Bhitarkanika National Park History, Activities, Timing And Entry Fees

Bhitarkanika National Park History, Activities, Timing And Entry Fees

Located in the Kendrapara district of Odisha state, Bhitarkanika National Park is counted among the major national parks of India. Spread over an area of ​​672 sq km, this national park is full of nature and wildlife. Home to some rare species of both flora and fauna, the sanctuary is mainly famous for the species of reptiles. It is especially known for crocodiles. Another attraction of this area are the huge mangrove trees. Which make it the second largest mangrove forest in India.

Let us tell you that there are two entrances to the park. The most popular of which is opened. This entrance allows you to pass through the dense forests. and provides rich ecosystem experience. If you want to go away from the hustle and bustle of the city with family or friends or to visit a place full of serene and natural beauty. Then a visit to Bhitarkanika National Park can be the best place for you. Today we are going to tell the complete information about the trip to the park through this article.

History of Bhitarkanika National Park

Telling the history of Bhitarkanika NationalPark, it was famous for hunting the rulers who ruled in Kanika region in ancient times. But given its beauty and wildlife popularity. It was notified as a wildlife sanctuary in 1975. And in 1998 with an area of ​​672 sq km, it was given the status of a national park. After that it came to be known as Bhitarkanika NationalPark.

Best Time To Visit Bhitarkanika National Park

October to February i.e. winter season is the best time to visit Bhitarkanika National Park. The region receives a moderate temperature during that season or months. Due to this, it remains friendly for tourists. And as a result a large number of tourists plan to visit the national park in winters or so. If you also want to see the park. So you can visit in winter.

Bhitarkanika National Park Timing And Entry fees

Talking about the timing of BhitarkanikaNational Park, the park remains open from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. During that time tourists can go to roam here at any time. The entry fee of Bhitarkanika NationalPark is 20 rupees for Indian tourists, 100 rupees for foreign tourists, 200 rupees for camera and Rs. 000 for video camera. By paying which you can roam here.

Tips For Traveling To Bhitarkanika National Park

In traveling to Bhitarkanika National Park, it is important to follow some tips to avoid accidents and troubles.

Make sure to book a room before going on a trip to this national park.

Because in the peak season it is difficult to book the guest house of the park immediately.

Do not wear bright colored clothes while traveling.

Because it attracts dangerous animals.

Do not enter the restricted areas of the park.

Carry a camera, binoculars and essentials for your trip to this national park.

Do not attempt to feed or approach the animal in the park.

Wildlife And Flora of Bhitarkanika National Park

This national park serves as the home of many species of crocodiles including Indian python, black ibis, rhesus monkey, cobra, chital darter, monitor lizard, wild boar and turtle, fishing cat and spotted deer. According to the 2014 survey, there were 1872 spotted deer, 1522 jackals, 305 common langurs, 1213 wild boars, 17 sambars, 10 foxes, 12 hyenas, and 7 wolves.

Apart from the wildlife, there are winged creatures like kingfishers, hornbills, woodpeckers, brahmin seagulls, terns, white-bellied sea eagles, bar-headed, and waders. Talking about vegetation, this national park spread over a vast area of ​​672 sq km is made of dense mangrove forest. which is spread over the entire area. Due to which the beauty of the park takes four moons. And the atmosphere here also becomes charming.

Activities in Bhitarkanika National Park 

You are visiting this national park with friends or family. So there are many activities to do in the park. Let us tell you that in this park you can trek through the lush green mangrove forests. At that time you can see various wildlife and birds up close. Along with that, you can also know about the flora found here. Apart from this, you can also enjoy boating here.

Facilities At Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary

There is a small restaurant in the premises of the sanctuary.

There is a guest house here managed by the Forest Department.

Which tourists can plan their stay.

Booking should be done in advance as seats are less.

The park is easily accessible by boats.

Places To Visit Around Bhitarkanika National Park

Barbati Fort

Stone revetment


Pradeep Beach

How To Reach Bhitarkanika National Park

You can reach Bhitarkanika NationalPark by traveling by flight, train or roadway. The nearest airport to Bhitarkanika Tiger Reserve is at Bhubaneswar, which is located at a distance of about 140 km from the park. The Cuttack Railway Station is the nearest railway station to the park, located at a distance of 110 km from the National Park. Traveling to the national park by road is the best option. You come by bus. So first you have to come to Cuttack, from there you can book a taxi or four wheeler vehicle and reach the National Park. You can also visit Bhitarkanika Tiger Reserve by car.

Bhitarkanika National Park Map

Video of Bhitarkanika National Park

Interesting Facts

Bhitarkanika NationalPark is located in the Kendrapara district of the state of Odisha.

This national park is counted among the major national parks of India.

The park is home to some rare species of both flora and fauna.

It is a serene and natural beauty place to visit with family or friends.

This extension was previously known to hunt rulers.

Bhitarkanika NationalPark got the status of National Park in 1998 with an area of ​​672 sq km.

This place is like a paradise for wildlife and nature lovers.


Q .Why is Bhitarkanika famous?

Bhitarkanika is globally famous for the largest population of endangered saltwater crocodiles in India.

Q .In which state Bhitarkanika National Park is situated?

Address – Paramanandpur, Odisha 754248

Q .When was Bhitarkanika declared as National Park?


Q .Which river flows through Bhitarkanika?

Brahmani River and Baitarani River

Q .How many crocodiles are in Bhitarkanika?



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