Chikmagalur Tourism | Best Places To Visit In Chikmagalur

Known as the coffee land of Karnataka, Chikmagalur is situated at the foothills of the Mullayangiri range. And is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Karnataka. Chikmagalur or Chikkamagaluru is a district and a great tourist place in the state of Karnataka, India. Talking about the cultivation of coffee, it was first done in this place in India. Chikmagalur tourist place is located in the foothills of the Mulayanagiri hills of Karnataka. The altitude of this tourist place is 3400 feet. This place is the source of rivers like Tunga and Bhadra.

Chikmagalur is home to lush green mountains, picturesque trekking trails, enchanting waterfalls and mysterious temples. There is a long queue of tourists coming from all over the country and abroad at Chikmagalur Tourist Place. It is a very popular trekking destination and boasts of many incredible trekking trails. These include Mullayanagiri Trek, Kemmangundi Trek and Baba Budangiri Trek. Mullayanagiri is the highest peak in the whole of Karnataka.

History of Chikmagalur District

If we look at the history of Chikmagalur, then Veera Ballala ruled here. He was the king of the Hoysala dynasty from 1173 to 1220. And it was he who built the temple of Amriteshwara at Amritpura inside Tarikere taluka. He is world famous for his wonderful art style. In 1670, people came to know about coffee in this district in South India. Before that, a coffee plant was found in the Baba Badan Giri mountain range. Chikkamagaluru came to light the most when Indira Gandhi contested from here in 1978 after the Emergency and won.

Best Time To Visit Chikmagalur Tourism

The best time to visit Chikmagalur is from September to March. The number of tourists who visit here during this time is very high. Because it is the winter months. With pleasant weather throughout the year, the monsoon season starts from the beginning of July. That too is a good time to visit Chikmagalur. But it should be avoided in August as there is heavy rainfall in that month.

Best Places To Visit In Chikmagalur

About chikmanglur

Chikmagalur city is located in the Deccan plateau belonging to the Malnad region of Karnataka. The Western Ghats start from this region. The Yagachi River originates from the surrounding hills. Chikkamagaluru is famous for its serene environment, green forests and high mountains. Baba Budangiri, Mulliangiri and Kemmangundi are a must include in your Chikmagalur tour packages. Chikmagalur literally means the land of the younger daughter.

According to the belief, it was given as a dowry to the youngest daughter of Rukmangada, the great chief of Sakpratana. Himachalgar is a big place here. The land of the Elder’s daughter which is part of Chikkamagaluru city. shows some old inscriptions. That these two places were known as Kiria-Muguli and Piriya-Muguli. Chikkamagaluru is also famous for coffee and is known as the coffee land of Karnataka.

Chikkamagaluru is a great destination for many tourist destinations, from pilgrimage sites to coffee plantations and from wildlife tourist spots to adventure sports destinations. Hirakolale Lake, Baba Budangiri, Mulliangiri, Ayyankere Lake, Belwadi, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Manikyadhara Falls, Amruthapura, Horanadu and Kemanmanundi are the important tourist places in Chikmagalur.

Major Tourist Attractions of Chikmagalur


Kudremukh National Park

Baba Budan Giri Hills

River Rafting In Bhadra River 


Jhari Waterfalls
Inam Dattatreya Peetha

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary

Hirekolale Lake


Coffee Plantations

Sharadamba Temple 

Sringeri Sharada Peetham

Manikyadhara Waterfalls


Chikmagalur Tourism


Mullayanagiri, located in Chikmagalur district, at a distance of 20 km from Chikkamagaluru and 23 km from Baba Budangiri, is the highest peak in Karnataka with a height of 1950 m. Regarded as the highest peak between the Himalayas and the Nilgiris, Mulayanagiri is one of the best treks in Karnataka. And is one of the top trekking places to visit in Chikmagalur. It is also one of the top attractions to be included in Chikmagalur tour package.

Baba Budangiri

At a distance of 29 km from Kemmangundi and 36 km from Chikmagalur, Baba Budangiri (also known as Dattagiri and Chandra Drona Parvatha) is a mountain in the Baba Budan range in Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. At an altitude of 1895 meters, it is one of the top places for trekking in Karnataka. And one of the best places to visit as part of a 2 day trip from Bangalore. It is a major place to visit during Chikkamagaluru tourist trip.

Horekolale lake

At a distance of 10 km from Chikkamagaluru, Hirakolale Lake is a beautiful man-made lake amidst the beauty. and is surrounded by high mountains. The famous hills of Mullayangiri can be seen from here. This lake was created to supply water to irrigate the land in Chikmagalur town and surrounding villages. Hirakolale Lake is one of the top places to visit in Chikkamagaluru. This place is easily accessible from Chikmagalur town.

Kudremukh National Park 

Places to visit in Chikmagalur Kudremukh National Park is an attractive tourist destination situated in the middle of the mountains. It was given the status of a national park in the year 1987. Its area is spread over an area of ​​about 600 km. Kudremukh National Park is one of the most protected national parks in the state of Karnataka. Many animals including tigers, leopards and wild dogs can be seen here.

Inam Dattatreya Peetha

The famous Inam Dattatreya Peeth of Chikkamagaluru is situated on the Budan Giri Hills. Followers of Hindu and Muslim religions alike come to this religious place. It is believed that this cave was the shelter of Guru Dattatreya and Hazrat Dada Hayat Mir Khaldar. Urs is a three-day festival celebrated in the third month according to the Islamic calendar.

Restaurants and Local Food in Chikmagalur 

The local food of Chikkamagaluru is called Malanadu cuisine. Delicious spicy food is available here. Coconut water and rice-fish curry are available here. One can also experience the luxurious sipping of local coffee. Apart from this, the popular food items here are Akki Roti, Kakadu, Nindra Chips (Banana Chips) and more. North Indian Kannada food is abundant here.

Where To Stay In Chikmagalur

Trivik Hotels & Resorts, Chikkamagaluru

Sri Nandini Guest House


Vismita County

Coffee Native – A Family Homestay

Gateway Chikkamagaluru – IHCL SeleQtions

 Robusta Inn

Marina Stay

The Serai Chickmagalur

The Blossom Resort

Chikmagalur photos

How To Reach Chikmagalur 

Travelers can travel to Chikkamagaluru by flight, train and bus. Mangalore airport is the nearest airport to Chikmagalur for air travel. Mangalore airport is 157 kms away from Chikmagalur. This airport is well connected to Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and other Indian cities. Kadur railway station is 40 kms from Chikmagalur. This station is closest to the city. By Road: Bangalore, Mangalore, Hubli and Hassan are well connected by road. Buses ply regularly from all these cities.

Chikmagalur Map & Location

Video of Chikmagalur Travel Guide

Interesting Facts

Chikkamagaluru district has an area of ​​7,201 km (2,780 sq mi).

The weather here remains pleasant throughout the year.

Chikkamagaluru is in the state of Karnataka located in the southwest of the Indian state.

It is also a suitable and important tourist destination from the point of view of tourism.

Chikkamagaluru is a historical and delightful hill station.

Surrounded by hills and valleys, Chikkamagaluru is a place completely wrapped in a serene atmosphere.

The city is known for its tea and coffee plantations.

The city was given as a dowry to the younger daughter of Rukmangad, the famous chief of Sakrepatna.

Chikkamagaluru in Karnataka is one of the best places for you to visit.

This place is famous by the name of ‘Coffee Land of Karnataka‘.


Q .What is famous about Chikmagalur? 

Famous for its coffee plantations and the beauty of Western Ghats.

Q .What is not so good about Chikmagalur? 

Traveling here requires a lot of time.

Q .Who should visit Chikmagalur?

For nature lovers, trekkers and romantic vacations.

Q .What is the best time to visit Chikkamagaluru? 

September to March

Q .What is the best way to reach Chikmagalur? 

flight, train and bus


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