Bindu Sarovar Matru Tarpan Place, Sidhpur, Patan

Bindu Sarovar Matru Tarpan Place, Sidhpur, Patan

Bindu Sarovar is a small pond with ruins of Rudra Mahal temple and Arvadeshwar Shiva temple in Sidhpur city, 130 km from Ahmedabad. BinduSarovar is collectively part of the Panch Pavitra Sarovar of India. The mention of this holy lake is also seen in Ramayana and Mahabharata. According to mythological stories, BinduSarovar originated due to the falling of tears of Lord Vishnu. And it is believed that Bindu Sarovar is the same holy place. Where Lord Parashurama immersed his mother’s ashes.

Due to the same fact it is known as Mother Moksha Sthal. And by taking a bath here all sins are washed away. It is the most serene and holy lake which is considered holy by the people of Hindu religion. There are five sacred lakes in India which are collectively known as Panch Sarovar. By taking a dip in these lakes, all sins are destroyed. And salvation is attained. BinduSarovar is one of the 5 holy lakes. Here was the ashram of Kardam Rishi, father of Kapilji and Karmad Rishi meditated for 10,000 years.

Information About Bindu Sarovar

Bindu Sarovar Sidhpur is located in Patan district of Gujarat. It is also known as Siddha Sthal. It is the only such pilgrimage place in India. Where there is a provision of only dead women i.e. Matri Shradh. Siddhapur is also mentioned in Rigveda. BinduSarovar is the most important place of Shradh in Sidhpur. It is believed for the place that performing Shradh of dead women here gives salvation. And the soul finds peace. The city of Siddhapur is a revered site dotted with temples, kunds, ashrams and other sacred structures. BinduSarovar is an ancient stepwell located in the Mother Tarpan places here.

It is one of the five most sacred and ancient lakes of India. Most of the same people come to the lake. Those who want to perform the last rites of their mother or any other dead woman. BinduSarovar is a pool of about 40 feet square. There are pucca ghats around it. Travelers perform Shradh for dead mothers by bathing in BinduSarovar. There is a big lake near BinduSarovar. Which is also called Alpa Sarovar. According to the belief, after performing Shradh at Bindu Sarovar, the bodies are immersed in Alpa Sarovar.

Bindu Sarovar

Bindu Sarovar Story

In the scriptures, there is a description of the story in relation to Siddhapur BinduSarovar. According to the legend, there was a learned saint named Kapil Muni in ancient times. His mother’s name was Devahuti and father’s name was Kardam. Kapil Muni is considered to be the founder of Sankhya philosophy and an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. At one time when his father Rishi Kardam left for the forest for penance, his mother Devhuti became very sad. In such a situation, son Kapil Muni, while discussing the Sankhya philosophy, focused his attention on Lord Vishnu.

After the death of the mother on the banks of Bindu Sarovar, the sage performed rituals for her salvation. Later this place became famous as Mother Moksha Sthal. A huge fair is organized here every year in the month of Kartik. And people from far away come to this place to perform Shradh of their mother. According to the Puranas, this area is a holy place for Aditirtha. As soon as one enters here, one gets freedom from all sins.

Mataru Tarpan Sthal

The way Gaya is famous for Pitru Shradh. Similarly, the BinduSarovar of Siddhapur is famous for Matrishrad. It is also called Mother-Gaya. Its ancient name is Sri Sthal. This area falls in the ancient Kamyakavana. Maharishi Kardam’s ashram was here. This was the incarnation of Lord Kapila. Whatever work is done here with a pure heart. It is proved immediately. It was here that the Audichcha Brahmins originated. Their deity is Lord Gobind Madhav.

How To Reach Bindu Sarovar Sidhpur

The nearest airport to visit BinduSarovar is from Sidhpur to Ahmedabad. Which is located at a distance of 115 km from the city. Sidhpur is located on the Western Railway network of the Indian Railways. The city is well connected to the rest of the country through several trains. Sidhpur is well connected to the rest of the country through a good road network. There is even a good network of national and state highways connecting the city.

Bindu Sarovar Sidhpur Map

Video of Bindu Sarovar

Interesting Facts

Kapilji’s ashram was at Bindu Sarovar on the banks of river Saraswati.

This place was the pilgrimage of Dwapar, but it is still a pilgrimage today.

The description of this place is found in the hymns of Rigveda.

In which it is said to be situated between Saraswati and Ganga.

The mention of this lake is found in Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Parashuram performed the Shradh of his mother on the banks of Bindu Sarovar in Siddhapur.

Gaya is famous for Pitru Shradh. Similarly, the BinduSarovar of Siddhapur is famous for Matrishrad.


Q .Where is situated Bindu Sarovar?

Bindu Sarovar Sidhpur is located in Patan district of Gujarat

Q .Who made Bindu Sarovar?

Ruler Siddhraj Jaisingh

Q .What is Sidhpur famous for?

A sleepy little town in North Gujarat, Sidhpur, has a powerful place in history and mythology.

Q .Where is Bindu lake?

Bindu Sarovar, Matru Tarpan Place, Siddhpur, Patan district in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Q .How many Sarovar are there in India?

According to Hindu theology, there are five sacred lakes; collectively called Panch-Sarovar; Mansarovar, Bindu Sarovar, Narayan Sarovar, Pampa Sarovar and Pushkar Sarovar. 


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