Buxa Tiger Reserve History, Activities, Flora Fauna, Timings And Entry Fee

Buxa Tiger Reserve History, Activities, Flora Fauna, Timings And Entry Fee

Buxa Tiger Reserve is located on the northeastern corner of West Bengal on the border of Bhutan and Assam. It was established on 16 February 1983 as the 15th tiger reserve of the country. Spread over 759 square kilometers, the tiger reserve is crossed by several rivers and their tributaries. It boasts of a diverse and breathtaking landscape. The name of Buxa Tiger Reserve is derived from ‘Buxa Fort’. It was an important fort.

Here is another interesting fact about this tiger reserve. That it served as an international corridor for migration of elephants between India and Bhutan. If you want to know more about Buxa National Park. So read this article completely. Because today we are going to tell the history of Buxa National Park, wildlife, and many information related to the trip of the reserve. So let’s get started.

History of Buxa Tiger Reserve

The Buxa Tiger Reserve was created in 1983 as the 15th Tiger Reserve of India. The Baksa Wildlife Sanctuary was formed in 1986 at 314.52 km of the reserve forest. In 1991, 54.47 km area was added to Baksa Wildlife Sanctuary. And a year after that in 1992, the Government of West Bengal declared this wildlife sanctuary as a national park over 117.10 km. After that the state government declared Buxa National Park as Buxa National Park with notification.

Best Time To Visit Buxa Tiger Reserve

The Buxa Tiger Reserve remains closed for tourists from June 15 to September 15. Because of that, you can visit Buxa National Park from 15th September to 15th June. Talk about the best time to visit Buxa National Park. So October to April is the best time to visit the national park. Because in the winter time, travelers can see various wildlife including Bengal tiger, deer, sunbathing in the Tiger Reserve.

Tips for Visiting Buxa Tiger Reserve

It is important to follow some tips to avoid accidents and troubles while traveling to Tiger Reserve.

Book your room and safari before going on a tour of the park.

Because booking safaris and hotels in peak season is a bit difficult.

Do not wear bright colored clothes on trips.

It attracts dangerous animals.

Do not enter any restricted areas of the park.

One should not leave the jeep in the safari ride without the permission of the guide.

Carry a camera, binoculars, sunglasses and essential things with you while traveling.

Do not attempt to feed or approach animals in the park.

One should not smoke while visiting the Tiger Reserve.

Because of this there is a risk of fire.

Buxa Tiger Reserve Timing And Entry Fee

Talking about the timing of Buxa National Park, it is open from morning till evening. If you look at the entry fee of Buxa National Park, then there is no entry fee to enter the Tiger Reserve. But tourists want to do jeep safari in the trip to the national park. So for that you need to pay a certain fee. There is absolutely free entry for the travelers who do not want to do jeep safaris.

Flora and Fauna in Buxa Tiger Reserve 

Talking about the flora in the Buxa Tiger Reserve, it is home to more than 300 species of trees, 250 species of shrubs, 130 species of aquatic flora, 100 species of grasses and 400 species of herbs. Because of that the Tiger Reserve is an ideal place for all the mammals and birds. It is a collection of medicinal herbs and several species of orchids. The Tiger Reserve is home to several species of cats along with the endangered species Tiger. Mammals Civet, Wild Dogs, Squirrel, Elephant, Mongoose, Small Clawless Otter and Wild Buffalo can be seen here.

This national park is home to both endemic and migratory bird species. The Ridak and Jainti rivers flowing through the reserve welcome Himalayan Migratory Gojanders, Ibis Bill, Fork-tails, Whistling Teal, White-eyed Poachered birds. Which are easily visible on the banks of these rivers. Along with them many rare species like black necked crane, black stork, pied hornbill, minivets are found here.

Activities in Buxa National Park

Jungle safari

Activities to do in Buxa National Park include jungle safaris and trekking. Taking a jeep safaris through the dense forest is one of the best activities to do in the reserve. Because of that a visit to the reserve is incomplete without a jeep safari. Whenever you come to visit Buxa Tiger Reserve, then definitely enjoy Jungle Safari. This safari provides opportunities to see wildlife up close and feel the natural beauty of the park.

Jungle Safari Timings

from 6.00 am

from 3.00 pm

Jeep safari fees

800 rupees


Goes on a trip to the park with friends. So here you can enjoy exciting activities like trekking. There are many trekking treks available for trekking in the park. Which attracts trekkers a lot. Trekking in Buxa Tiger Reserve is full of excitement and adventure. She gives some spectacular glimpses of Jayanti river valley, evergreen forest canopy and with some rare animals and birds. Please tell that accommodation facility is also available for trekkers here.


There are total 38 forest villages, 49 fringe villages and four fixed demand holdings in Buxa National Park. Majority of the population in the inner parts of the forests are people of castes like Garo, Mechia, Madesia, Rava, Rajbanshi and Bhutia. Their profession mostly consists of cultivators or laborers in the fields or tea gardens. The tribes here share a good relationship among themselves. If you want, you can go for a walk here.

Places To Visit in Buxa Tiger Reserve West Bengal

Buxa Fort 

Buxa Fort is situated on a hillock of this reserve. It can be reached after a trek of 4 km from Santalbari. It is said that this fort was used by the British to keep the leaders of India’s independence movement in seclusion. At present it has turned into ruins. The reserve has been named Baksa Tiger Reserve from this fort. Due to which the fame of the fort is estimated. The fort provides accommodation for the tourists to stay.

Jayanti Village

It is a small village situated inside the forests. The main attraction of the village is the wide expanse of the Jayanti River and the Bhutan Hills on the other side of the river. Apart from this, tourists can meet the people living here. and share their experience. There are homestays or small resorts in Jayanti Village. Where you can stop in your journey. and enjoy the journey.


Vasa is another beautiful village in the Lepcha Baksa Tiger Reserve. This village is situated on top of a hill. From where, two km ahead of the Buxar Fort, one can have spectacular views of the plains and forests of Doras.


Sikiajhora is a popular tourist spot located on the eastern side of Baksa. This is a small drain coming out of the forests of Baksa. Sikiajhora stream is that place. Where you go by boat through small water paths. It is a thrilling experience. In which birds, reptiles and sometimes even larger wildlife are seen.

Hotels in Buxa Tiger Reserve

The options of many homestays and small resorts are available in the villages situated within the National Park. Along with these, many hotels are also available in Rajbhata, located at some distance from the Buxa National Park. That is why here you can select homestays or hotels according to your choice.

How To Reach Buxa Tiger Reserve West Bengal

Tourists can travel here by flight, train, taxi or bus. The nearest airport to Buxa Tiger Reserve is at Bagdogra. It is at a distance of 195 km. Alipurduar Junction is the nearest railway station to the reserve. It is only 17 km away. The nearest town to Buxa National Park is Alipurduar which is well connected to other places in West Bengal via road.

Buxa Tiger Reserve Map

Video of Buxa Tiger Reserve

Interesting Facts

Buxa National Park is a tiger reserve in northern West Bengal.

Buxa National Park is located in Alipurduar district of West Bengal.

The park covers an area of ​​760 sq km.

The park was established as the 15th Tiger Reserve of India in 1983.

The northern boundary of the Buxa National Park shares its international border with Bhutan.

The name of Buxa Tiger Reserve is derived from ‘Buxa Fort’.


Q .Which state is Buxa Tiger Reserve?

Address – JGWX+W8P, Buxa Forest, Buxa, West Bengal 735226

Q .Are there tigers in Buxa?


Q .How many tigers are there in Buxa Tiger Reserve?

In 2020 the 96

Q .Why Buxa Tiger Reserve is famous?

Buxa Fort is an important landmark for this reserve. 

Q .Who built BUXA fort?

Tibetan Emperor Tsong-Sin-Gyampo

Q .Which is the largest tiger reserve in India?

Nagarjunsagar-Srisailam Tiger Reserve is the largest tiger reserve in India .


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