Travel Guide To Antarctica Tourism

Travel Guide To Antarctica Tourism | Antarctica Continent

The desire to know about the continent of Antarctica is in every person’s mind. The word Antarctica is derived from the Roman version of the Greek word ‘antarchite’. The meaning of Antarcticca is the opposite of arctic distance. The continent of Antarctica is divided into two expanses. The larger part is called East Antarctica and the smaller part is called West Antarctica. The continent of Antarcticca is the coldest continent among those seven continents. The continent of Antarctica is the fifth largest continent on Earth after Asia, Africa, North America and South America. 98 percent of Antarctica is covered by ice. 

It is spread over the land of Antarctica in the form of a thick layer of about 2 km. The continent surrounded by the Southern Ocean is famous as an icy land. This cold desert is home to fascinating continental centers. No one can reside here permanently. But every year it is the center of traffic of many tourists. There is only tundra vegetation here with penguins, seals, nematodes, tardigrades, fleas, a variety of algae and microorganisms. Very cold, dry and the strongest winds blow in the continent.

History of The Antarctica

This continent’s history came to the fore in 1773. When James Cook saw what a place it was. Where there is no land far and wide. Only ice was visible on the continent of Antarctica. James Cook said that it is a continent due to the deposition of rock on the icebergs. Then in 1820 Thaddeus Bellinghausen crossed the Antarctic Circle. Antarcticca is called the last end of the world. Here is the island called Livingston. The first person to reach the continent alone was David Henry Lewis of New Zealand. He used a small boat 10 meters long to reach here.

Antarctica Photos

Best Time To Visit Antarctica

The best time to visit Antarctica is during the Antarctica summer from November to March. Because the best time to visit this continent is summer. Which is the only best time to go here. But even during the summer season, you have to take special care of this thing. That you have the ability to boldly exit the cruise. That’s when you’ll see Antarcticca’s wildlife at its busiest and benefit from up to 24 hours of daylight.

Indian Research Stations

There are many research research centers in the continent of Antarcticca. India has established three research centers in America. Which are known as Maitri, Gangotri and Bharati. The Gangotri Research Station was covered in snow due to excessive snowfall. Because of which it was later closed. But Maitri and Bharti Research Stations are still functioning.

Exploring The Continent of Antarctica

The credit for the discovery of this continent goes to James Cook. Because he discovered this attractive continent in 1773. But due to bad weather, he came back from the island with some distance. Welling Schausen was the man who discovered the land of the continent. He used to be the captain of the Russian Imperial Navy. He explored the icy desert in 1820. English sailor Williams Smith wrote an article looking at the continent. In 1840, American exploration leader Charles Sakis observed an active ice layer in the beach.

Countries And Capitals of The Continent of Antarcticca

This continent is very cold. Because of that no one can live here permanently. Because of that there is not a single country in the continent of Antarcticca. But a treaty was signed in 1959 in the continent without a country. Which took place between different countries doing research at the Research Center on the continent of Antarctica.

In that treaty, 7 countries Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, China and the United Kingdom have signed the treaty to use it at different places. After that a total of 46 countries have joined the continent including America and Russia.

Antarctica Images

Best Places To Visit Antarctica

South Georgia –

South Georgia is famous as the Alps in the Mid-Ocean in the continent of Antarctica. The picturesque parts of South Georgia and the long and narrow islands remain the center of attraction of this place.

Falkland Islands –

The Falkland Islands are the most attractive tourist destination near the continent of Antarcticca. The island is home to a wide variety of wildlife populations. Along with him, animals living in these snow have also been seen.

Antarctic Peninsula –

It is one of the best places to visit in the peninsula. It is home to the ice forests located in the northern part of Antarcticca. Antarctic Peninsula is a popular destination for mountain peaks, huge glaciers and vast skies.

South Shetland Islands –

South Shetland Islands This is one of the popular and most visited places on the peninsula. The South Shetland Islands are located 160 kilometers north of the Antarctic Peninsula. This place is the capital of the continent of Antarcticca.

Drake Passage –

The Drake Passage is a historic route in the continent of Antarcticca connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Which is famous for rolling waves along a 600 km route located at the southernmost point of Argentina.

What To Eat In Antarctica

  • Bannock
  • Pemmican
  • Hoosh
  • Chocolate

Where To Stay In Antarctica

Travelers visiting the continent of Antarctica cannot find world-class hotels or homestays. Because tourists have to stay in the expedition ship itself. But tourists are allowed to camp here. If tourists wish, they can stay in Ushuaia before leaving for the tour. Where you can get some hotel arrangements.

How To Reach Antarctica

Due to Antarctica being a vast area of ​​ice, no commercial flights are available to tourists to visit here. If travelers want to go to Antarcticca from India. So one has to reach Invercargill in New Zealand and Hobart in Australia, South America. From here you can reach here via cruise. You can travel here from Ushuaia, Argentina. There are flights to Ushuaia from major cities in India via Air India, British Airways and Qatar Airways.

Antarctica Map

Video of Travel Guide To Antarctica Tourism

Interesting Facts

  • This peninsula extends towards Cape Horn of South America.
  • The Weddell Sea and the Ross Sea are part of the Antarctic continent.
  • Very cold, dry and the strongest winds blow in this continent.
  • The main vegetation here is lichen and manas.
  • The continent is very cold and the temperature here remains less than 4 degrees.
  • Albatross and petrel flying seabirds are found in the coastal areas.
  • This is a salt water lake named Vida under the layer of ice in the continent.
  • Gold, silver, copper, coal, manganese, uranium, platinum, chromium minerals and natural gas have been found here.


Q .When and who discovered the continent of Antarctica?

The continent of Antarcticca was discovered by James Cook in 1773.

Q .Who was the first Indian to visit Antarctica?

Meteorologist Lt. Ram Charan

Q .Who was in charge of the first Indian team to go to Antarctica?

Dr S Z Qasim

Q .What is the Antarctic Treaty?

The treaty was made by the continent of Antarcticca and some countries of the world, generally for the main purposes.

Q .Name the countries and capitals of the continent of Antarctica?

Including America and Russia, now a total of 46 countries have joined the Antarcticca continent.


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