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Atala Masjid History And Architecture |  Shahi Atala Masjid Jaunpur

Atala Masjid is a major structure of Jaunpur district. Even though it was built by the Mughal rulers. But this mosque reflects many influences of Hindu architecture. Hindu architecture is clearly visible in this temple. The reason for which is that this mosque is located near the Atala Devi temple. If you are an architecture lover. So one must go to see this mosque. Atala Mosque in Jaunpur is open from 7:30 am to 8 pm.

This mosque is an ancient mosque located in the northern region of Jaunpur. Firoz Shah had laid the foundation of Atala Mosque in 1393 AD, but was completed in 1408 AD by the then Sultan Ibrahim Shah. It has been considered ideal for the construction of other mosques in Jaunpur. Its height is more than 100 feet. Beautiful galleries have been constructed in this mosque with artistic walls. Special prayers are held here every Friday.

History of Atala Masjid

Atala Masjid is the finest specimen of Hindu-Muslim architecture. Made of gray sandstone and granite, the mosque has three huge entrances to enter. The total circumference of the mosque is 248 feet. The architectural structure, ledges, paise, pillars and walls of the mosque are very similar to the mosques, tombs and monuments built by Sultan Mohammad Shah Tughlaq and Firoz Shah Tughlaq in Delhi. Also, there are many similarities between Atala Mosque and Begumpur Masjid. It does not have minarets which are normally found in mosques. The mosque has three arched gates. Which has beautiful decorations. The middle archway is the highest. And its length is 23 meters.

The mosque can be reached through a beautiful vaulted verandah. Later on it leads to a prayer hall. There are three domes of different sizes on the roof of the mosque. It is also a famous landmark of the city. Even today, tourists from all over the country and abroad come here to see it. There is a primary level school in the Atala Mosque complex where the children get their education. In the medieval period, madrassa of international level used to run here. She was taught Arabic and Persian. The great ruler Sher Shah Suri was one of the prominent people who received education here.

Atala Masjid History And Architecture

Best Time To Visit Atala Masjid Jaunpur

If travelers are planning to visit Jaunpur, then let us tell you that the best time to visit here is from October to March. The weather of Jaunpur during this time is pleasant and is very good to visit. At this time you can easily do sightseeing here. From April to June, there is a hot summer, followed by the monsoon season from July to September.

Shahi Atala Masjid Architecture

The architectural design of the mosque, its ledges, legs, pillars and walls are very similar to the mosques, tombs and monuments built in Delhi by Sultan Mohammad Shah Tughlaq and Firoz Shah Tughlaq. Also, there are many similarities between Atala Masjid and Begumpur Masjid. The mosque can be reached through a beautiful vaulted verandah. Later on it leads to a prayer hall. There are three domes of different sizes on the roof of the mosque.

It is also a famous landmark of the city. Atala Mosque was built in 1408 by the ruler Sultan Ibrahim Sharqi. However, its foundation stone was laid in 1377 during the reign of Sultan Firoz Shah Tughlaq III of Delhi. The style of architecture of Atala Mosque is known as Sharqi style. But the exterior structure has been changed. But the inner walls and pillars of the mosque retain the original Hindu temple structures.

Shahi Atala Masjid

Tourist Places In Jaunpur

Shahi Bridge

Yamdagni Ashram

Lal Darwaza Masjid

Botany Museum

Trilochan Mahadev Temple

Atala Mosque 

Shahi Atala Masjid Jaunpur

How To Reach Atala Masjid Jaunpur

Jaunpur being a tourist destination of Uttar Pradesh is well connected to all the major cities of India. Tourists can easily reach Jaunpur by plane, train and road. Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport is the nearest airport here. It is situated 40 kms away. Trains are available from many major cities of India to reach here. Jaunpur City and Jaunpur Junction are the two stations here. Tourists want to travel to Jaunpur by road or bus. So the bus stands are located in the center of Jaunpur city. and is well connected to important cities.

Atala Masjid Jaunpur Map & Location

Video of Atala Masjid Jaunpur

Interesting Facts

The mosque has three pylon gates which have been beautifully decorated.

Atala Mosque is a mosque located in Jaunpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

The Atala Mosque was built by Ibrahim Shah (1402-38 AD) of the Sharqi dynasty in 1408 AD.

The most prominent feature of the mosque is the raised prayer hall in its façade.

It does not have minarets which are normally found in mosques.

The middle archway is the highest in the mosque and is 23 meters in length.

Atala Masjid is a fine example of Jaunpur architecture.

Firoz Shah laid the foundation of Atala Mosque in 1393 AD.

This mosque has been built on the site of the temple of Hindu goddess Atala.

Atala Mosque is a fine example of Hindu-Muslim architecture.


Q .Who made Atala Masjid?

Firoz Shah and Sultan Ibrahim Shah

Q .What is Atala Masjid?

It is a mosque and a famous tourist attraction of Jaunpur. Which is popular among tourists.

Q .Where is atala masjid?

Atala Masjid is a 14th-century mosque in Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Q .What is the old name of Jaunpur district?

The ancient name of Jaunpur is also known as ‘Yavanpur’.

Q .Who was the king of Jaunpur?

Firoz Shah and Sultan Ibrahim Shah


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