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The World’s Highest Waterfall Angel Waterfall Information

Angel Falls, the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the highest waterfall in the world. Located on the Coroni River in Venezuela, South America. The height is around 979 meters and a depth of 807 meters. The angel of the waterfall is located on a mountain named Ayantepui. The height is high so the water falls from it turns into a fog or smoke and this scene is more fun for the minds of the tourists. Angel Falls is located in Canaima National Park, the second largest national park in Venezuela.

This waterfall fell after colliding with a dome near the top of the Top Mount Auyantapui-Isle table. And the place fell known as the Shaitan Valley. This waterfall is also known as the Salto NGEL or Desgenous Kerepupai-Meru. The original Ponon real name means “falling from the deepest place”. This fall was named after the plane pilot named Jimmy Angel.

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Angel Water Falls History 

The waterfall was known as Angel Falls since the mid-20th century. The waterfall was named after Aviator Aviator Jimmy Angel. He was the first person to fly on the waterfall. The ash angel spread over the waterfall on July 2, 1960. The name of Spain with Salto Ngel comes from a family name. Sir Walter Raleigh described Tepui (Table Top Mountain) in its expedition to find El Dorado’s fictional city. He was the first European to see Angel Falls. Some historians say that the first Europeans to visit the waterfall is Fernando de Berio. He is Spanish explorer and the Governor of the 16th and 17th century.

Best Time To Visit Angel Water Falls

The time between May to October is considered the ideal time for tourists to visit here. Visitors wishing to visit the flyover can schedule them throughout the year. But if you want to travel on foot, then you have to reach during the rainy season from June to November. This is because the park has to ensure that the level of the river is high enough to allow water to flow up to the spring. There is no organized tour in the area between January and May.

Angel Water Falls Photos

Why It Is Called As Angel Falls

Why was Angel Falls named Angel Falls? American airplane driver named Jim Angell. And he was also the first person to fly over this waterfall. This waterfall is named after him. He had first told about this waterfall but no one believed him. According to his wish, his ashes were blown over this spring. In 2009, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez had talked about changing the name of Angel Falls, but later he retracted his point, saying that he could not change the name of the ancient and famous waterfall.

What Can You Do At Angel Falls

En route to Angel Falls and this part of Venezuela is home to undulating savannas, palm forests, rivers, high cliffs, and flat-topped table mountains called tepuis. Canaima is a remote village, the rest of the National Park is beautiful and worth visiting. The red reflective Lagoon Laguna de Canaima in the center features palm trees and pink sandy shores. The red and pink hues are caused by tannins from decayinWhy Is Angel Falls Famousg plants over decades. Seven stunning waterfalls fall from the lagoon. And most tours of Angel Falls include a short boat tour and hike.

The park is also home to the Uruyen Valley and the sacred Kawak Caves. It has been the site of mystic witchcraft ceremonies. Angel-Eco Tours offers hikes from Uruyen to Kavac or vice versa. A visit to Kawak’s waterfalls involves hiking, hiking, and swimming in the canyons, before reaching the mighty waterfalls that fall in the distance. The walk from Uruyen to Kawak is 5 miles and takes 3 hours to complete at a leisurely pace. There is a 1.5-mile walk in the slightly sloping terrain to reach the caves.

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Why Is Angel Falls Famous

Angel Falls located in Venezuela is one of the four most beautiful waterfalls in the world. The waterfall is famous as the world’s highest continuously falling waterfall. Angel Falls are also famous all over the world for the height. His height is 3212 feet. Angel Falls has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The water falling from the height of Angel Falls blows like a splash in the surrounding areas. Such a sight here touches the hearts of tourists.

Where Is Angel Water Falls Venezuela

Angel Water Falls is the largest waterfall in the world located on the Churum River passing near the Ayantepui Mountains. He is located in the Gran Sabana district of South America. The Angel Falls of Venezuela is located in the middle of Canaima National Park. It is near the border of Guyana and Brazil. To reach Angel Falls, one has to travel 5 km from Canema. From Puerto Ordaz one can reach Canaima via a short douglas.

How Can We See Angel Falls 

Travelers will travel via Douglas running from Puerto Ordaz to Canaima, at which time from the windows there can be a beautiful view of the famous tabletop mountains of Tepeus. One would like to cherish the pleasant pleasure of seeing the world’s highest waterfall at the top of these mountains. When you reach the place, you can enjoy the Angel Falls nearby.

Angel Waterfall of Venezuela

How Much Does It Cost To Visit Angel Falls

Talking about the cost of Angel Falls Trip, if tourists want to visit Angel Falls. So a 3-day Angel Falls trip can cost around $500 USD or more. That expense includes the cost of the flight from Ciudad Bolivar and everything else except airport taxes and park entrance fees ie food, lodging and boat etc.

Angel Water Falls Tourist Attraction

Angel Falls is one of the attractive tourist places of Venezuela. But the journey to Angel Falls is a difficult journey. It is very important for tourists to take some precautions in that. Angel Falls locations are located in an isolated forest. And to reach Canima camp from Ciudad Bolivar or Puerra Ordaz, you must take a trip. You may face some trouble here.

How To Reach Angel Water Falls

It is not possible to reach Angel Falls via bus or automobile. You will need to take a plane from Puerto Ordaz Or Ciudad Bolívar to the city of Canaima. A day boat ride from Canaima to Angel Water Falls is available. It is much more expensive. You buy a tour directly to Angel Falls in Canaima. Ciudad Bolivar Airport is the nearest airport to you by plane.

Angel Water Falls Map | Angel Water Falls Location

Information About Angel Water Falls Video

Interesting Facts

  • Angel Falls is in fact the highest waterfall in the World. 
  • Its name in Spanish is Salto ngel and it falls from a height of 3230 feet with an uninterrupted drop of 2647 feet.
  • During the rainy season, Angel Falls creates its own weather. 
  • At certain times of year, those within a one-kilometre radius of the falls can feel mist settling on their skin.
  • Angel Falls is three times as tall as Paris landmark, the Eiffel Tower.
  • Canaima National Park is divided into two sections: west and east. Angel Falls is located in the western sector.
  • Tourists have only been permitted to visit Angel Falls since 1990. 
  • The first visitors to Angel Falls stayed in the Boulton Camp, which is now known as Campamento Canaima.
  • Jimmy Angel’s plane can be seen at the Aeronautics Museum of Maracay.


Q. Where are Angel Falls?

Angel Water Falls is located on the Churum River near Mount Ayantepui.

Q. Angel Falls is on which river?

Angel Falls is located in the southeast of Venezuela on the Churu River, a tributary of the Caroni.

Q. Angel Falls is in which country?

Angel Falls is located in Venezuela, a country in South America.

Q. What can one do at Angel Falls?

The experience of climbing the hills, having a picnic are more. One can feel soaked by the drops of the waterfall.

Q. Why are Angel Falls famous?

Angel Falls located in Venezuela is one of the four beautiful famous waterfalls in the world.


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