The Magnificent Borobudur Temple Of Indonesia

The Magnificent Borobudur Temple Of Indonesia

Borobudur Temple Complex, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. It is one of the most visited attractions in Indonesia built in the 8th century. A marvel of Buddhist architecture, the temple is covered by a magnificent dome, with several platforms stacked on top of each other. Whose top is looking down. The temple is adorned with hundreds of relief panels and statues of Buddha in several meditative postures. Many of them are still intact today. The temple is located only 45 minutes away from the metropolis.

The temple complex consists of three structures, the main Borobudur temple, two other smaller temples or Mendut and the Pawan Mandir. After major restoration work carried out by UNESCO in 1973, it is again being used as a place of worship. The panels and reliefs of the temple depict various stories including the story of Prince Siddhartha and the birth of Buddha. Sunrise tours that offer visitors a perspective of the Borobudur temple complex bathed in the morning sun are extremely popular.

Borobudur Temple History

The exact origin of the complex is unclear if the history of the Borobudur temple is given. But Borobudur is believed to have been built in the 9th century under the rule of the Shailendra dynasty. It is heavily influenced by Buddhist and Indian art forms from the Gupta period. It was used as a place of worship. But for some unknown reason it was gradually abandoned and hidden in volcanic ash and forests. Restoration work has been carried out since the 19th century and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. Presently the temple is visited by thousands of tourists every day and due to that it has become a tourist center today.

Borobudur Temple Images

What is the best time to visit Borobudur?

The best time to visit the Borobodur is from April to August. It is neither too hot nor too cold during this time of the year, and the mornings are pleasant. The spring starts September onwards, and the region experiences rainfall, which continues till November. During the summer season, which lasts from December to March, the weather is hot and humid with the highest amount of rainfall in the year.

Borobudur Temple Architecture

The Borobudur temple complex is built out of 2 million cubic feet of gray volcanic stone. It is built without using any cement or mortar and is constructed from interlocking blocks. 1.6 million blocks of volcanic rock have been used to build the temple complex. It looks like a stepped pyramid with three levels. It has a square base, a middle tier and an upper tier. There are five square terraces on the middle level and three circular terraces on the upper level. Borobudur’s design reflects India’s influence on the region, incorporating indigenous Indonesian elements into Gupta architecture. 

The monument has the largest number of Buddhist sculptures at any single site in the world. There are Buddha statues on 72 openwork stupas, which surround circular platforms. Stupas are monumental mounds in Buddhism, containing sacred relics. Borobudur Temple and two smaller Mendut Temple and Pawan Mandir situated to the east. Mendut Temple has a huge statue of Buddha surrounded by two Bodhisattvas.

Borobudur Temple Photos

Location of Borobudur Temple

The Borobudur temple complex is located 26 miles northwest of Yogyakarta and 50 miles west of Surakarta in the Kedu Valley in Central Java. The temple is situated between two volcanoes Mount Sundoro-Sumbing and Mount Merabu-Merapi and two rivers Progo and Elo. It is located close to Pawan and Mendut, two other Buddhist temples in the Kedu plain. Borobudur is situated on a cliff situated at an altitude of 869 feet above sea level.

Buddha Statues

Borobudur has many statues of different Buddhas with the story of Buddhist cosmology carved in stone. The cross-legged idols are seated in the lotus position and distributed on the top platform with five square platforms (Rupadhatu level). The Buddha statues are lower on the Rupadhatu level, arranged in rows along the outer edges of the balustrade. As the platforms progressively lower the upper levels, the number of statues decreases. There are 104 niches in the first balustrade, 104 in the second, 88 in the third, 72 in the fourth and 64 in the fifth.

Altogether there are 432 Buddha statues at the Rupadhatu level. Buddha statues are inside perforated stupas. There are 32 stupas in the first platform, 24 in the second and 16 in the third, which add up to 72 stupas. Of the original 504 Buddha statues, over 300 are damaged. Some of those Buddha heads are now on display in many museums. Headless Buddha statue at Borobudur. Since its discovery, many heads have been stolen and installed in museums abroad. At first glance, all Buddha statues appear the same. But there is a difference between the postures and the position of the hands.

Images of Borobudur Temple

Rediscovery of Borobudur Temple

For many years, Borobudur was hidden for a long time due to volcanic ash and dense forest. Its existence was a mystery before the British rule in Indonesia. The British appointed Lieutenant Thomas Stamford Raffles and he took an interest in Javanese history. During the inspection, information about a large monument deep in the forest was found. He then appointed an engineer to investigate the facts about the rumours. He had successfully discovered the hidden treasure Borobudur Temple in Central Java.

Indonesia Famous Food

The most famous of Indonesian cuisine are nasi goreng (fried rice), soto betawi (beef soup with cow’s milk), rendeng (dry curry), sattu (skewered and grilled chicken with peanut sauce), gudeg (jack) palm The fruits of this include fruit, coconut milk, meat, garlic and many other spices. After tasting the Indonesian dish once, you cannot forget its taste for the rest of your life.

Where To Stay In Indonesia

Capsule Hotel Old Batavia

Defa Homestay

Merlynn Park Hotel Jakarta

Grandmas Plus Hotel Seminyak

Almira Homestay

Borobudur Temple pic

Best Places To Visit In Indonesia

Bali Tourism

Jakarta Tourism 

Ubud Tourism

Batam Tourism 

Gili Air Island

Surabaya Tourism 

Semarang Tourism

Dieng Plateau


Gili Trawangan

Yogya Karta

Nusa Lembongan

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Indonesia Visa Policy For Indians

Indian gets 30 days visa to visit Indonesia, travelers have to pay 1800 INR fee to get visa. If you are going to visit Indonesia for less than 30 days, then you do not need to get a visa, but you can take advantage of this facility only by taking entry from some selected airports in Indonesia.

How To Reach Indonesia From India

The best option to travel to Indonesia is by air. Major cities of India Mumbai, Delhi, you can take flights to major cities of India Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore Indonesia. Ngurah Rai International Airport in Indonesia. Well connected to India. Also Denpasar Airport in Bali (DPS) and Sokarno-Hatta Jakarta International Airport are major airports in Indonesia. Which provide the facility of many international and domestic airlines.

Borobudur Temple Indonesia Map

Indonesia Famous Temple Borobudur Temple Video

Interesting Facts

  • The Borobudur temple complex is a series of three temples arranged in a straight line.
  • It includes Borobudur, Pawan and Medut temples.
  • According to the belief, these ancient rituals are a part of worship.
  • There is an archaeological debate that the temple complex of Borobudur was essentially a lake.
  • And the temple was made like a lotus blooming in the said lake.
  • The Borobudur blueprint shows that its structure is similar to that of a mandala.
  • It is the only most visited monument in Indonesia.
  • The Borobudur temple complex is visited by over 2.5 million travelers every year.


Q .Where is Borobudur Temple?

Jl. Badrawati, Kw. Candi Borobudur, Borobudur, Kec. Borobudur, Kabupaten Magelang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

Q .What is famous about Borobudur? 

The historical temple complex is famous for the architecture and the Buddha monument.

Q .What is not so good about Borobudur?

Entry fee for foreign tourists Rs 280,000 is a bit expensive

Q .What is the best time to visit Borobudur?

The best time to visit the Borobodur is from April to August.

Q .Who built the Borobudur temple and why?

The Borobudur Temple was built in the 8th and 9th centuries by Java’s Shailendra Dynasty.


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